Stone of Jordan - good/useless

Hi, today I have found this ring and thinking about starting monk. :)

Adds 5% to lighting damage
Increases spirit regeneration by 1.85 per second
Increasas damage against elites by 29%
Increases fists of thunder damage by 10%

Is it good or better would be some "normal" rare ring with DEX, etc.?

Thank you very much. :)
Not totally sure how excatly "increases damage against elites by x" stats work but if it works the way it says then yes its insanely good ring.

Also those lightning and FoT bonuses are good.

I would say its good for monks who have minimum around 50k dps and only gets better and better the more u get dps.

The bad/good thing about it is that u can propably get 50k dps gear with the price of that ring.
Thank you for opinion. Second char is maybe too much for me. Can you give me some advice about the price of this ring, pls?
Why, you don't know how to use the Auction House ?
It is very very... VERY awesome. Sure it lowers the displayed dps by like 10,000 for me, but it´s a huge noticable difference.
Second char is too much for you yet you have 3 ? lol
I have all 5 chars, but I mean to play it seriously over level 60. I can use auction house, of course, but there is noone similar ring with FoT boost. I don't now how valuable it is for monk. So I'm really curious about the price. :)
Consider that something along the lines of over 90% of the monks use FoT.
ok, I've decidet... If you want this ring, I have a topic on trading forum or just PM me...
I don't think there was ever any intention of using the ring; I think this was a no-so-cleverly disguised price check/trade post in an attempt to circumvent the "no trading posts" rule.
nn, I would like to try some other char on inferno.... but dont wanna spend gold in AH to do it... I need to drop some good gear to try it... and this ring... I really didnt know if its useful... dont know what monk really needs

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