What is the best act 3 Inferno farming route for a DH?

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Topic says it all really. Just want to know what you think is the most efficient farming route in act 3. And do you prefer some All ress combined with shadow power + gloom rune, or just going the good old glass canon, die in 1 hit bla bla.

Please leave your comments below, would really help me out, thank you.

Glasscannons best but if you can afford survivability gear without sacrificing dps then go for it

My setup (glasscannon)
Hungering arrow - spray of teeth
Cluster arrow - bombs
smoke screen - lingering fog
Preperation - backup
caltrops - jagged spikes. Much easier for kiting
Mark of death - with the hatred generating rune

You can swap Mark of Death for shadowpower/gloom but I play glass cannon so it's next to useless for me and I usually don't have enough discipline to use it efficiently. For reflect mobs I just time smoke screen with cluster arrow, works nicely.

EDIT: And for the farming, select heart of sin quest and kill azmodan. Clear Core of Arreat waypoint for 1-2 elites and then clear the keep depths. The keep depths should have 2-3 each floor so just kill them all as they aren't too difficult. It's up to you if you want to do the rest of the act if not just do 5NV Azmodan and logout, that's what I do since I don't have the motivation to keep doing elites.

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