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Lore and Characters
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Adria is Lilith and Covetous Shen is Inarius :P
Bring Cain back to identify items... Like a ghost in the new act....
1New character
2New act
3New MAD spells (1 active and 1 passive) for those who reach level ~80 paragon, active only on high MP 5 and up.

4 Fix ah market, except high end items people cant sell nothing.
5 Make Witch Doctor playable at mp8 and up, (that Pierce of Vail mana cost is insane instead of 20/30 do it 20/10)
When Diablo came out I was somehow dissapointed by the auction. It took the element of item hunting away (that is why I could not stop playing diablo II). Here is idea i thought about.

How about creating a new character in "No auction" mode, something like Hardcore (obviously without perma-death). But there is a problem of course. In my experience, later in the game you can´t make it without auction (or maybe you can but it takes a lot of patience), you´re gear is not just good enough. How to deal with this? Maybe increase magic find? I guess not, it is high enough already. So how about making crafting a little more useable? Let players somehow specify what properties they want the item to have. Not all of them, but two or three out of five (depends on rarity of the item etc.) Not for free of course, "crafting with properties" would be more espensive or players would need special ingredients or they would have to teach the blacksmith to do it.

P.S.: Excuse my english, not native speaker.
I'd wish I could paint & draw some Concept Art in Order to release my ideas. But due to less time (Writing Screenplays) I can't do that. Therefore I will post some of my ideas as text. Well, lets get started Blizz.

First of all, Patch 1.05 is great. It has make me to come back and play D3 again. Good thing. But there is much work left to do. So if you want to create a new Expansion Set, you need to hit like a bomb. LoD has done great things and I hope you can do the same, however, learning from your mistakes (e.g. Diablo3).
For the Expansion I recommend TWO new classes. First one in my mind:

Dark Knight. Or Paladin surrounded by dark. What I miss at Diablo 3 is a dark character. I know, the Demon Hunter comes very near to that believe, but the Necromancer from Diablo 2 is not really beaten. So in order to balance the game, what about a Character that combines the force of light and dark. Such as the Paladin in addition to dark skills like from the Necromancer. Why that? Because you already mixed all classes in Diablo 3 from Diablo 2 in order to "present" us with "new" classes. For instance, the Monk is a mix between Assasin & Paladin, Demon Hunter is a mix between Assasin and Amazone. Why not and combine the Knight with Necromancer. You will find out cool stuff when it comes to the skills. I'am sure about that. But do not forget to give the character specific SHIELD Spells like those from the Paladin in Diablo 2. In Diablo 3 nobody really cares about shields except a few defensive builds or the Templar. But Shield specific spells are not content of D3. So change that. And by the way, if you do that, bring back Herold of Zakarum. I'd loved that item. And yes, it's great stuff being a fighter with shield (smite :D) with the ability to cast Curses or a lot of CC. Maybe a few skeletons, too. It is up to you.

Second class: Druid. Bring him back. I really loved the druid, but he was not perfect in Diablo 2. Why him? Well, I miss a Shapeshifter class in Diablo 3. SO bring something to us, that allows us to change our character (except archon) into a Bear, Wolf or Spider or what not. I think you'll get the point.

Well, I do not have any clue about your story, but do NOT bring Baal back. We already seen him, he was good and creepy. But put something different. You can bring Mephisto back or whoever is left and is not banned into the Black Soulstone.
As for the Gameplay:
What I'am really bored of is Rare Items (yellows). If I find a Level 63 Item, I strongly recommend to make a minimum cap of stats onto the item. It is amazing that I find 63ies onehand maces with 200dps. That is crap. Make a cap, a minimum cap, for instance >=700 DPS.
What else? New events maybe. Uber bosses are funny. But put something different inside. Remember Uber Diablo Events in D2? Maybe something like that.

PVP: We want it, we want it fast. Stop playing with Arena stuff. It is not Diablo style, it is crap. Forget about the idea, really. What is more easy: Make private battles ingame possible. Do it with the banner pastes (G). Make it possible to invite a party member for a fight, kind of a duel function. Nobody should die, (remember HC Mode!). Just a simple Duel function like in WoW. It is good. Easy to go, everyone can do it fast and by the go. No waiting and no frustrating running in Arena's like silly bunnies.

Bring back the Enchantress. Why you canceled it? The Idea was great! Now, what kind of improvement could last? Well, you need to get rid of one issue: White Items or Gray Items. They are completely useless. In Diablo 2, you were looking for those items in order to make a good rune word. Patch 1.09 : Fury for example.
You must'nt bring back runewords. But you could bring back Charms and combine them with the function of runewords together with the Enchantress. The system is easy. The Enchantress only can cast a magic spell on a standard item (White) which changes it color to Brown or any other color. The player can find different charms and magic books which can be combined to a magic item spell. When clicking on the enchantress, you can put a white item inside a box, depending on the item, you can put up to 6 different charms inside. Each charm has a different prefix and spelling. Depending in which roll you place them in, something comes out. Like a runeword, just with charms. The difference between the original runewords: You can't socket those charms in any other item. They have no steady bonus. They are just materials for the Enchantress.

