Huge DPS wizard?

Not all, But to Get that High DPS with a Superb survivability is not easy to acquire because it will cost you fortune before you can even build like that.. on the other hand, you can do the Glass Cannon.. You have high DPS but will Break like a glass when got hit. specially now since they nerfted the Regenaration of Elite Packs its gonna be easy to progress in game. (maybe alot of People is Happy about this.. But im not, when they remove the rage mode and Full life regen of Elite packs the game becomes boring and Now, it revolves around finding Red and Green Drops) im Happy about the Patch its becomes more interesting however inferno seems not inferno..

you get 3 hits to the elite, you die, Revive..3 hits again to elite then it Dies.. its Easy that way.. and this may not happen all the time as they can also kill the Elites even before they get hit.

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