[Build]Blazing Mirage - 1.0.5 gear setup up!(last page)

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2.0 Build Sneak Peak is up! And it owns... far more than the rest of the builds I have posted yet :P


I think that the positioning of the twisters in your build is so random that it wont have the same utility as a normal wicked wind build.

It is not supposed to have the same utility, it is supposed to give you mobility + this Twister rune gives you about 3 chained built in combos that proc more crit for you :)
whats ur passives ?
cm/maybe blur/prodigy?
i have no ap on crit but tried this a bit and dmg output is awesome:)
I loved RoF for the occasionnal distance ennemies... but yeah, it was a waste of a slot when meleeing. I'll have to get some AP on crit for this build (which was useless for Glacial Edge).
Hopefully, i already bought a nice offhand with -5Ap cost on meteor.
Still sad to see that the star pact rune is the only one remotely useful for meteor and this spell will surely be buffed soon (extremely high AP cost + not so high damage + delayed landing)

occasional??? waste??? Unless there are 2 or more enemies at close range in the reach of blades, RoF is better choice.
I'm a bit skeptical here, since I've tried something similar a while back.

The meteor build is definitely an aggressive version of your average CM build, but with serious compromises to survivability. If you are using a melee build without Frost Nova in Act III+, you'll need to properly overgear the content in my experience. The Frost Nova stunlock + damage buffs from Bone Chill/Deep Freeze + Cold Blooded are just too good to pass if you are progressing in any melee build IMO.

Plus - again, unless you overgear the content - without the Frost Nova stunlock and with the kind of affix combinations that prevent you from CM proccing Mirror Images off cooldown in Act III+ (combinations of Frozen + Vortex/Nightmarish + Fire Chains/Arcane Enchanted), you'll quite often find yourself running around in circles and dropping meteors behind you, which feels even more gimped than stutter-stepping like a low-grade Glass Cannon.

Your second build (2.0) is again an aggressive version of a standard WW build and quite similar to the one I often use for casual Act I & II farming, except I have Archon in place of Explosive Blast for faster trash clearing and goblins. Though, based on my own experience, I'm still not quite sure if I'd pick Storm Chaser over Gale Force. For Act III+ I would still prefer (if not need) Frost Nova rather than Mirror Images at least with my gear, which is so-so good enough to finish the game (1200+ allres, 6500+ armor, 26k dps, 26k hp, 31.5% crit, 8 ap on crit, 400 LoH, obviously with Prismatic Armor and without Enchantress).

I know that Frost Nova stunlocking is cheesy and all, but presenting these builds as superior to any cookie cutter WW builds might be a bit misleading. Granted, both of these builds are bound to be more interesting to play, though ;)

occasional??? waste??? Unless there are 2 or more enemies at close range in the reach of blades, RoF is better choice.

Well... that's my opinion, so maybe it comes from the way i play (i usually rush to melee range).
I finished Inferno with the Glacial Edge build and i felt i could have done it without RoF.
Sure there was some situations where RoF was nice. You say "Unless there are 2 or more enemies at close range", this means it's useful against distance enemies or when there is only one enemy at close range. If there is only one enemy at close range, you don't need a spell just to deal with it and for the distance enemies (sand wasp A2 or succubus A3 for example) I could always kill them with blades without difficulty.
Again this is only my opinion but i prefer to switch RoF with either a buff (magic weapon or familiar) to improve my damage output or a spell that benefits from CM (Frost Nova / Teleport / Explosive Blast ...)
Vid about spec 2.0 coming out later today! Along with the spec itself!
Looking forward to this!
i bet it will come at 23:59 :D
Annnnnd the video is UP! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ9NoGbMUZg&feature=youtu.be

In addition, here are some math comparing WW build and this one:

WW – 252% full duration, 42% per tick
WW + Arcane Dynamo – 441% full duration, 73,5% per tick

Storm Chaser – 360% full duration, 60% per tick
Storm Chaser + Arcane Dynamo - 630% full duration, 105% per tick

Now comes the fun part:
Melee fights are no problem with either of these, however when fighting a ranged mob that runs around:
WW can hit it… say.. 2-4 hits if lucky most of the time (or unless you trap it with frost nova, which isn’t that likely with the 1 sec duration).

Storm Chaser hits it roughly the same amount but with a bit of luck can hit more times.
BUT, storm chaser adds a charge that deals 75% more damage the next time you with a basic attack.

