Reporting Potential Exploits, Hacks, or Scams

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The integrity of Diablo III is incredibly important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring the game remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. If you have knowledge of a possible exploit, hack, bot, or scam, the best way to inform us is by emailing our hacks team at or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue, as well as any additional details you’re able to provide. We also ask that you refrain from posting information or instructions on how to use potential exploits on the forums.

We take reports of any potential exploit, hack, bot, or scam very seriously – and while not every reported exploit we look into turns out to be a real concern, we appreciate everyone’s help in keeping us informed of possible issues as they arise.
As an addition to this to clear up any confusion; do not contact this email if your account has been compromised. If your account has been compromised, please contact our customer support team who will be able to offer you some additional assistance. Their contact information can be found here:

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