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Lore and Characters
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I would personally like to see a very long act or several normal length.

I would like to see more randomized dungeons, deeper story telling and more epic cinematics.

I would like better character develop-ment, IMO it wasn't enough

More Easter eggs

As for classes Druid(obvious) and of course(for me) Necromancer

Let me justify Necromancer:

Darker feel than witch doctor

pets would be long term as opposed the the WDs short term

Could have debuffs(for enemies) and buffs(for players)

The corpse based spells will be very nice to have back, as it adds a very distinct feel for a class

and at last bone spells, they wouldn't be very unique in terms of what they do but some people prefer a more "gothic/skeletal" aposed to a holy, tribal, arcane-ic, brutal, and archer/theif style

I, like many others, who used to play necro don't get that necro feeling when playing a WD and bringing back a necro would make a lot of people happy.


EDIT: I Would also like some garenteed drops(a class rare or somthing) on first kills of bosses through out the other difficulties not just the first, I found my self never finding gear for my wizard after normal, and even after farming, resulted in me going to AH jsut to get through the game.

Yes I played wizard as a main instead of a WD, I don't like the feel of a WD i like the feel of a necro :-P.
special mode where first player is dungeon master he is making his own cathedral dungoens and he is controlling monsters and traps, other 3 players are : warrior , rogue , mage and trying to complete the dungeon.
Give us a damned Craft All button!!! -.-'
Since the D3 classes were all about combining playstyles from previous classes, I say continue this trend in the expansion: add a class that combines minion summoning and death magic of the Necromancer with the heavy plate and melee combat skills of the Paladin. Sure, it'll pretty much be a Death Knight (though the Diablo version could go with a different name, like Crypt Guard or Bone Knight), but how awesome would it be to roll up to a pack of monsters, sword in hand, while leading a small army of skeletons and blowing up corpses?

It could differentiate itself from the Witch Doctor by emphasizing damage-dealing minions instead of using minions for survival and by being melee-oriented rather than caster-oriented. Plus, the game could use another heavily-armored tanking-capable character alongside the Barbarian.

Speaking of classes carrying over from previous games, the Druid could make a comeback mostly as-is. Perhaps with Arreat's destruction, the D3 Druid could have more of an emphasis on shape-shifting at the cost of spell-casting, giving the class something of a "slightly unhinged wildman" feel. It could be another Dexterity-based melee class to go along with the Monk.

As for locales, the jungles of the Witch Doctor's homeland, the islands of the Amazons and Xiansai (Wizard homeland) are all excellent candidates for areas players have not yet explored.
My thoughts on Expansion. I have not read anything above (sorry for double posting but I have thought of this for a loooong time)

First Expansion out of Two
Act 5: Westmarch

Area: Jail
Event: Make things right - Save scoundrals brother.

Area: Outskirts of Westmarch
Middleboss: Adria

Area: Inside the jewel
Event: Kill Dirgest, take scroll of wisdom.
Monsters: Scarabs, Insects, Reptiles
Bonusboss: Dirgest

Event: Travel to Purgatory
Area: Purgatory
Monsters: Outcasts, fallen angels etc.
Main boss: Imperius + Malthael

We must find and put Adria to justice, a trail lead us to Westmarch. Scoundrals brother know where to find her. Upon killing her we find out more about Dirgest. Killing him gives us a missing scroll of wisdom, something that will take us to the knowledge that Dirgest had a connection with Malthael. By finding him in purgatory we find Imperius too that will take us on, knowing that he will win by a delusional Malthael it will end the era of Nephalem. After defeating him/them the story will give us a hint about a new expansion, told by Leah and Cain in spirit.

I do not want to see Adria as a main-villain. She is just a side-kick. Make Dirgest a massive thing that we fear more then her. With something from Dirgest we have the power to travel to Imperius who now are hiding in the shadows somewhere with Malthael. Leah and Cain can both be in purgatory for several different reasons. To set them free, we must kill the prime evils who have risen in the Sanctuary.

- Power potion: Crit damage boost 5 seconds 100%
- Charms: Put them in a talisman. Different arrangement adds different prefixes (nod towards the runes in D2). Need to buy upgrades for them to work and need to find all charms. Can be arranged by The Mystic.
- Empty areas should now be randomly filled with events, like the small lake in Field of Misery for example.
- That reminds me, we need a fish-monster in diablo 3!

The Mystic: Arrange charms, identify all items in stash + inventory for gold. Boost random affixes and/or re-roll affixes on items. Goldsinks.

Act 6: Xiansai

Area: Citadel, underground, Caverns, Forest.
Middleboss: Andariel

Area: Hell.
Mainboss: Three Prime Evils.

- 1 more rune for each skill to expand.
- Halls of the Blind should return.

*deleted* I only have plot for the first expansion. But Andariel is a must in a future expansion, and making Diablo the endboss over everythinelse is the highest demand I have.

