* Tempest Rush Guide 2.04 Monk TR Builds *

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- Get to Level 70 ASAP
- Life Steal does not work any more
- Wave of Light had a big nerf
- Tempest Rush got a buff
- Start farming Normal for good upgrades since Item drops are identical from normal to expert.
- If you were using a TR build with the legacy Inna Set, this build is quite effective:


- Everything in this build maximizes movement speed.
- SSS and/or Epiphany-Inner Fire for Elites.
- Pop Air Ally whenever the cooldown is over to refill spirit, or pop Epiphany.
- Gear: 2 spirit/second (spirit stone recommended).
- No life on hit is required.
- Follower: Templar with “Loyalty” for life/second and “Inspire” for spirit regeneration.
Do not be discouraged if you cannot handle Torment Rifts. I have 600k DPS, 3.75 million toughness exclusively from gear I found in Normal Rifts, Normal Quests and gambling blood shards with Kadala.


500k+ DPS
4 million toughness
- SSS and Epiphany-Inner Fire are your sources of damage. Tempest Rush-Tailwind is mainly for mobility, the damage buff of Momentum and to greatly increase the effectiveness of Epiphany.
- Use MoC, then Blinding Flash-Faith in the Light then SSS and/or Epiphany for awesome burst damage. Pop Blinding Flash whenever the cooldown finishes.
- Pop Air Ally and/or Epiphany to increase spirit generation.
- Reduce Cooldowns through helm socket, shoulders, weapon (or other slot), and Paragon Utility Points.
- Gear: 2 spirit/second (spirit stone recommended).
- No life on hit is required.
- Follower: Templar with “Loyalty” for life/second and “Inspire” for spirit regeneration.

400k DPS
3.5 million toughness (or even down to 3 million)
Try one or more of the following tweaks:
- Mantra of Conviction-Intimidation for 15% damage reduction
- Breath of Heaven-Blazing Wrath (Heal with 10% damage boost) instead of Blinding Flash
Last resorts:
- Seize the Initiative instead of Momentum
- Mantra of Healing-Time of Need
- Mantra of Evasion-Hard Target.

Quests are still done on normal mode to get rift keys quickly with a focus on movement speed (like Normal):


Elemental Damage: Fire
Attack Speed: Avoid it whenever possible, as it does not increase damage to SSS or Epiphany

2 Hander Vs. Dual Wielding
- Both are viable
- Spirit is a bit harder to manager Dual-Wielding.
- Dual wielders should switch out Guardian’s Path for Chant of Resonance
- 2 Handers will hit harder, even if your DPS is much higher dual-wielding. Remember that 15% of dual-wielding’s DPS comes from attack speed, which gives no benefit to damage from Inner Fire or SSS.
- Dual-Wielding seems to have better potential for higher torments due to potential from an additional slot for extra fire damage, bonus damage to elites or special procs.

SECTION 4 – Torment 2

- Torment 2 Rifts have only a 15% increased chance of legendary drops than Torment 1 Rifts, while monsters have 50% more health. So if you can finish Torment 1 in 15 minutes, then you should only move on to Torment 2 when you can finish Torment 2 in less than 17.5 minutes (15% more time).

More Coming Soon…
Good summary thought the TR approach to farming seem to be all over the monk boards these days. Better stock up on Inna's helms with spirit regen before they shoot through the roof.

I have one note regarding Inna's set and the mentioner reduced cost of casting SW. I would say that this is not a reason for getting Inna's as you will rarely have to recast SW with this build. On any typical map I would recast SW maybe once as one of the main benefits from this build is that you can cast SW buffed with blind and then your movement speed should help you keep it up at all times between packs. Some areas there might be longer than 3 seconds between packs but almost always there are some pots or similar that you can just run through (note that you need to hit pots with TR to refresh as hitting them with the SW itself won't do anything) to reset the timer.
In preparation for 1.05 monster power and increased rewards for harder difficulties, i did a few runs with the good old cookie-cutter, max dps build:
(i had fleet footed instead of resolve, though)

