Witchdoctor pet/tank/poison build

Witch Doctor
I've been experiencing lot of different aspects and this build I made seems the most effective for me. I don't got a lot of damage but I can clear act 3-4 perfectly.



My stats:
710 Resistance to all
47000 life
625 life regen per sec
827 life on hit
4126 armor
53 mana regen per sec
1763 intelligence
16000 damage
10464 thorn damage

I just stack my pets in front of me, put grasp of death together with acid cloud down and start letting it rain with toads. Even against champion packs I seem to outheal any damage they do.


PS: if you have any tips to improve, feel free to share!
I have just a couple of Question.

Why Toads? just for the great LoH? cause imo splinters have the best dps output, and is not better Blob rune for acid cloud? Gz for the gear btw :D :Q__
with that gear imo u can put something different from zombie handler like PtV
I use a similar build but left out Acid Rain, instead I just spam rain of toads with Pierce the Veil. My mana doesn't even go down at all while doing that and since I've got Tankdocter gear i'm pretty much invincible. I 've got Fetish Army instead of Acid Rain.

Passives are Pierce the Veil, Fierce Loyalty and Zombie Handler. I'm thinking about dropping Fierce Loyalty, it seems I don't need it.
I like toads too. 1) its mass spell 2) you hit exactly who you want like shamans standing behind group of trash mobs.
Well Zurdak, it is really amazing to spam toads for LoH. It keeps my health up, and I don't think I could improve my damage output with spinters, since toads is AoE.

(Also, gz on gear? I honestly think I have crapgear :p it wasn't really expensive too on AH!)

How it really works is the dots do all the work, just acid + grasp + toads give me an amazing damage output for the little 16000 damage I have! Also, I enjoy zombie handler because it gives me 4 pets, which also means more thorn damage for me. They are really amazing at tanking and keeping my health up together with the LoH.

Catchy, my mana regen ain't that great for spamming it with pierce of veil I think. But I could improve later on, might drop fierce loyality aswell, although I like the thorn damage and regen of pets.
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Depending on your needs, you might want to switch the rune for gargantuan to Big Stinker. It's pretty good for triggering procs (life on hit, among other things) and, to my knowledge, it wasn't nerfed.
Also, look out for immobilize (boots), blind (amulet), freeze (belt) and stun (gloves) chances on hit. They can be good additions.

That said... if you're not having any trouble surviving right now, you might just want to increase your damage and not improve your tanking abilities further.

Of course, raising attack speed does both at the same time.
Actually my survivability is great, I can walk through act 3 with perhaps dying 3-4 times. For now I focus on damage indeed! I hope one day I get enough armor I can get rid of my shield. Since I preffer a mojo rather then a shield!

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