68 reasons why diablo 3 sucks

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68 reasons why it sucks:

-No community
-No chatrooms
-No making and naming games
-No face-to-face trading
-No traveling between acts
-No gambling
-Useless crafting
-AH renders loot farming pointless
-Gold farming is more important than loot farming
-Gems are boring
-Items are boring
-All items boil down to vit, main stat, and DPS/armor
-No interesting or unique affixes
-Chests are worthless
-MF and droprates are awful
-Skills and classes are imbalanced
-Skill system offers no incentive to reroll a class
-Generic and boring story
-Feels like WoW
-Lacks horror and gothic undertones
-Looks like WoW
-Level 60 is when the real game begins
-Inferno offers no reward for playing
-Repair costs are too high
-Waypoints are worthless
-Pay to win (RMAH)
-Legendaries suck
-White items are worthless
-All classes use DPS for skill damage
-All classes can wield all weapons equally
-Bosses are weak
-Bosses are boring
-Bosses don't offer rewards
-Stuck on a linear quest-reward system
-No freedom
-Have to play how blizzard wants you to
-No offline mode
-Server problems
-No PvP
-No open-world PvP
-Casualized and dumbed down
-Item sets suck and are worthless
-No runes
-No charms
-Acts are generic and boring
-Maps are generic and boring
-Very little map randomization
-Game offers no reward for hardwork
-Level 60 cap
-No skill trees
-Can't place attribute points
-Leveled attribute points are pointless
-Insanely huge and unnecessary stat numbers (just like WoW)
-Jay Wilson
-Caters to the new fans instead of the old fans
-Lots of Bugs
-Unfinished despite long development time
-Feels hollow and doesn't have a gripping atmosphere
-Bad voice acting
-Bad characters
-WoW-like characters
-"Everyone is a winner!" sort of game
-4 person game restriction
-Very little replay value
-Crafter level transfers characters
-Friend's list is in shambles
How many good reasons there are then ?
18/07/2012 00:31Posted by knjaz
How many good reasons there are then ?

1 $$$$$$$$$$$$ and some more $$$$$$$$$$$$
Only 68??? Must be the lite version this :D +1
The reason why Diablo 3 is good :

Hold on.

Gambling == Crafting.

All items boil down to All Resists before anything else.

Otherwise you are spot on.
Jay Wilson .. Haha funny, but true :/
18/07/2012 08:27Posted by BuffMonkey
The reason why Diablo 3 is good :

Because of a plot that was about the same as a cartoon for 5 year olds 0.o

Sorry I don't think any of those points made the game good .. in fact it just made me feel like a 5 year old for playing the game.

So far I have found one solid good thing about Diablo 3
The Items change appearance depending on what class use's it. Makes no sense .. but its just kewl ;)
Hold on.

Gambling == Crafting.

All items boil down to All Resists before anything else.

Otherwise you are spot on.

Kind of agree although gambling was fun, if you wanted to try and get a SoJ you made sure you had a nagel ring and a manald heal ring as you knew if you got a unique ring it would be a SoJ (pre LoD)

I'd love to know the stats on crafted items if anyone actually rolled something worth while
18/07/2012 00:30Posted by Chelsi
Jay Wilson

hahaha good one :)
69) NO FUN
70) inferno sucks
71) stuck farming Act1
72) need credit card to go on
73) too many bugs
74) terrible cain death
75) no end game
68 reasons why it sucks:

-Jay Wilson

You shorted down the list. But agree on most points.
- Broken marketing mechanisms. Only the absolute top items is sellable, rest is vendor thrash. = Find item with droprate 0.00001% or vendor it. Very funny farming under these premises.

- Broken leveling system. Lev 60 is both min and max. Why not let the players start at 60 right away as this is the "only" level. Nice, remove the option to exp farm entirely. I cant remember exp runs was any big deal in D2..or wait? Why even have levels when they dont give you anything. Game is boring before level 60 and after. I want the opportunity to exp farm and gain advantage in inferno that way as well, this is diablo right?

- Broken AH filtering. I mean C'MON! U need items with at least 5 specific properties for inferno but you cant filter it out? Also the AH GUI is really sleazy.
68 reasons why it sucks:

-Jay Wilson


Could not agree more.. he is the single main reason of this failure
Sad but spot on!
Sorry Blizzard and all lovers of the game complaining about people "whining". There is so much criticism and you guys that like the game need to accept that maybe there is a reason for this. If you find the game great and enjoy it then good for you but accept that these 68 things and many more are just disappointing and hence make a poor game for most of us.
I lol'ed.

You actually made good points, agree in a lot. But come on stop bashing on the man, the man isn't the one to be blamed for, if there is anyone to be blamed is shareholders and those related with greedy greasy hands.

Blizzard has the most talented designers on the game industry for sure, but money man is just too powerful and volatile.
You should've done it like that popular posting some time ago. You can create even more artificial criticism by splitting points up, for example into "Bugs", "More Bugs", and "Exploitable" bugs. I see you already got the basics, you made three points for the bosses where one would have been sufficient, well done! Practice a little bit more, and next time you can post 100 reasons!

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