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My thoughts on Expansion. I have not read anything above (sorry for double posting but I have thought of this for a loooong time)

First Expansion out of Two
Act 5: Westmarch -or- Kingsport

Area: Jail
Event: Make things right - Save scoundrals brother.

Area: Outskirts of Westmarch // Outskirts of Kingsport
Middleboss: Adria

Area: Inside the jewel
Event: Kill Dirgest, take scroll of wisdom.
Monsters: Scarabs, Insects, Reptiles
Bonusboss: Dirgest

Event: Travel to Purgatory
Area: Purgatory
Monsters: Outcasts, fallen angels etc.
Main boss: Imperius + Malthael

We must find and put Adria to justice, a trail lead us to Westmarch. Scoundrals brother know where to find her. Upon killing her we find out more about Dirgest. Killing him gives us a missing scroll of wisdom, something that will take us to the knowledge that Dirgest had a connection with Malthael. By finding him in purgatory we find Imperius too that will take us on, knowing that he will win by a delusional Malthael it will end the era of Nephalem. After defeating him/them the story will give us a hint about a new expansion, told by Leah and Cain in spirit.

I do not want to see Adria as a main-villain. She is just a side-kick. Make Dirgest a massive thing that we fear more then her. With something from Dirgest we have the power to travel to Imperius who now are hiding in the shadows somewhere with Malthael. Leah and Cain can both be in purgatory for several different reasons. To set them free, we must kill the prime evils who have risen in the Sanctuary.

- Power potion: Crit damage boost 5 seconds 100%
- Charms: Put them in a talisman. Different arrangement adds different prefixes (nod towards the runes in D2). Need to buy upgrades for them to work and need to find all charms. Can be arranged by The Mystic.
- Empty areas should now be randomly filled with events, like the small lake in Field of Misery for example.
- That reminds me, we need a fish-monster in diablo 3!

The Mystic: Arrange charms, identify all items in stash + inventory for gold. Boost random affixes and/or re-roll affixes on items. Goldsinks.

Act 6: Xiansai

Area: Citadel, underground, Caverns, Forest.
Middleboss: Andariel

Area: Hell.
Mainboss: Three Prime Evils.

- 1 more rune for each skill to expand.
- Halls of the Blind should return.

*deleted* I only have plot for the first expansion. But Andariel is a must in a future expansion, and making Diablo the endboss over everythinelse is the highest demand I have.

Return of Paladin, Druid and Necromancer.
Shieldbased is needed. Shapeshifter is lacking and Necromancer was a huge favourite. Jay told us that Blizz found Necromancer very good, so no huge difference will be made on him/her, but thats OK.

Paladin could use Strength. Druid could use Intelligence and Necromancer could use.. Hold on to your hats.. Vitality!

Yes, with two pools of blood, the second blood is for minions. Whenever he is healed, some % goes to the minionblood. Sacrifice would swap blood with blood to left and right. It would be awesome and an interesting gaming mechanic!
Here´s to hoping Cain turns out to be the father of all the lesser and prime evils, and we get the chance to exact our revenge for all those years of misleading identifications!
we need an infinite dungeon so that we could just keep on going. starting a new game again and again is pretty annoying.
I´d like to have more areas in the expansion than just 1, like in LOD. At least 2-3 new acts... without 10-20 cut scenes this time around. :P
Kingsport. And something on the sea
better drops as it is now a loade of craph vendor trash all of it even with 600mf on mp lvl 10 every single drop is vendor trash fix that first before any other !@#$ty updates try that
make the game more social:
as it is up to this moment, the game gives this:
- global chat chanels
- public games where you meet random players
- friends list
- events etc. the only one - "infernal machine" i dont count the small side quests because they are interesting only the first time.
We are all looking forward to the well known player vs. player so lets add some other stuff to the list:

- PvP (free fightings - fights any where around the world)
- PvP (arena fights - weekly or mountly event takes place on a specially designed level where chosen ones meet each other in a deadly fight for a glorious price of items/gold. Winning such a competition gives you a title to the next event+special bonus attributes like the paragon system gives)
- PvP arena fights can be watched by many people, who bought tickets for it. Those thickets are offered at the AH. (limited so they can be trade between players too)
- game levels where 4 characters have to stop a massive invasion of different creatures attacking something and there is a kill count - the winner gets some gold for it
- special AH game level - a place where some of the greatest items in-game that are for selling are exposed and everyone can enter this to see them
- unique quest rewards like in D2 for adding your hero`s name next to an item of yours (this you make you more distinct from others, because high-end game characters with best items are all the same except for their hero`s names)
- ultimate diablo - every week a special map opens at a different time where an uber diablo spawns - it`s open only for those who have won a PvP arena fight for lets say 3 times
- nick names won for doing something - for example - the first top 50 dmg dealers are called Warlord + "nick name"
(sry if i made any mistakes but im not an Eng.)
balanced meele/ranged druid with multiple shapeshifting skills.
Very interesting thread this, I look forward to reading more ideas :-)

Huh. I thought the story of the expansion was already written (how can it not be?), and we were just having fun writing imaginary plots.
Hm, I think I misunderstood the thread. Edit to be on topic:
Leah not being rescued, revived, or brought back in any way. Nor Cain. Not because I found them annoying, but because it is the unique ability of humans to die and stay dead. They also killed off Aidan, and if you could rescue Leah, why wouldn't you be able to rescue him either? I suppose if they span it such that she had some essence of diablo and was thereby a persistent floater like the normal demons and angels, then it could be justified.

