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Hi all ! I've started recording all unique monsters locations for "A unique collection" achievement using some infos on wiki and personal experience. Here is what i have :
Acte I:

Ragus Grimlow, Cathedral Level 1

Cudgelarm, Cathedral Level 2
Firestarter, Cathedral Level 2
Merrium Skullthorn, Cathedral Level 2

Bellybloat the Scarred, Cathedral Level 4
Captain Cage, Cathedral Level 4

Venimite, Caverns of Araneae
Zhelobb the Venomous, Caverns of Araneae
Qurash the Reviled, Caverns of Araneae
Rathlin the Widowmaker, Caverns of Araneae

Red Rock, Southern Highlands
Lorzak the Powerful, Southern Highlands

Lucious the Depraved, Cemetary of the Forsaken

Fecklar's Ghost, The Festering Woods

Sarella the Vile, Leoric's Manor Courtyard

Logrut the Warrior, Highlands Crossing, Southern Highlands

Mange, The Weeping Hollow

These 3 with unknown location:
Drury Brown
Dreadclaw the leaper
Jezeb the conjuror.

Act II

Torsar, Dahlgur Oasis

Ashek, Black Canyon Mines
Razormouth, Black Canyon Mines

Blarg the Imp, Desolate Sands
Bloodfeather, Desolate Sands
Raiha the Vicious, Desolate Sands

Beyatt, Stinging Winds

Yeth, Road to Alcarnus

Shondar the Invoker, Alcarnus
Sammash, Alcarnus
High Cultist Murdos, Alcarnus

Yakara, Eastern Channel
Stinging Death Swarm, Eastern Channel
Otzi the Cursed, Eastern Channel

Hellscream, The Unknown Depths
Mage Lord Flaydren, The Unknown Depths
The Archivist, The Unknown Depths

Mage Lord Caustus, The Storm Halls
Mage Lord Ghuyan, The Storm Halls

These 7 with unknown location :
Ebenezer samuel
Gart the mad
Saha the slasher
Hazzor the viper
Mage lord Skomara

Act III:

Axegore the Cleaver, Core of Arreat
Gorog the Bruiser, Core of Arreat

Gormungandr, Arreat Crater level 1

Gholash, Tower of the Damned Level 1
Demonika the Wicked, Tower of the Damned Level 1

Riplash, Tower of the Damned Level 2

Hyrug the Malformed, Tower of the Cursed Level 1

Haxxor, Tower of the Cursed Level 2

Bashface the Truncheon, Stonefort

Captain Dale, The Keep Depths Level 1

Axegrave the Executioner, The Keep Depths Level 2
Belagg pierceflesh, The Keep Depths Level 2

Vicious Gray Turkey, The Keep Depths Level 3
Thornback, The Keep Depths Level 3

Blarg the Foul, Bridge of Korsikk

Chiltara, Caverns of Frost

Direclaw the Demonflyer, Rakkis Crossing

Mehsak the Abomination, The Battlefields

Growlfang, Skycrown Battlements

These 8 with unknown location:
Gugyn the gauntlet
The crusher
Lummock the brute
Charuch the spear

Act IV:

Pyres the Damned, The Silver Spire Level 1

Haures, The Silver Spire Level 2
Sao'Thall, The Silver Spire Level 2

Khatun, Gardens of Hope 1st Tier

Torchlighter, Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier

These 5 with unknown location:
Grimnight the soulless
Veshan the fierce
Slarg the behemoth
Kysindra the wretched

So lot of unknown locations to find if anyone see one of those say it here :).


Belagg pierceflesh act 3
does the quest you're on matter? or they just spawn there?

does difficulty matter?
behemoth was outside the fort act 3.
oh behemoth act 3 ? strange
Ty almost done (finaly with rares/champs) so after i get last 11 i will start with this and this will help, bookmarking it:p

Drury Brown cemetery aswell in the real crypt before the 2 boss monsters and only there (yes hunted those ghost for 10 hours there).
So far I too am searching for my missing ghost (and elites), so I really appreciate the spawn list.

There is just one thing I must point out. I got The Archivist a little while ago with my monk on nightmare. She found him during "The Legacy of Cain" quest down in Catedral level 1. (I happened to memorize the name and it is the only one of the haunted I have come across so far)
I don't know if you have gotten your information from Diablo Wiki or somewhere else, but I just want to keep people from looking for him in the wrong place!
Does Dataminer SPAWN??? i have been searching him for ages (only one left) and I did those cripts (and the right one with jar of souls) at least 80-100 times... nothing...
can anyone tell me the species of the unique monsters? example: chiltara: wintersbane huntress, the crusher: demon raider, haxxor: hulking phasebeast. it'll make it easier to find and to know if it's one of the following unique monster.
well.. usually the unique monster stands out from the crowd.
and if u do damage to all and kill all u'll not miss him for sure.

at least give a list of uniques to tell u, telling the whole 60-70+ monsters is alot of work.
that's weird... i found the archivist on the unknown depths (zoltun kulle's archives) on nightmare
Found The Crusher in Keep Depths 2
someone need marchocyas?

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