New 60 DH: 2x 1 hander or 2h?

Demon Hunter
Hey there, so basically my DH been dual wielding up to lvl 60, I liked it, two weapon sockets gives alot of perspectives whilst leveling (LoH and you are invincible, or crit dmg and you one shot everything).

But at level 60 I'm having doubts, could 2h be better due to the better nature of quivers? I'm not sure, and i'd like your imput on it.

Also what build would you use?
Atm i'm running!TYe!bcbbYY

If there's difference in build between dual wield and 2H would be nice to know aswell. I'm not that interested in the tank build since I already have a tank doctor and a barb.

If there's any topic I overlooked, i'm sorry and a link to it would be awesome!

up until u get extremely lucky and/or rich, 2h+quiver usually beats dw 1h for dmg, but it should be rather easy for dw to beat 2h+quiver in utility, aka +max disc and loh. i run with dw anyways cuz its a lil... dangerous to do non-offscreen kiting with 1.25 attacks/sec instead of 1.84 =D.
1x Hand crossbow, 1 shield, tanking gear. & skills.
I swapped my 2handed for 2x hand bows yesterday. Actualy im happy for that, sold old bow and quiver on AH for 30mil and bought 2 hand bows like 2mil ea. Damage seems dropped like 10k or something, but still boost for crit dmg makes me actualy crit more. Crit change boosted 1.5%, thats not much since my quiver had 8.5% Lost some dex from that too. But attack speed is !@#$ing awesome now, it makes me kill monsters alot faster than my old setup. Alot ppls here using xbow with huge crit dmg, they nuke monster fast too with single skills like cluster with huge dmg. They got like 1.2 attack persec so its kinda useless after u run out hatred. Currently i got 2.2attackpersec with my +50% crit change im critting around 100k everyhit with hungering. Im loved for this attack speed :) You should realy test it, not so expensive buy some bows and and find out your playstyle.
I have no probs doing close range kitting on champ packs with 1.30 ats, there's always caltrops & ss if you need them.
i love playing with 2 xbows,but in order to be done properly u need 2 good ones(1k dps at least,open socket and dex)
i would go with 2h xbow and quiver with high crit damage and sharpshooter
im running 2 one handers and love it !

attack speed is mint and im critting like crazy !

im 53.5 crit chance and 360 crit damage !

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