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15/11/2012 10:26Posted by Vaneras
I am curious though, if you could only pick one single thing you feel should be in the expansion, what would it be?

Story is an important part of the game, but what I would really like to see is:

1. Runes
2. Rune-words
3. Ethereal items back to make the "indestructible" item property actually meaningful

Thank you.
Or Shadowdancer, simillar to rogues.
I had to dip in to offer my view:

If you haven`t seen the movie wishmaster you don`t get this reference as well but have one act happend completely INSIDE the black soulstone. I mean the prime evils were inside of it but what is it like to be inside tha ttiny crystall? a crystallic environment etc.
looking again this thread i thought of something else that i think it would be very nice to be seen in next d3 exp:

we all know that what the Flag or the banner is used for - to fast travel to someone while playing multiplayer, and also it is used for expressing ur in-game personality (every one can make unique banner for him self) this is one of the things that i really liked when i first started playing D3. So i think it would be nice to see some other cool stuff like this for example:
if finish 50% of all achievements u get a customizing article - lets say some type of glow around your character while at the menu screen (not in-game), if u do 60% - u get another thing same for 70/80/90 and if u do 100% or in other words all the achievements u will now see ur character sitting on a some kind of throne, which u can uniquely design with stuff like the head of a boss u killed or something or the crown of leoric i think this will also be a good way to give a nice reward for doing achievements :)

(again sorry if i made any mistakes, im not an Eng.)
My thoughts on Expansion. I have not read anything above (sorry for double posting but I have thought of this for a loooong time)

First Expansion out of Two
Act 5: Westmarch

Area: Jail
Event: Make things right - Save scoundrals brother.

Area: Outskirts of Westmarch
Middleboss: Adria

Area: Inside the jewel
Event: Kill Dirgest, take scroll of wisdom.
Monsters: Scarabs, Insects, Reptiles
Bonusboss: Dirgest

Event: Travel to Purgatory
Area: Purgatory
Monsters: Outcasts, fallen angels etc.
Main boss: Imperius + Malthael

We must find and put Adria to justice, a trail lead us to Westmarch. Scoundrals brother know where to find her. Upon killing her we find out more about Dirgest. Killing him gives us a missing scroll of wisdom, something that will take us to the knowledge that Dirgest had a connection with Malthael. By finding him in purgatory we find Imperius too that will take us on, knowing that he will win by a delusional Malthael it will end the era of Nephalem. After defeating him/them the story will give us a hint about a new expansion, told by Leah and Cain in spirit.

I do not want to see Adria as a main-villain. She is just a side-kick. Make Dirgest a massive thing that we fear more then her. With something from Dirgest we have the power to travel to Imperius who now are hiding in the shadows somewhere with Malthael. Leah and Cain can both be in purgatory for several different reasons. To set them free, we must kill the prime evils who have risen in the Sanctuary.

- Power potion: Crit damage boost 5 seconds 100%
- Charms: Put them in a talisman. Different arrangement adds different prefixes (nod towards the runes in D2). Need to buy upgrades for them to work and need to find all charms. Can be arranged by The Mystic.
- Empty areas should now be randomly filled with events, like the small lake in Field of Misery for example.
- That reminds me, we need a fish-monster in diablo 3!

The Mystic: Arrange charms, identify all items in stash + inventory for gold. Boost random affixes and/or re-roll affixes on items. Goldsinks.

Act 6: Xiansai

Area: Citadel, underground, Caverns, Forest.
Middleboss: Andariel

Area: Hell.
Mainboss: Three Prime Evils.

- 1 more rune for each skill to expand.
- Halls of the Blind should return.

*deleted* I only have plot for the first expansion. But Andariel is a must in a future expansion, and making Diablo the endboss over everythinelse is the highest demand I have.

Return of Paladin, Druid and Necromancer.
Shieldbased is needed. Shapeshifter is lacking and Necromancer was a huge favourite. Jay told us that Blizz found Necromancer very good, so no huge difference will be made on him/her, but thats OK.

Paladin could use Strength. Druid could use Intelligence and Necromancer could use.. Hold on to your hats.. Vitality!

Yes, with two pools of blood, the second blood is for minions. Whenever he is healed, some % goes to the minionblood. Sacrifice would swap blood with blood to left and right. It would be awesome and an interesting gaming mechanic!


half of the post is nice.. for the other half i'll say: "go play diablo 2" ; )
Honestly I feel like they need to compare the success and the not so great features between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and begin to try to incorporate what worked well in the past. There are SO many features that were fantastic that haven't been brought over that could be great expansion material such as runewords, cube recipes, skill trees, pvp, stat selection, etc.

Also, there really needs to be some sort of end game content beyond farming items. Perhaps some sort of side games or anything besides logging on and doing keywarden / MF runs.

