Act 3 farming barb, what build?

What build should i go for? And don't come with tornado barb, i want dps or tank or a mix inbetween, post stats you should aim + how much of it, build etc pls =) need to be able to farm a3.
3k str, 70k hp, 1100 resall, 10k armour, 12% lifesteal, 40% crit, 400 critdmg, 1400-1800 dmg weapon... Should do the trick. Use cleave and what ever you want as a build.
^ are you serious?
i have a little guide for you too, lift up your computer, throw it on the ground, ur a disgrace to the diablo 3 community
Eh why not, it would clearly work. But sort of joking, as people are very eager to farm act3 with far lower gear and inferno is far too easy atm.

Then again, i do "ok" ish in act with these stats;

2k str, 500 resall, 1100-1650 weapon, 30%crit, 200critdmg, 45k hp, 7400 armour, no lifesteal, no loh, using these skills;

Cleave with broad sweep
Charge with lower cd per mob hit
Leap with armour
Wotb with insanity
Warcry with resall
Revenge with provocation
Vit - > armour

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