Well thats it so far. I think Blizzard, you will do what sounds cool and what not. And for god's sake, make it good as freakin hell. You know what's at stake. Patch 1.05 was a really great start, although all these "features" already should have been placed into the release version.
There are few things that I'd really like to see in future of Diablo, tho they could change the typical hack and slash game into something else.

Not sure if anyone from blizz will read or consider the stuff up here but. In addition to your idea I would like to add something ( which in the past was mentioned at another post )
-- No AH characters ( with gear quality levels from 1 to 100 let's say )
So trading wont turn into something lame.
-- Leveling armor/ wep ( elites drops tokens / tokens + some gold to upgrade specified stats on the gear :
Lvl 1 +1 vit = 3 tokens + 10k for example
Lvl 1 +5 all res = blablabla
-- Class specified craftables ( no int on mighty belts )
-- Crafting quests
-- Quest rewards ( gem / set gear )

With all these combined this is not diablo anymore though.
I would like to see better plot lines. Not something that is so totally predictable, like in Diablo3. Better lines from characters in the game. Not something really cheesy like "You will never defeat me" or "You will never find the next piece, it has fallen where only ancients may tread", Honestly sounds like a bad spy movie.

Other then that... Make it long! Gameplay wise! Something that will still keep my interest in the game. Like per say minigames of sorts. Like random dungeons, daily quest, or an onslaught mode where more mobs just keep coming until party is dead. This doesn't have to be something people will turn to instead of story gameplay, just make it a daily cap.

Keep up the good work Blizzard!
My idea is not necessarly an idea for new act but for a new Uber Quest and may be implemented to the regular game already:
If during trading via the autcion house an amount (maybe 50 Billion, don't know how much and fast that amount is reached) is reached an event on all servers occurs. I mean this similar to the "Diablo walks the earth..." event in diablo 2, cause it was kinda fun to see/fight such an extrem rare and evenly strong monster in your game, which was quite rewarding.
If this event then triggers there could be somthing like: "The Skeleton King rises again..." and you can go find and fight him. Maybe even one different boss for each act.
The boss of course is really really strong and the reward could be something like a "Skeleton Key" or simliar. This key/the Keys are then required to open the old secret door into the depth of Tristram Kathedral right behind the skeleton kings vault. The door then leads to the the old catacombs of Diablo 1 right down all the levels. The monster units down there are ofc of a whole different level (64, 65 , 67?) than all enemies we encountered before and at the end (lvl 16) waits a monster none ever encountered before and only heared in legends about it: Kabraxis!

The reward for beating the beast could be something unique and character class specific item which is randomly generated after beating him. Due to this the tempt to repeat the quest is much bigger! If done correctly it should always be a challenge no matter which kind of build a players uses. There is a lot that could be done and some kind of modifications would make it not only more fun, attractive but necessary to play as a team with other players to beat this challenge. This means depending on what style you built your character around, you will be useful for the group at some point.
Please excuse any spelling mistakes i made.
Forget your expansion and sort out all the issues with the original first!!!!
Serverside disc-protection as have been said endless times in the hardcore forum. Do it like SC2.
1. Double amount of plays in game. 8! Something substantial rather than just +1/2.

2. More/ items affects not necessarily rune words just something more to think about when building a character rather than simply stack said amount of critical etc. Things like deadly strike in d2 Their are literally dozens of possibilities. If you can't give us character skill distribution at least give us more to work with.

3. More customization in terms of skills. I will say this has come on but even though certain builds work you still feel pigeon holed into using specific skills. Lets say I was completely new to the game, I would like to be able to open my skills and say I would like to use this skill this skill and that skill and be able to then make it work.

4. As mentioned some sorta deathnight type/druid/paladin/necromancer/ arch angel?

5. Bright more appealing acts. I absolutely loved act 1 I really thought you guys had it down, the atmosphere was perfect and colors to boot. Something more bright like act 3 in d2 swampy foresty tropical place. As well as night and day. Maybe vary the monster depending if it's night or daytime? (Would make farming considerably more interesting)

6. Endless dungeon.

7. Team boss fights. More bosses that are so powerful you are required to team up no matter how strong you are. Make one so hard you have to have some sorta clan/strategy/plan going in a group. So people actually feel obligated to take a certain role e.g. to heal others/use certain skills to buff the group while they have collected certain powerful items that could help with such a hard boss. Buff scrolls? Rejuvi potions? Forcing everyone to work together and engage in actual conversation.