So lets do some math, you throws down 2 SC (Storm Chasers) on the mob… hitting it for say… 240% damage, then cut with Spectral Blades as you are out of AP for a sec, doing 150% extra damage, then 135% more damage with the blades (and a DoT that does 35% more) , reseting your AP and almost instantly stacking your Arcane Dynamo, making your next Twister do 75% more damage (or explosive blast) and stacking 75% more damage for further use for your blades every time it is cast…. Doing all this with running around, kiting or just being silly.

And yes, there is (probably) a new version coming out in a few days! Stay tuned! :P

For those who missed the link at start of the post, here is it once more :D

u're going for version 3.0? :D haha. this one is nice, but I'm still not convinced (as yorkaturr). you've seen my version of this build:

which in my opinion seems to be "safer" and does not force you to run around. Tho it is a pain in the !@# sometimes when you meet some crazy affix combo. but that is normal. Try this out before going for 3.0 version, cuz I'm rly curious how will you rate this ;)
Always enjoyed your specs Elvanos, but the BM 2.0 is just pure !@#-kick! Also a lot more fun than regular WW, tried it for a few days but reverted back to Glacial edge because of WW feeling too static and less flexible... Anyway, really nice work, keep it up!

Also @ HaTTori: Blood Magic rune really worth it? Is not the 1.5% reduced to 1/3, i.e. 0.5%, on inferno? Just curious what kind of life stolen numbers it works out to in the end.
Been trying both of these builds. Have to say I have more success with 1.0 .. The random pattern of the tornados make it realy hard to go meele i would say. The meteor helps alot more in Meele combat, and also works with ranged mobs that you some times want to soften up a bit before you engage.

Strugling on Act 2 with following stats:
22.000 DPS
28.000 HP
630 All res unbuffed
7550 Armor buffed
723 Life regen
780 Life per hit
32% crit chance
I really like the idea of this build, the normal ww build I dont like, but this seems fun :)
However, Ive tried it a couple of hours now in Act III and cannot get it to work all the way.
Normal mobs i just run through, some elites i just kill instantly, and like 50% kills me instantly.

Perhanps some modifications to this build would suite my gear better? Or maybe you have some critical tips for me on how to play? Or maybe Im hopless, and should give it up...

Here are my stats with your build (2.0):

Dps; 74k
Hp; 48k
Res; 870-1020 (buffed)
Armour; 5055 (buffed)
Life regen; 604 Lifesteal; 2.6 LoH; 216

Strength; 233
Dexterity; 239
Int; 2224
Vit; 1177

Atk speed; 1,63
Crit chance; 42.5
Crit damage +300

I know my armor and res is kinda low, and my HP to high. But I thought my DPS would make up for that, but perhaps its armour and res that !@#$s everything up for me?
I think your DPS only makes up for lack of res/armor if you go a less tanky build. With your stats a Archon build should melt mostly everything in Act 3. If you are going this build you need more all ress and armor.

But someone with more knowledge might help you out
Your damage being that high I assume you're using a source for offhand, right? Your hp and res should be solid imo, you might be lacking a bit with armor...
Keep your eyes open for a decent (Sacred) shield on AH, searching for +AR/armor, 8+ crit chance, +%life and int - block% also helps a lot, if you can afford it. I myself run with more LoH than you, but then again my DPS is waaaay lower than yours. However, LoH is a better option for dealing with invurnable/shielding packs, that's good to keep in mind. All in all, try using a shield and maybe getting some more LoH if you still have problems, otherwise it's probably about getting used to the playstyle.
On a sidenote, I'm mostly having problems with packs with arcane/waller and fire chains/molten and/or vortex.. Otherwise most of the stuff is a breeze, and I haven't been using this build for very long.
3.0 build vids recorded, it will be a 4-part commented video, just like Glacial Edge intro was... again killing Butcher, Belial, Azmodan and Diablo!
Yes I run with Source...
Ill try and find a good shield.

My helmet has 180 int, 110 vit, socket and 5 crit.
That one I Could change for 180+ int, 5 crit and all res, skipping all vit and socket vill take me down to 39k HP, that will be fine, right?

Combine those two changes could bring me upp 150 all res buffed, and around 1500 armour buffed (or more) but loosing around 25k of damage, taking me to around 50k.

Is that change worth it?
You dont HAVE to go down in HP at all, but its good with more all res, so thats good :)
Well, helm with socket, high int, high crit and lot of all res is soo expensive..so if ill skip socket I can afford one ;)
I love this build <3

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