Why is my wizard damage so bad? Please rate my wiz.

My wizard is fairly well geared IMO, stats are higher than most i see but my dps stays so low, is crit chance & crit damage so crucial in raising dps? Any tips, please and thanks.
ye your wiz is raw int damage character.. dps improvements easily comes from crit and crit damage.. also its not very expensive.. :)
first of all i recommend 1hander + decent source.. now after 1,04 there are many cheap 1handers lets say input in AH options: 100 int, 50 vit (or no vit at all), socket and check for dagger/sword/wand over 800-850 damage.. it should cost around 500k-1m i think, if not lazy refresh AH often and you can find much cheaper weapon :) later input green gem to weapon socket.
about source.. start with damage.. max dmg options is around 100-410, so aim for min-max together 400, or more, and input crit chance 8 and int without number, shouldnt be very expensive.. if it expensive, then get rid of int, and buy just with crit chance 8
next i will go on rings: if you low on budget, go for 3.5-4crit and 70-100 int both ring.. additional options such as vit, min-max damage also are okay :) just refresh ah often, it should cost 50-100k each ring..
later go on amulet, lets say aim for 100int, 7crit.. if those are very cheap, got higher crit or higher int.. also additional options vit, min-max are nice if there are alot of amulets which u can choose..
later i would go on gloves: input options crit 7, critdmg 30, int 70, and vit without number, should cost something like 200-300k, also if there are alot of gloves, check for those which have more crit chance ;)
next i go on bracers: input 4 crit, 50 all res, 70 int, and vit without number.. can be expensive, but i find my own for 120k (check at profile if want)
next helm: its quite nice, but can be changed for lets say 130+ int, 4 crit and maybe socket for amethyst gem, but here i will think, because tal rasha has nice vit bonus and sacrifising so much vit requires to add more on other parts to stay on ~30k hp
other pieces: chest armor, belt, pants, boots are more defensive parts and not improving dps much, only raw inteligence..
but here you can think about what way you go on your wizard: melee or glass canon, if melee which is popular nowadays, go less int on whole parts and add all resistance, each part 40-60 (depends on budget), also boots i highly recomend to have 10-12 movement speed :), all pieces parts (those defensive ones) input options it have.. if prices are low (with all res of course), just add more int until u can't afford price you see on ah:)

so if you are low on money, i would go my way starting from weapon 1hand and then source ;)
also check your build, for me its crap one.. you standing while hitting with disintegrate, which not okay for guy without resistances and kiting build :) also i change astral preference for other passive, because your skills arent high ap consumers
Firstly thanks so much for putting all so much effort into that reply, really appreciate it.

Build wise, I think mine is working really well for me, galvanizing ward isnt hardly worth the 300 hp regen, and astral preference definitely helps me to cast blizzard and still find ap to attack, with your build I find far too little damage spells, only hydra and a primary??? Dying is not a problem I really have so much.

My stats at:
Str: 631
Dex: 511
Int: 2097
Vit: 1043

This gives me more than enough health, armor is great with force armor, and all the intel gives me a lot of resistances and base damage, so survivability is great. (No offense but these stats are well above yours, so I can afford slight sacrifices on them without really gimping any of my other stats for a little more damage)

From looking at your build I can see how you managed to get the crit chance & damage to boost your dps so high, I'll start on the rings and amulet to get the first bit, and then def change my boots, looking for cheap seekers still, i just bought that 2h yesterday for a bunch of gold, so will take some farming still, definitely gonna stay away from a melee wizard, makes the resist all less important, I've been looking and the only crit rings on ah are around 1-2mill each, so hopefully one or 2 drop, or I get a lucky search on ah one day.
Looks like your play style preference is dpsing from a distance rather than tanking up close.

Fisrt off drop one of your attack spells for force weapon that an extra 15% right there

Your total intelligence is fine what you lack is the speed / crit chance / crit damage

If you are going to spam a non signature spell a fast weapon and extra attack speed can be a problem because you drain your arcane power too fast. If you are going to stick with a signature spell go ahead and get a faster weapon and more attack speed. With a 1 hand weapon and a bit of attack speed you could be doing damage 50% faster = 50% more dps

If like me however you dont use a signature spell getting maxium bang for your buck our of your limited arcane power becomes important. So now you are talking crit chance and crit damage. of course you can combine crit chance/crit damage with attack speed for signature spells but it adds to item cost

How might you ask do you get extra crit chance and crit damage without spending a fortune?