8. Probably me just being picky, but I'd like some spells to take a longer animation effect, for example spells like the witch doctors 'Acid cloud' I feel would feel allot more like an actual spell if the acid kinda stayed around for abit longer making the animation more appealing and like you've had more of a significant effect on the screen from a simple click. Same goes for loads of spells as well as blood. Some of the spells feel allot more 'bland' or 'light' I feel because of this.
What happens with the darksoulstone??? we do not destroy it has we did with the others...

what hapens if a nephalem finds it??

this can make an history to the expansion... with the soulstone you can get Adria how surely will be loking 4 it... leah`s soul is within the soulstone... in our way we can figth the tieves guild revenge on paladin order and find out what hapens with malthael, can he be the profet off the encantress and his sisters??

Sure, these are some little suggestions, but I think relevant to the success of the franchise over the long haul:

1. The Golden Bird of Ku Y'leh (now Platinum for some reason yet to be defined) has really been angering Alkor. It talks to him at night and won't let the poor man sleep. Obviously, the old man has finally lost it. Your job, in this post-Diablo world, is to hunt down various herbs in the forest to help Alkor find rest from the voices in his head.

2. Diablo's very feminine left breastplate has, for reasons yet to be defined, not burned to cinders. The prudish keepers of heaven are loathe to deal with this potential bit of scandalous material. It's your job, hero, to establish The High Heavens' first Human Resources department, giving angels "eyes up here" seminars, getting Tyrael to stop giggling whenever he sees the fel artifact, etc.

3. Ormus' sense of self-importance levels the Kurast Docks. There's no mission here, just a giant Ormus head floating near the remains of the port, talking about how awesome he is.

4. All female Demon Hunters can now choose flats instead of heels.

5. The Fowl Lair's chickens are clucking up a storm in Caldeum! You have to negotiate egg prices with various merchants whilst battling the feathery plague.

6. New troll spiders can spell insults with their webbing, adding a level of frustration for even the most disciplined Monk.

7. Travel back to The Harem in Lut Gholein to witness a seemingly endless sea of really, really hot chicks. Literally, they're hot. In fact, they're on fire. Put those ladies out with a new stop, drop, and roll maneuver!

Add a endless map with endless elites.

In a new act make it look a little bit like London town. and you can get random quests from random people just like Skyrim. In that way you will always have something new to do!
It would be fun if the act would be as random as possible while still maintaining high difficulty level. Random quests, random areas, random caves, more cave levels than only 2, one cave level could lead to multiple places. Traps that kill your character. One super chest somewhere in the act that gives better loot and is hard to find. Basically an act where you never know what is going to happen when you play it next time. At some point some boss might attack the village area and if the players chose not to defend then all the shop keepers would die etc.

Two teams of 4 people could enter the act and start the hunt for a super chest only one team could loot. Once they entered a key location they would need to fight one or two members of the other team to get a key to proceed in their dungeon. The enemy team could send one person to slow the other team and to set deadly traps.

What we need to do is once again go in to the twisted Arace Sancturay and find and destroy the thing that now hold Cains soul. It will be in the underworld, the death realm.

If we can not find his sould in there we need to turn back time to the moment of his death and intervene. Kill that b... lady that killed him. And continue from there on the new path. (That event will have an huge impact on the time line. It may disturb it totally. We might even end up with a world where we can travel between acts and find previus bosses still alive over and over again.

But to save Cain, that is worth the risk.

When Cain is alive again famous champions might return to D4.

I am curious though, if you could only pick one single thing you feel should be in the expansion, what would it be?

More baddies with less distance between them would be nice.
BUL KATHOS GUIDE MY HAND..............I would like to have my barbarian meet this guy.Giving me a special mission and a unique reward for my class...and I'm not talking about wedding band.something new(probably something with very much strength500+ and other useful stats).

NEW MONSTERS PLEASE:new bosses.dragons.giants.lich.vampire.werewolf.orcs.hydra.giant scorpions.giant mantis and other insects.

Potions:healing potions that are more powerful.(why is it only one potiontype in a game like this)
strength potions,intelligence potions and dexterity potions.
movement potions,exp potions,mf potions,gf potions.
djinn in a bottle(potion)

gems:new gems. and also we could combine different gemtypes to make very good gems.strength+vitality gem sounds good to me.

Follower:why not make them all follow us.unrealistic with only one.
A story and mission for each of them would be fun.
A new follower that also is a merchant would be so good to have....

Irritating monsters:fleeing monsters typically summoners.instead of fleeing why not make them summon 5-10 extra monsters.also the fat wizards in act 3 fleeing all the time,,,,what's the point they are going to die anyway..............

act1 and act2:add more monsters(act 3 is still the best farming act)why not make act1 and act2 equally good farming acts as act3.(wasn't that your intention with 1.0.5.....?

items:just a thought but what about level 64 on items(10 affixes)...I'm still only finding crap.
How about permanent effect potions (legendary potions)+10str, +10 dex, etc?
draker that's a good idea!!! I like it a lot....It should be legendary items in all categories.potions too.......and follower items haven't got any either

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