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We've just published an article from Wyatt Cheng titled "Magic Find Gear Swapping", which contains a discussion around the common practise to keep a Magic Find (MF) set in your inventory, and swap it in shortly before a kill. While players getting more Magic Find for their kills isn't a game breaker for us, many players have said they don't enjoy doing it but feel the benefit is too large to ignore. Since the call for a solution really comes from all of you, we'd like to invite you to chime in with your opinion on what the solution could be.

Please head over and check out the article, and then come back here and use this thread for any comments or feedback you may have. Thanks!
might want to sticky this as its already moving down the topic list

also, would be handy if the "let us know what u think" button linked to this topic, not just the actual forums

<Use the lowest MF amount the player had since the beginning of the fight.>
<Fix auction house, which is biger problem.>

Also fix repair costs and ban bots, its more important than mf. Also why i get so many ilvl 52-60 items? Noone uses this in inferno. You guys think before you do something to change our game?
You do not need to change anything ... It is good as it is now .

However If you want to do so option 1 is the one since it requires little change ...
Not beingable to swap gear outside cities, or in combat.
I like option 4 the most.

MF gear swapping the way it is right now is just really lame because it encourages min/max people to either use scripts or go through the (very) annoying process of doing it manually for an entire set. That's 13 clicks on every pack, with a risk of dying.
Leave it as it is
I like this option best: "Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor"

NV rewards players for running with an allround set of skill, why not apply the same principle to an allround set of gear? Makes sense and is very transparent to the player.

Edit: 4 is okay, too, I guess. Just a little... arbitrary and hard to communicate to players that don't know about it.
gear swapping unable in combat...simple as that
option 1 or 4
The MF cap idea is good, but the cap can't be too low since then MF gear might lose it's value, especially on slots with many useful stats (boots, bracers, gloves). 175-200% is something that is still quite easy to reach and does not require replacing all your items.

This could be combined with any of the ideas below to make swapping more tedious, but the NV one isn't something I'd go for as people may swap gear for other reasons (going from 2h to sword+board for instance). Also swapping in city could override the effect.
4 or 5
i'd go for option 4, i myself don't swap gear before killing and i see no reason to do so, just make it so that nephalem valor is unaffected. would be kinda lame to find an upgrade, equip it and running into a pack not even giving a gold item, just my thoughts.
Stop playing Diablo 3 all together Solved....
absolutly opt. 5, i was thinking about it before i read this.
Option 4 (preferred) or 5.
My 2 cents -
swapping is bad.
I never swap - I ALWAYS wear MF gear.
I know my pro and cons, I know my weak points, I know what I gain.

But, apparently, I don't care if someone is swapping.
The moving average is the best option(cap just reduces problem) imo, I hate the swapping and hate all the inventory space having the 2 sets of gear uses up, so the change will be welcome.

I'd just like to quickly peep in to cast a vote for option 1. Another con however that you didn't mention is that players might feel that besides AllResistance and Vitality;- Magic Find will also be considered a "mandatory" stat to cap in order to play Diablo 3 effectively.

While this is not true;- out of all people you should know best how a players thought process develops.

Besides what most players think;- I do think that's the most proper solution as it greatly improves everyones chance to equalize Magic Find bonuses without having to seek different solutions that cause this debate in the first place.

With several solutions you provided the issue here is that players might feel they are being penaltilized and this is not something that would be taken lightly;- again;- out of all people - you know best how volatile the forums are in terms of opinion when something like that is forced upon them even by majority vote in player feedback.

Option 1, while it may have cons like the rest of your options;- is a safe shot. It provides a benefit to people rather than just implementing a new penalty;- as a bonus to fixing this particular issue - and probably your best option right now to satisfy your players.

My thoughts do not only apply to Magic Find either;- I think for all solutions in the future you should focus most on solutions that do not penaltilize players players that have used a particular system;- but provide a beneficial option to those that did not.
5 - MF or bust

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