Return of Paladin, Druid and Necromancer.
Shieldbased is needed. Shapeshifter is lacking and Necromancer was a huge favourite. Jay told us that Blizz found Necromancer very good, so no huge difference will be made on him/her, but thats OK.

Paladin could use Strength. Druid could use Intelligence and Necromancer could use.. Hold on to your hats.. Vitality!

Yes, with two pools of blood, the second blood is for minions. Whenever he is healed, some % goes to the minionblood. Sacrifice would swap blood with blood to left and right. It would be awesome and an interesting gaming mechanic!

I do agree with Gatzolos-Enkeria has the best post so far and it's AMAZING!Pls Blizz take a look at it above!
If only one thing; - the filters from to let us make the game look darker and sharper!

It should be the easiest little thing to add in options.
- Random monster spawns. Right now, you know exactly which monsters you're going to run into at each area of the game. If an area has 3 different monsters in it, instead of always facing the exact same 3 types of monsters there, I'd love for each area to have i.e. 5 different monsters instead, but only 3 of them are picked at random. Much like the random world generator, it'd give us some random influences of monsters as well with different random combinations of them. I'd like all the current acts to have this added as well in an expansion by adding some new monsters into the game. It'd make all the old acts feel more interesting, refreshing and dynamic once the expansion hits us.

- Lots and lots and lots of different set items and legendaries. Currently, there's pretty much a best in slot item for every slot for every class. This is bad. I want to have choices and stand out because of the selections I made. Very important here is that legendaries have lots of different special bonuses and effects. Set items already have this through their set bonuses. As a barbarian, I'm really annoyed at pretty much being forced to use a Skorn. On my DH, it's the same but with a Manticor. More options, please, and no absolute BiS items.

- More ways to develop your character through earning experience at max level. Paragon levels are great. Even if the bonus is somewhat small each level, it makes the whole playing experience a million times better when you're gaining experience. In the expansion, it would be super neat to be able to toggle your experience bar between Paragon levels and something else, where the new thing would earn you points to spend on different kind of bonuses. Perhaps slight stats boosts, and particularly slight ability boosts as well. I.e. spend 1 point to increase Cleave damage by 1% or increase your Strength by 1%, or perhaps increase the duration of Wrath of the Berserker by 0.5 seconds. Etc. etc.

- Less focus on crit and crit dmg. Oh god am I tired of having to focus on these two stats. Whatever happened to options and different ways to build your character? I feel so forced to constantly hunt these two stats, and any weapon without a socket and crit dmg becomes completely pointless for the most part. Blizzard must do a better job at letting us choose our items.
Create a Shrine that last for 3 - 5 minutes and give your the possibility to change skills without lose Nephalem Valor.

It gives strategy, for example : before a Ubber Boss fight, as a Demon Hunter, you can change skills to use Bola Shot with Stun rune.
Do it like Titan quest expansion, very cool act with shore and undead stuff (Add maphisto!)
-option to make white and blue item drop as gold for half their vendering value
-gem pattern drop rate increase please....
-ability to craft socket to an item
-ability to enchant an item maybe
-ability to craft jewel
-ability to destroy swap a stat on item

- increase player customization in some way
The only thing I'm really looking forward to is:

Ability to reroll/boost stats on items and/or whole items as well.
Through some kind of sink system for gems/new salvage mats from hellfire rings.
1. Hate having a single piece with a different color. Please make Dyes work on Legendaries.

2. I feel the game is too short somehow. Please don't make only one act. At least two...

3. Two characters, of course. I will suggest a Vampire, which skills are based on Life Leech, and a Werewolf or Shapeshifter that has the ability to transform himself on a creature or many.

4. More Legendaries and Set equipments.
Very interesting thread this, I look forward to reading more ideas :-)

Huh. I thought the story of the expansion was already written (how can it not be?), and we were just having fun writing imaginary plots.

There is no information available yet on the story line of the expansion, but you are quite possibly correct in your assumption about the status of the story. That said, there is no harm in checking out what ideas you guys have and find out about the things you would like to see in the expansion. :-)
Also some bigger stash space and/or more auctions at a time would be nice thing
Only one thing I need/want for the expansion, bring back the Necromancer!!!!!

Can't stand the WD and I really miss a cool necro like only Blizzard can make him :(
A few ideas of mine :

I'd like to see Tristram as it was in Diablo 1, with possibly a younger Cain. It could work with some kind of time travel plot, or a powerful illusion induced by a demon.

I'd like to fight some kind of evil druid, who would shapeshift into a werewolf and create a volcano as one of his magics. With D3's engine, it would be a treat visually and an interesting battle.

It would also be nice to fight Mephisto and Baal again.

As setting for a new act, walking and fighting on the body of some gigantic creature could be interesting. A place underwater might also be a fun :)

EDIT : oh yeah, and some area with very different heights all over the place, like some mountain. Currently, all areas seem quite flat, so it would be nice to more often have the feeling of going up and down.

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