Micro stuttering and ME!

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Im at the brinck of quitting playing this game, on the pure basis of Micro stuttering, it's ruining the game experience, i don't care about bad loot, !@#$ty rolled legendaries and other problems this forum is whining about.

Last year I bought a gaming laptop, with DIABLO 3 in mind, I wanted a high end rig that was easy to move around since I travel alot.

The choice was easy, one of the best gaming laptops on the market at that moment was the
ASUS G73S -Dx11 with GeForce GTX 460M Cuda 1.5GB graphics card from Nvidia. With a Core i7. I payed 1803,- euros for this rig.

- Sidenote: Yes my drivers are up to date, Disk is defragged etc etc etc.

I have a high end fiber cable internet connection with 25/25mbit up and download.
Around 110ms ingame.

Every single game I have played on this computer runs SMOOTH. But Diablo3? It's the worst thing I have ever tried to run!

THIS HAS TO BE, a coding issue! From your side Blizzard!
I can't believe that this havent been fixed yet, I have spent many hours researching this problem. And all I can find is some poor exuses for a "workaround", that won't change much.

Until I see a patch that either A: Adresses the issue or B: Giving us an OFFLINE mode. Im gonna stop buying your products.

It's a bloody shame that you have probably earned over $1500 on me over the years, with World of Warcraft etc.

I guess hoping for a proper blue response is like waiting for a meteor to hit my head (not ingame) ;)
There is lots of blue responses regarding the stuttering, try following those although I think there may be a fix needed on their end.
These workarounds show no real improvement.
Been reading alot on the subject.

A few things i need to point out, this is related to moving your characther around. It will stutter with or without mobs around.

If i gather up a huge pile of mobs, and hold "SHIFT" while killing them, the stuttering dissapear,
Only to return again when I start moving.
I have the exact same problem, i tryed ALL the fixes i could find on the forum and youtube and non of them fix anything.
I have no clue anymore how to fix this and im kinda sick and tired of waiting for a fix on the issue from blizzard itself.
They just released the patch and instead of helping 100's of thousands of players with micro-stuttering, they release the comodetys on the real money ah....
BTW i made a video of the microstuttering and i would like to see if its the same as what you guys have.
It happens every time when i use a skill for the first time or when i discover parts of the map.
Its not my pc because its a very very high end gaming pc.
Here is the video
Yeah, it's probably the same thing as me, but you don't move around alot.
I will see if i can fraps a part of the problem when i get home from work.
Here is a Fraps from today after the patch, notice when i turn the corner in the clip:


I have to say, the stuttering was abit less today than the day before. I usally end up ragequitting because it's getting so clogged up.

Two things have changed since last night.

1. New D3 Patch - But since the Blizzard Patchnotes is an utter joke, I don't know if something is changed.

2. New Win7 updates came last night, but I read that thet were secruity patches....
Giving this a small bump.
The stuttering has gotten worse today... I feel like i wanna rage hard everytime I sit down to play...

Fraps from tonight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJrEOcTQuwk&feature=youtu.be
Same issue here. Been playing D2 since 2001, got myself D3 CE, played the beta since January, quit the game two weeks into release. Yes, because of this shameful stuttering, which was reported back when the beta started and never got fixed..
I'm using a Dell XPS 17 myself (GT555m 3gb, 8gigs of ram, i7 2670QM) which runs skyrim, bf3, witcher2, basically whatever you throw at it. And when I say runs, it's either 1600x900 or 1920x1080 with medium to high settings, yet Diablo 3 is barely playable on lowest settings and lowest resolution possible.

Shame on you Blizzard. At least for now..
ok so i had this same problem since day one.
i searched the forums and found a fix

get a USB 2.0 or 3.0 put the whole game on it and play.

this fixed the shuttering 100% for me.

hope it does to you
Still no stuttering fix in 1.0.4.. Sigh....

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