Get a 1 hander with crit damage and a socket - socket an emerald. This doesn't need to be 1000+ dps weapon aim for 900ish dps with 80% crit damage and a socket
Get a source with 8%+ crit chance and 100+ base damage (doesn't need to be rare but having intelligence on it helps)
Gloves, Rings and amulets: go for crit chance and crit damage. intelligence and/or min damage
Helm/Bracers: Crit chance, intelligence, vitality
Everything else: Intelligence, vitality

If you are not playing a tank dont worry so much about resist all but do keep your health at 30k+ so force armor is still viable in ACT3/4. You can easily compensate for lower resist all by simply avoiding spell damage when you are not a tank

Of course if you try and squeeze some magic find onto all that gear you might find things getting more expensive

Hope that helps
@ Gremlin:
That's not my build, it just for 1 boss fight for friend ;) I'm using Elvanos "blazing mirage", but if you say melee way not for you, so you should avoid it :)
Check my Wizard - was in the same position as you. Could not get more than 46K DPS... Now I do 58K DPS Excl Buffs... Incl. Buffs - it goes to about 83-84K DPS.
A lot of improvements, but just hitting over 30k, should clear act 4 tonight, thanks for the advice, one day he'll be an 85k+ :p
Hmm think i need to change a few things can you advise me whats best ?? I think the setup I have is not to bad and I seem to be ok with the battles I have had so far anyway but any help is always appreciated :)
I think that at your level you don't need to plan too much, you can easily pick your favorite build and by buying the occasional upgrade on the AH you'll be good, just go for weapon damage and lots of intel! But when nearing 55-60 just start looking for end game gear in both drops(if you're lucky enough to get any good ones before lvl 60), and only buy level 59+ items from ah, focusing on crit damge & rate, and either a source with crit, or a 2h with a lot of stats, good luck :)
is crit chance & crit damage so crucial in raising dps? Any tips, please and thanks.

Hmm, Sherlock Holmes must feel threatened by you. (sorry for the sarcasm, I really really tried to refrain myself from it.. but with such a "is winter different from summer?" question you're definitely asking for it) :)

25/08/2012 23:25Posted by Saulius
dps improvements easily comes from crit and crit damage.. also its not very expensive..

Not expensive? You must be having hundreds of millions in your account.. Cause I am seeing on AH that the cheapest ring with both crit dmg (min 25%) and crit chance (min 4%) is 6-7 mil (I only have 3-4 mil, so that is quite a lot, for me). If you also want some Intelligence and some average dmg on top of that.. well you can double or triple that price.

As for the build, I want to ask you only one thing: why does a kiter (a RANGED character) concern himself with MELEE damage reduction?
As for the build, I want to ask you only one thing: why does a kiter (a RANGED character) concern himself with MELEE damage reduction?

The elite packs I (high dps wizard) have problems with are not ranged but fast melee ones.
The ranged ones can be pesky, but not as deadly as melee.
And melee dmg reduction obviously helps.
@Drako, well done there bud, you just had to be the guy that takes what used to be a logical conversation and ruin it by saying nothing constructive at all (sorry for being so blunt, I tried to refrain myself from it, but I didnt :/), as for the damage reduction, where does it say that it is melee? Its all damage, so yea you'll be surprised it helps a lot if you can get enough.

What i was asking is crit chance & crit damage so crucial in raising dps, as is it the only way to get to 50k+ dps or is it feasible to get to that with a lot of intel, maybe IAS or something else I was missing.

As for the price of items that roll these stats high enough, its definitely going to cost a load, but not everyone is going to sell the items at that much all the time, just check the AH in between runs, something very good that cost close to nothing often comes up if you're lucky enough.
attackspeed + crit + critdmg is the only way you can get high dps. They are also the most expensive combined stats in D3, but that for a reason. Start farming like a madman and buy new mainhand with critdmg + socket. a new source with 8%+ crit (chantados preferably) and you will also get +9% AS.

4%+ crit on bracer is a must
4%+ crit on helm is a must
7%+ crit on gloves is a must (also critdmg and/or attackspeed)
3% crit on both rings is a must.
8% crit on offhand is a must

this is 26% crit +5% default= 32%crit. Thats a good start.

150% critdmg on mainhand is a must and will sync with your higher critchance very well.

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