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This is just getting worse and worse. I can`t play my barb any longer. I managed to play for a whole 3 min to meet a champ pack, take about 40-50% of its health before I was disconnected.
ahoj lidi potreboval bych poradit po dosazeni 60 urovne mi prestali naskokovat dovednostni body.
I also started a WW Barb now. Disconnects all over the place. I saw the first posts on this issue are from april. How is this still not fixed?
I've had this happen at least once per run in the last couple of weeks. Game starts out fine, then disconnects at shorter intervals every time I go back into a game - usually within 5-10 rare packs.

Playing ballerina barb (aka double tornado...) and farming most parts of act 3. Always in team games, haven't tried solo much.

PC is high end and connection is fast and stable (~30-40 ms on average), never fails in other games.

Ironically enough I had some insane lag/rubberbanding tonight but didn't get disconnected once. The lag seemed to be server side because others had it as well. It was still a bad experience though with lots of deaths due to LoH and fury regeneration not working properly during lag. But I guess that for now the solution is to find a laggy server and play windowed mode...
The same thing happened after I removed the cache folder. I am not asking you to fix the bug immediately ,but at least let us know you guys are aware of this bug.
Hello everyone.

Let me give you an update of where we're at with this issue. As you know, this has been reported by quite a few people in all 3 regions and we have been watching this thread and others like it for some time now. I myself even changed my Barbarian build to test it out. We have passed on all of your reports to our QA team who have spent a lot of time investigating it but up to now nobody at Blizzard has been able to reproduce it, despite hundreds of hours of (pretty epic!) Whirlwind game-play.

We obviously accept that this game-play style is network intensive, you only have to watch a Whirlwind Barb stream on a poor Internet connection to see that most stream lag occurs during a mass Whirlwind fight, indicating that the streamer's connection is under heavy load at these times. However, we can find no reason for the game to actually disconnect and the vast majority of WW Barbarians are not affected in this way.

We will keep trying though and we're not giving up on you guys, but we do have a few workarounds that have been successful for some German players experiencing the same issue and we'd like you to try them out if you haven't already (I'm just going to skim over these quickly but if you are not sure how to actually do any of them then please don't be afraid to ask):

  • Turn on V-Sync.
  • Try running in windowed mode.
  • Try disabling all of your 'Hud' options in the 'Gameplay' menu, especially Healing/Damage/Critical Damage.
  • Update your network drivers.
  • Disable any security/firewall/VPN/Network throttling programs.
  • Follow the advice in this support article (yes, I realise this is referring to the World of Warcraft, but the 'Network Card Settings' section is still applicable in this situation).

Let us know how you get on and if you have managed to resolve this yourself then we're very eager to hear from you. Additionally, it appears that this only affects Windows 7 users, so if you are using an operating system other than Windows 7 and this happens to you on a regular basis then we would also like you to post in this thread. If the issue persists after trying the above suggestions then please post your DXDiag below so we can take a closer look.

Thanks a lot for reading this guys, we're looking forward to receiving your responses.
Just did all the steps above. Did two full runs without DCs.
Seems fixed.
Thank you.
I had this same problem, disconnecting in the middle of whirlwind, got very annoying and the only time it would happen is during whirlwind. Anyway, I read that switching from Fullscreen to Windowed would help so I switched to Windowed (Fullscreen). I've been playing for 2 days straight and no disconnect to be seen. Pretty sure this has solved my issue. I actually like this better because the game doesn't physically have to minimize when I alt+tab or even dual box you can just slide the mouse to the 2nd screen without minimizing etc. Hope this helps someone.
Natryndon - appreciate the reply and advice.

Many thanks :)
so i need to switch to full screen window and turn on v-sync "ARE U MAD BRO" , if u buy me a watercooling i can do that . my vga will explode.

i have this problem even before 1.04 . what i did ...

