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Currently, quests on inferno give no experience towards paragon levels. I always thought that philosophy behind Diablo 3 is so that players explore as much content as possible, instead of running certain farm route. So what I propose is that quest on Inferno gave experience towards paragon levels, something in range of 100-150k for act I and then more in higher acts. I think that would be great addition with paragon system in.
And to prevent exploiting quest XP (which would certainly happen), I think there should be debuff when you join or create game, something like "15 minutes until you can gain exp for quests. Each monster kill reduces this debuff lenght by 2 seconds"
They want you to actually kill monsters not farm quests. Seems quite logical to me tbh.
Quests used to give tons of EXP and gold but they were abused by people storing quest progress and getting friends to join to cash in. Using this you could level from 1 to 60 in 3 hours tops.
Grind from Quest 4-5 in act 3.. ALOT of mobs.
To clarify, I did not say that mob grind is too bad or hard(I actually quite enjoy it), but still you should be somehow rewarded for completing quests too, if you choose to complete them. Because past level 60 completing quest kinda loose purpose currently and I think it is not best thing.
You can always skip quests by starting a certain Act from the last quest. This way you'll have only mobs to clear but no intermediary bosses. It's a matter of choice anyway and what was previously mentioned, ppl would only try to abuse quest completion mechanics just to get more and faster XP.

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