Old post about other things:

I would like to see any combination of the following:
Irrevocable character changes similar to:
Stat Allocation
Skill Tree
Permanent Shrines (I loved losing 1/10th of my maximum mana pool)
Some new variation thereof that made the character unique

Magic Item viability and trade-offs
A magic Item better that can be better than some rares/uniques (King's sword of the heavens, Cruel Collossus Blade with 6 sockets)
Items with negative attributes (Harlequin Crest, Butchers Cleaver [10 durability, and if you were a warrior and tried to repair it...])

The Gem in the UI. Its probably somewhere, but I haven't found it yet.
my ideas are:
-option in menu "auto pick up yellow items" and "auto pick up legends/green"
-mass identfy items in inventory
-in character menus there will be "marketplace" bookshlef where you can palce items you want to sale and link them to someone on chat . He can see all itmes and there atribiutes. The idea is to one link shows several items quickly , even in gameplay.
-creatures we can ride on :) to move faster ,every class has diffrent.

in addon there will be new campaign , and this new campaign will not be addon to old but completly diffrent. insted of playing with old character on it, you will create new ones. This will be EVIL CAMPAIGN , you can play as DIABLO , MEPHISTO or BHAAL :D level up choose diffreent skills and kill humans , destroy villages . Campaign will be set of memories of diablo : so first scenarios will be about cast away to erath , then fightinig with guy form D1 :) not to long but fun campaign.
Part 1 of Diablo expansion story

So lets start at the beginning of time, where demons and angels fought each other in an endless war. A prophecy of a race created to destroy all, for demons were not the ultimate evil. Even though angels and demons usually would not defy their nature, there were some that did. Instead of going forward in the expansion we go back into the history of when a new race was about to be born. The nephalem.

(The sole purpose is to signify a plot twist for the next diablo.)

We go back to the time of Inarius and Lillith who were the first to bear a child. That was Rathma. Rathma learnt the ways of necromany from a entity called Trag' oul which is a celestial dragon guarding the balance between heaven and hell. The other task of Trag' ouls was to defend santuary.

(to be continued)
Part 2 we go further into the eyes of Samuel one character that becomes friends with Rathma (do not worry you will only have to play a infant for purposes of the story). You grow up with Rathma as he becomes a necromancer, Samuel becomes a monk. As a monk he mediates a lot to find the story of the beginnings. Obsessed by his visions and dreams he tries to find the true orgigin of all and the meaning of the creation of the Nephalem race.

(to be continued)
Part 3 Samuel excludes himself from Sanctuary and creates a place where he can mediate for the purpose of story of beginnings (needs a catchier title or different word play). Although he learns more about the purpose of the creation of Nephalem, the veil that protects his body grows weaker for the place he created drains an energy that protects the body from spirits (normally you cannot tap into that power, but Samuel is a unique mutated Nephalem)

After Samuel is pocessed by an entity from another world he is forced to implement a plot to extinguish all prime evils although in his vision he is told not to interfere directly and can only do it by indirect actions (Note Samuel is immortal and has eternal youth, because he is one of the first born from demons and angels).
Part 4 Rathma discovers Samuel sub space (like arcane sanctuary in diablo 2, but much smaller). He discovers Samuel is pocessed and tries to erase the excistence of the spirit from Samuel's body (trained necromancer). Unfortunately Samuel dies in the process and now Rathma gets pocessed instead.

Now this where he speaks to Trag' oul and asks for the aid of a spell that can influence the actions of demons and angels. Trag' oul knows of a spell that fuels the nature of demons. Rathma casts this spell on his own mother Lillith (if your interested in what follows read diablo lore).

(to be continued)
Part 5

After the entities discover that trag´ oul has indirectly influenced the course of the future of sanctuary he is banned in a sort of dimensional prison. After a long period of time the entity leaves Rathma and the entity puts itself into a mysterious stone, after the entity leaves Rathma he has completly lost his memory. He has a strange desire to bring the rock somewhere (like some sort of instict)

In fact the black soulstone is made out of this rock which contains the mysterious entity. Eventually the entity consumes every prime evil that is put into the stone. Da´Thal as the entity calls itself wants to materialise into the world and put his ultimate plan into fruition which is connected to creation of the Nephalem. (Note that Adria is in league with Da´thal)

(to be Continued)
Part 6 Trag´oul appears and sends a vision to the Nephalem that defeated diablo to explain the consequenses of defeating all the prime evils.

Trag´oul explains why Da´thal has such hatred for demons (was once a achient angel, his body destroyed by an plot of some achient demon, make up a story you like).

(anysways endline of Trag´oul) Because the war is coming to Sanctuary, and if you interfere with what the Balance demands, it and all existence may be forfeit.
Part 7

Anyways our nephalem champion is sent on a quest to prevent the destruction of the demon race, for if the the entity called the balance (sorry guys but thats diablo lore cannot change that mabye some nickname can be given) gets pissed off he will destroy excistence itself. Da´thal creates its own entities called voidlings (or whatever) creatures that our shaped by the combined powers of all prime evils and Da´thal together (resemble Nehpalem in some way).

Rathma regains memory and is the one that will aid you like cain did. Although he lost all his power he still pocesses immortality though eternal youth has been stripped from him as well.
Well you can choose what to do and just pick a few elements of my storyline for that would already be something fun. Reason I thought up Da´thal was that there was a need for a new bad guy and it seemed fun to involve a little bit diablo lore which would explain why certain events happened in the past. Just seems boring to keep in the same world and go to grander stages of where there are portals to different worlds. Brings a lot of new options of story writers and artists. And if you make a better storyline you will not even have to worry about diablo 5 (just make sure the storyline fits in well, mine does not you will have to sligthly adapt parts if you implement it in full)
Enchantment trade skill

Ability to use enchantment like gems are used at the moment, sort of cross between Torch2's enchantment system and wow's. Make things more flexible, and enable those weak in one area to compensate with enchantment.

And Daleks :D

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