Reinstalled windows few times , 64x and 32 , no diference , diferend driver someone was said turn sound off , so got even sound driver diferend , reinstalled the game many times . cleared cache folder many times , but tha problem is still here .
And the problem is not in my pc , cant be 100% sure ofc , but im playing with all the 5 classes and i get game crash only with my barb WW and sprint are not the reason , got kicked from server with hammer talents , but not so ofthen . if i have WW and sprint cant get even to keep depts lvl 2 . Will try to give u a joker , before u start fixing rubberbanding there was no game crashes atleast for me . if i stop all the crits / healing etc and sound and play low res still get game crashes .
My pc is not bad i5 - 2500k not oc atm due to this ,8 gm ram GF560Ti 2gb ,MB asrock Z68 extrem 3 gen 3 using onboard lan , and Caviar Black 1 TB HDD .
Somewhere between the patches i removed my SSD and crashes start but cant be sure about this .

PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ITS REALY REALY REALY BAD , i want to play full screen and all the sound and stuff and enjoy the game :(
why i cant play with V-sync off and full screen window mod , becose my VGA is around 70-75 temp now , if i turn on V-sync i will probably need to buy a new one . Full screen or full screen window its also giving me like 5-6 degree more no idea why , cant reduce this .
I changed to windowed fullscreen mode and i rarely disconnect now. The downside is the lag issue/bug they have with window fullscreen. I think the servers for Diablo are all fached up. I have my cpu and video card OC'd and I have seen other posts with people having the same lag issues even though they have high end gaming rigs.
still happening. ps the game looks like !@#$ in Fullscreen windowed. just saying.
i think this problem has to do with having multiple move commands. you're moving once with WW and then you're also pressing your assigned "Move" bind key during that. it's nearly impossible to play this build without a move key assigned, and i don't think the blizzie in the blue post mashed his move key as much as i do.

i can get disconnected in 3 minutes, consistently. blizzboy i will let you play my barb for a day.

also i use a Logitech Spinwheel mouse. http://www.pclaunches.com/entry_images/0809/05/logitech_marathon-mouse-M705.jpg

this mouse has a little button you can click under the wheel that removes "clicks" when turning the wheel. you can set Move to Wheel Down and spin it like the price is right wheel, it will turn on its own for about 11 seconds constantly spamming the move command.

i think this is your problem bliz, give it a shot. make a macro that spams move constantly and try to WW with sprint and the movement rune in WW.

i expect credit for this.

summary: this is not an issue with skill assignment, it's an issue with conflicting move commands. right click for WW, a separate assignment for the Move bind in configuration.

i think that it's pulling us in two directions, since there are technically two commands. this makes the server <Snip!>.

honestly, the server's client assumptions should not overwrite the player client's position- giving the player client priority would fix ALL rubberbanding.

update: disconnected twice already since last edit to this post. (3 minutes)

update2: if this leads to the problem getting fixed, i am a really poor dude. i currently have 600k total and nothing worth selling. Donations GREATLY appreciated / friend for life status.

step 1 : get the disconnection window to pop up,
step 2 : DON'T PRESS OK
step 3 : press whatever button you have assigned to MOVE and watch, your !@# will move around the screen even when you're completely locked out of all other commands.

blizz, problem solved. hook me up. employ me i hate my job.

much love to my WW barbs.
turn on vsync ingame and on graphic card options and it should help with your ww disconnect
Stuck again - 5 Neph lost and loot.

Barbarian but I don't use Whirlwind.

I'm maybe wrong but with me it's not a DC problem. Looks more like the game itself.
This was also my theory after countless dcs. When I play without using the WW spec I never crash. However once I bind move to space and start using WW I get dced. I noticed the longer I hold space down and go crazy with my mouse I will dc within 3 - 5 minutes.
Just wanted to inform that it's not related to Windows 7 alone - I also got it on Vista.
I haven't disconnected since I started playing windowed/full screen, but now the lag is unbearable... :/ really, sometimes up to 10 seconds of no movement... pretty amazing that doesn't result in a time-out imo :p whereas in full screen, you get a time-out without noticing practically any lag beforehand...

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