Although more classes for sure would be fantastic, I strongly feel skill trees and stat selection much like Diablo 2 could open up so many more possabilities with character builds. Currently its VERY cookie cutter. In the past, if you had an assassin it could either wear caster gear and be a trap assassin, or wear melee gear and be a martial arts assassin. A druid could use a werewolf melee build, get strong resistances and make a bear build, or seek out caster gear to have a hurricane / elemental build. Now, for any of the classes, yes there is a little variety but its the same gear same play style. Yes classes in D3 are more user friendly than D2, but thats what made D2 so much more engaging, by allowing people to really build and establish how they want to play each of their characters.

As far as plot there are several routes to be taken. Adria's story and a witch hunt for her, Imperious' hatred and perhaps jealousy of humans growing, the true nature and corruption of the Templar Order, tensions with the Westmarch nation, the thieves guilds and their dealings.

If it isn't broke, don't fix it. If Blizzard wants to repeat the huge success they achieved with Diablo 2, they really need to look back and see how they accomplished it before to realize how much potential Diablo 3 has today.
Gameplay/Technical/Misc changes would be great too:

- In-Game Mail and Auction House.

- Changing to any Act at any time without loosing buff.

- Having all bosses being up even if their respective quests are done.

- Act4 feels very incomplete imho so making it bigger and adding a town would really be awesome. An heavenly town/palace/whatever with NPCs like in old ~2005 screenshots would be great (along with a complete act5 of course).

- I would like to see the Paladin and the Necromancer, those would be welcome in D3.

- The return of Diablo for Act5+ but in a classic D1 male form this time.

- Player limit increased to 8.

- Hireling can be used in coop games.

- Level increased to 99 with D2 leveling curve with the option to change where the exp go (toward Level, Paragon or split exp). Monster Level could be based on Character level (Clvl = Mlvl) to avoid overleveling. People like leveling :) and it is different then Paragon.
Hi all.

Here is the thing that D3 need, imo.


It'll be randomly generated, of course. And the difficulty will increase as we go deeper and deeper. A ladder will register the most courageous players... And we could also have some achievements...

We can see many hack'n slash games with endless dungeons, and it's really great.

Maruk, hoping that one day we'll see something like this (with a patch or an expansion)
What do I want out of an expansion?

Expanded Party
At least 6 player parties. 4 is just not enough, there is way too many occurrences of a friend being left out. 8 would be ideal.

The argument that "You wouldn't see anything on the screen" is a moot argument, since with 4 players you already can't see anything on the screen.

Take 4 CM/Stormnado Meteor wizards and put them in a game and tell me you can see anything. The truth is, you can't. If you can't see anything, then adding more people will not make you see less; therefor, it cannot damage the experience.

It's a lame excuse.

If the player thinks 8 is too many, there is a simple solution for that; he won't play with 8. Let it be OUR choice, instead of dictating what you *think* is fun.

Social Main Menu Changes

The Diablo III main menu isn't very good. It should retain the good features from Diablo II, but in an updated form like the example below.

This is what the Main Menu should look like;

This is vastly superior to the current system.

Clicking on players on the bottom should result in a context menu with the already available options;

Invite to party, View Profile, Whisper, Add Friend, Block Communication, etc.

Who doesn't think this screen is better than the current one?


The news box shouldn't exist, it should be in the chat.
I would like to see a whole reworking of the equipment stats, why would I want intelligence on a barbarian specific weapon unless it directly helped my character in some way?
Well...since i think Lilith is involved in the story...i suppose that she could be the final boss of the expansion...theres rumors that she can be Adria disguised...after can she beat tyrael with ease?!?

-i wanted to see all the lesser and prime evil back and a godly fight in hell...all the realms...but that can be made in futures expansions ofc..

-i wanted runewords or some items that u can create gathering pieces to make the effect u want..

-i wanted more than one act...and more godly CGs

-some really nice quests with some puzzles and enigmas...with real nice rewards.

i think thats all for now
Diablo's corpse falls from The Silver Spire crashing into the ground below with such evil force that a portal is summoned. Act 5 sees our heroes gathering at the glowing red portal in the centre of a small town that has erected a statue of Deckard Cain. You sit gazing into the portal. Days pass but they feel more like weeks perhaps even months. You begin to appreciate the deafening calm that silences the mind's chatter that has haunted you for these past years. Suddenly a man who appears to be a janitor is visible on the other side of the portal. "Psst. Hey. You! Yeah get in here!". For a moment you ponder if this figure could be Deckard, perhaps in a different universe. You click the portal and after a moderate loading sequence appear in a basement of sorts. Your companion establishes that he is Malthael, a Blizzard employee demoted to custodial duties after removing manual stat points & skilltree from the game. "I used to be... a programmer.. I used to be a man."

You fight your way through the Blizzard building all the way to the top floor where with the aid of your companion you open two large doors using a key you received after succesfully selling 10,000 white items to Bashiok. Jay Wilson sits in his underpants about to take another bite of his footlong pizza sub (double meats, double cheese, chipotle sauce - his 7th for the day) as you barge in, at this point having reached level 70, added two or three skills to your arsenal and finding a weapon that glows purple or maroon or something.

