Ramdisk asset load stutter fix illegal?

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My wife's Diablo 3 account was banned without warning today for "using unnapproved third party software". We've been using the ramdisk fix for the asset load stutter that can be found in this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5568801628 but not any third party sofware. May it be that this fix would violate the EULA?
Yes. Playing with game files and running third-party software is obviously going to be frowned upon.

Tell her to open a ticket. Have a link to that thread in the ticket. For the sake of convenience, also have the name and download links of the two programs stated specifically in the ticket. Make sure that she explicitly states that this was to fix performance issues, and that she won't do this again.

Blizzard representatives are pretty reasonable people. If they detect a game running very differently than what it is meant to be, they'll action the account. However if you show them what you did and explain why, they'll seek to verify that was all that was done. If they can do so, they'll make a judgement call on whether or not they're willing to restore the account.

If they say yes, fantastic. If not, then that's unfortunate. This is all you can do so, as Blizzard will out-right refuse to discuss the account and any actions taken against it with you, given that you're not the account holder. If she gets the account back, obviously neither of you should try this again.
I thought about this fix a bit more and I'm a bit confused about what part of EULA it is breaking. In EULA it is forbidden to use "unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Game experience", but only third party software used here was a driver software definitely not designed for Diablo 3 and a Windows utility.

About game files the EULA says that it is forbidden to "Modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of the Game in any way not expressly authorized by Blizzard." But it isn't forbidden to copy the files around your filesystem and to make symbolic links to them is it?

I'd be happy if someone could clarify me why exactly would this fix be against EULA. So far it has been the only fix I have found to help with the irritating asset load issue except for buying a SSD harddrive.
Could someone really dig a bit into this matter? I talked to a friend today and he said that this fix shouldn't make no difference from the game's point of view and that there wouldn't even be a way for the game to regocnize it. There seems to exist several threads about the fix and I don't see anybody anywhere telling that it would be viewed as cheating. Very common fix also seems to be to copy the resource files into USB memory stick and I don't see what's the difference between that fix and the ramdisk fix.
Necroing this because I was about to try making a Ramdisk for D3. Not going to try that now, I am having random 1-2 second freezes on my gaming PC but no freezes on my crappy PC that I sometimes play on downstairs. Both machines run the game from an SSD so I have no idea why the stuttering is happening on the better computer. Going to try running the game from a fast flash drive
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Necroing this
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