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Hy again

After posting previously above, this weekend I had a legendary drop with a new lvl 20-something wizzard.

Maybe the last patch made legendary drops more plausible for characters created after it ?
First post on these forums but I thought I would throw my experience.

Pre 1.04 i was farming act 3 on a glass cannon dh. I would die a lot, kill elites really slowly. I think i got about 2 legendaries that didn't sell for anything.

Post 1.04 I took my barb and kitted her out as a ww double tornado build. Farming speed went through the roof and I got and Immortal Kings helm, Maximus 2 hand, some zunnimassa (sp?) chest. Made around about 100k and i play roughly 1-2 hours in the evenings after work.

Sure it is luck but i expect usually 1 legendary a week and for the time I play that seems right. I think efficient farming really helps a lot (laws of probability). More elites you kill in your allotted play time ofc you increase the chance of legendaries. I went for a few days with no good drops. Then some nice yellows and then boom a Maximus drop. Addicitive damn game this d3!

Just when I thought I was out it pulls me back in!! :)

Now i imagine a perfectly rolled Ice Climbers dropping :).

Has that actualyl happened to anyone. They wish for a certain legendary drop and it actually happens? :P.
Im paragon 38

got 3 sets and 17 legendarys ....

All 17 legendarys went to salvage along with one set part

The two other set parts is equipted on meh barb atm ^^ atleast i got a little
The title says it all... It's called luck.

Out of the thousands of players, the loot would not be random if some people weren't incredibly lucky, and some equally unlucky.

Quite true, random is random.

I am one of those people with bad luck in this game, I have only had one legendary drop since the patch, and I have several friends who seem to be getting legendary drops every other day or so :-(

I belong to the group of people who does not quite agree here. I believe that you - and maybe all of Blizz believes it too, but statistically speaking all luck should even out in the long run.
That is just how randomly generated numbers work. Roll enough numbers and they will even out. They can't do anything else, if they are truly random.

However, we are seeing lots of people not getting any legendaries even after much farming, and some getting 2-4 per run.
IF - and I do mean IF - these people are all telling the truth, then loot cannot be randomly generated, simply because with the enormous amount of item drops every character gets per run, there would HAVE to be a larger correlation.

Of course if the average drop rate were ,say, 1 legendary per run (lets assume 33 elite kills per run), then often some would not get any, and some would get 3 or 4. But you simply cannot have, say, 5k elite kills, and not get any legendary, if the average drop rate was set to 1 per run.
With the above mentioned example (5k elite kills) you would have made about 1500 runs. Not getting any legendary is therefore 1 to 1500. That is of course not impossible in itself (people sometimes win the lottery too), but the odds of it happening to so many people should make you stop and wonder. Something must be off.

Personally I believe that somewhere in the random generator something has crept in that sets off randomness. I know it sounds kind of conspiracy-theory-like, but this game is made by humans, and last I checked humans are prone to error.

And since I belong to the group that believe drops aren't random, I would hope Blizz would make an extra check of their random number generator - just to see if something might be buggy.

And no I can't prove my suspicion (those convinced that the RNG works can't prove their claim either I might add), I can only say that my common sense and logic thinking tells me something seems off.
Not really just luck there are specific spots in each act with a lot more champion packs and trash that are more time efficient then doing the whole act i myself have only been doing a small dungeon in act 3 because of the high amount of trash and champion packs and so far been getting a lot of legendary/set drops , Know the maps... its a big jump right there.
12 drops since 1.04 :)
yeah right... thats why i cant see your profile so i can check your full equipped legendary champs x 10.

screw this game. delete my diablo3 account and give me 1 dollar for each hour i wasted on this game. lol
There must be some difference between MF in D3 and in D2. As looting as it is now isnt rewarding and sucks donkey tbh. Its not rewarding at all. Not fun "working" for 9 hours straight to find nothing.

In D2. Everyday were rewarding.
maybe this has has some connection with worse and worse drops... If I understand his post right D3 drop is just big deception.
17/09/2012 17:45Posted by Rune
I can only say that my common sense and logic thinking tells me something seems off.

Random is not logic. If it was, we could work out the next number. And the fact ur sense tells u somthing seems off is just the fact that we humans are looking for patters, and random have NONE (ghee, said this a few times now).

And i dont think blizz give "secret" mf to some people so they would get better loot, or there are servers with better loot, or what not...(read a few theories about the uneven distributions of loot :P)

Blizz would not gain anything by treating some customers differently than others.
heard all kind of theories, some say that u dont get good drop to force u to use RMAH. I never used it, never bought any gold but i find good lot now and then (Imortal kings armor, andariels visage, withching hour, etc etc...)
i made 100`s of millions just by farming and sell what i find.

And IF there is some "random" factor hidden in the system making the drops less random, dont u think it would affect all players equaly?

just play the game, and have fun :) (if ur not having fun, just quit playing)
Guys you should check the profile of the guy who created this thread.... :d
Posting again..
Still no luck finding legendaries. But I think my barb is doing ok anyway with only yellows:) he delivers a good punch, single or multiplayer. Just need to find better armor......;)

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