Wierd identical double-drop?

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Im slightly afraid to post this, but as its most likely bug, it should be fixed.


Yup, those are two consecutive screenshot and yes, those staffs are absolutely identical (still in my inventory, its vendor thrash anyway).

When it droped? Act 3 NM - Lightening fires or start of raisening catapults.

How it dropped? Killed elite shaman (I think or some elite simply), dropped this. Continued and few moments later killed that small green guy (peons I think? those that can be ressed by shamans). And another drop.

I was slightly suprised as even tho I have 100+ MF it usually doesnt happen that these guys drop anything at all. Imagine suprise when I saw absolutely identical staff.

I do have lags, like pretty much everyone else, but not during this time. So its not lag. Coincidence? Doubt that. I seriously wonder how drops work, cause apparently they are not that unique as expected. Some time ago, two belts with same name dropped in one location too. With same stats, just different values. Still even that is tiny bit strange...

If Blizzard wants those two staffs, feel free to take them, if not I will vendor them in week or so.
Same thing happen for me aswell, two chests with same name and EXACTLY same stats, since then I have no trust in loots beeing random, cause these things shouldnt happen.. (six affixes rolling same, no way). Maybe it took 12 years to create alot of vendor loot :D
Hey guys random drops are random:))
Hehe, it's impossible (almost) to get something like this.

I think there needs to be some explaining.

Got 2 identical 6 stat mediators in skycrown battlements inferno act 3. They dropped in the same "screen" propably few seconds apart from each other. I picked em up only because i suspected they could have been dublicates created by packet loss etc. . :)
same thing happened to me 15mins ago
2 rare darkblades, dropped like the 1-2 sec from eachother in the same screen

exact same name, damage, stats... too bad they suck, but i'll still keep em lol xP
I have 2 iidentical darkblades too.

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