"Ha ha HA! Foolish nephalem. Now you face my TRUE FORM" barks Jay Wilson in an in-game cutscene that doesn't quite work as you'd hoped. He then transforms into a hideous ungodly, terrifying creature (this is established with text) which articulates in game as the same Jay Wilson model expanded 3 times in size.

Can't wait guys so excited for the expansion
Very interesting thread this, I look forward to reading more ideas :-)

I am curious though, if you could only pick one single thing you feel should be in the expansion, what would it be?

Zoltun Kulle replacing role of Deckard Cain, identifying our items, assisting us in our quests with his incredible voice.. We resurrect him again(somehow) and after the things we've done in the first game, he accepts our dominance and starts to assist us. There can be some funny dialogues llike one in the first game. If we get Zoltun Kulle on our side, "All will tremble at our power" :)

And Talisman feature with charms(which removed from the original game features) If I can pick a second thing.
yeah some posts tell this : (and its very commen to see ones like that)

bring "something great" from D2...

well i do agree about that and i do thing that the main problem in D3 comes from that the developers are trying to give the ppl something new and different but come on every designer knows that sometimes new stuff is bad when you already found the perfect ones...
my courses teacher, a leading designer working with mercedes ones told us:
"sometimes the best thing is the one that is long forgotten"
"desing means organization, without it there is nothing new"

(sry for my eng if there are any mistakes)
1) New follower for Act5
e.g Witch - skills debuff mosters, buff bonus All resist.

New skills, new class, new legendary.

3) New mp level. A special moster power level that is above mp10 and is crazy hard.
For players who want more challenge as mp10 is getting easy as we upgrade our gear
in furture.

4) More new event of boss fight.

5) More Act? rather than only Act5.

6) War system. Group vs group and conquer base to win.

7) Last Act Boss - Jay Wilson
(many players disappointed about diablo3, so it will be great to have Jay Wilson inside game for us to release our anger HAHA kidding)

Since Diablo3 is about demons conquering Heaven... Expansion will be the revenge! Angels go to Hell and fight back....
15/11/2012 10:26Posted by Vaneras
I am curious though, if you could only pick one single thing you feel should be in the expansion, what would it be?

An actual Diablo game?
An actual sequel?

That would be amazing thank you.
* More classes, paladin, druid, assassin :)
* More followers and allow them in multiplayer.
* Followers pickup gold.
* Followers pickup health globes if he/you get low hp.
* Allow followers to use more items.
* Pets, u cant have pet and follower at same time.
* Increase party sizes to 6 or 8 players.
* Runes and runewords.
* More socket slots on items.
* New items.
* Charms.
* Increase inventory size.
* Duels, for free or beat gold :)
* Pvp instances up to X players, last man standing, team deadmatch, capture the flag, etc.
* Open town portals without instantly teleport to town, i hate to run from checkpoints when i die in SP.
* Let us spend at least some atribute points. instead of getting all stats points spent auto, allow players to chose where to spend at least one status point per level up.

* Skills:
- Skill points, Remove passive skills limit of 3 and let us level passive skills up to lvl 20 like in d2. (imo d2 skills tree was much better).
- A talent tree like wow...

for the storie... we didnt saved leah...
Why we dont go inside the stone where all deamons are trapped to save leah?
Once inside the stone we have to fight the way to baal and diablo.
Once we get there we have to fight several waves of mobs (like D2 baal waves)
1st wave - some mobs and andariel
2nd wave - mobs mobs and duriel
3rd wave - some mobs and menphisto
4th wave - some mobs and a random d3 boss.
5th wave - some mobs and a random d3 boss.
6th wave - some mobs, baal and diablo :)
Well, I think a new PC class with prime requisite attribute STRENGTH is the most probable, I'd like a kinda dual wielding katanas samurai or ninja -- No shields allowed -- way faster than barbarian, more dexterous and agile, not as versatile in weapon handling though, could be strictly swords or something, not as strong as barbarian of course, but high DEXTERiTY could be somehow very useful to this warrior, making him faster and stuff...

And the 2nd New PC class could be a kinda non summoner druid with self transformation abilities, werewolf, bear you name it. Prime requisite attribute could be... ViTALiTY, wait before starting throwing rotten tomatoes, his advantage over the rest of PC classes minimized because the higher ViT could incur a penalty to DPS and vice versa, so you would have to choose, lower your hp to kill faster, meaning less surviveability, or tank your way through the battlefield...
I would love some sort of 'Enfos' game mode where there is continually spawn of monsters to kill which gets harder and harder the longer you get and better and better loot. Maybe you only have 1 life but can work together with your friends or purchase some revive in some way the further in you get. Story wise it could be protecting a patch of ground inside of Hell where a portal is active and you need to defend it against the demons rushing to invade the world.
i wanna know more about the enchantress, she's hawt & mysterious!

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