After getting so used to TR, I was surprised to find that i had alot of problems surviving. Basically, the comparison is between Tempest Rush/Tailwind and Breath of Heaven/Blazing Wrath. To my surprise, I found that BoH is a terrible heal compared to the mobility (to reposition), crowd control (disrupt spells), and speed (escape) of tempest rush. Even the speed alone greatly improves survivability, as you take far less damage over molten or poison pools, whereas a 7k heal won't really help you survive more than a second if you're stuck in one place. In terms of the 15% damage buff of breath of heaven, I found that using TR/Tailwind greatly helps to keep my buffed cyclones up from one pack to the next, giving me alot more than BoH's 15% benefit, as not only were my cyclones almost always already at full stack, but i also have Blinding Flash (buff & cc) and MoC/Overawe ready to deliver heavy hits as well.
IronMan, we should cooperate in testing the various forms of this build! =)
@Gatsu, totally ;)
Results of the first run with IronMan1975:

Not a bad run after all, but quite some deaths. Will comment briefly regarding pros/cons of my build compared to IronMan's

TR+FoT is a much more solid build in party play compared to the Permanent Tempest Rush "Helicopter" build. The average time needed to kill monsters is the clear breaking point: in solo, it goes quite fast with the "Helicopter" and this provides you the globes to stay alive. In party, you need some resistances and life on hit/life steal, which means that one of the passives needs to be OwE (instead of fleet footed, which is a major loss) and in general more expensive gear.
I was in act 3 with 70k unbuffed dps (but consider some +15% damage from gear for SW) and it is definitely not enough. Before the 100k unbuffed mark I don't think the Helicopter Tempest Rush is viable for 2-players parties.

Much better for the IronMan's build. Balancing with resistances and LoH gives an edge and doesn't decrease speed in multiplayer.
ok, the guide has been updated with my final notes and route efficiency tests for 1.04
regarding the permanent TR build, at MP0, you can get a very cheap high dps skorn without life steal and boost xp farming speed considerably. To break 50-60 million xp per hour, you will have to select from the fastest routes only, which are:
- skycrown battlements
- * rakkis crossing
- * keep depths 2
- * arreat creater 2
- tower of the damned 1

but again, this requires an inna set, 2-4 spirit per second from gear, and most importantly, you don't stop except for elites and to 1 shot big enemies.

EDIT: i got rid of OWE and serenity lasts long enough to kill all elites.
ok, i've added a brief section in the beginning to show how anyone can get 50 million xp per hour pretty easily
Thanks for the comprehensive overview!
--> Sticky Requested
Love this! =)

As a suggestion however, try this:
Stone of Jordan with SW bonus and Fire bonus
Skill - Sweeping Wind with Fire Storm

The extra radius helps quite a bit!

If you manage to get enough spirit, you should try to use:
- Tailwind as primary
- SW Fire storm as secondary
- Blazing Wrath for the extra damage or deadly reach with damage bonus rune
- Flash with damage rune for SW
- SSS for elites with fulminating onslaught
- MoC Overwave for obvious reasons

Pretty intense requirements though: I guess 130-150k dps and as much spirit regen as you can...

I managed to get is working at 110k dps on act 1 and act 2 pre-monster-power-patch. No LoH, just pickup radius... It is a solo setup however, in party doesnt work...
1) the elemental damage from stone of jordan is simply added to your "black" damage of the skorn, so any type will work pretty much the same regardless of your skills...this is unlike the "adds x% to lightning skills" which only adds to fire or electrical.

2) using different primaries for a damage boost is a good idea...at 125k dps, i still found FoT to be best overall, but i'm upping my dps some more and going to try out your suggestions again
Oh, I always thought that the fire/holy etc damage was added only for that kind of attacks! Great news then!

(too bad however that there is no difference between a fire/arcane/lightning/holy attack or damage...)

anyway, one consideration: xp is greatly increased for each nephalem stack. So, for max efficiency, one should get 5 stacks quick and then kill tons of mobs.

from my experience about act 3, 2-3 packs are found very fast in the core of arreat and again 2-3 are found in KD 3 if going backwards.

Skycrown has a great number of mobs, but not of elites, so I think it might make sense to first reach 5 stacks quickly and then go.

One though which I don't know it if works or not:
with MP, all monsters are lvl 63, right? if that is so, the xp gained doesn't differ from act to act. Vault of the assassin in act 2 is filled with 6-7 elites every time, and drops are generally above average. Why don't you try act 2? I'd say starting from VoA, desolate lands, then path to the oasis and directly, clear those areas... don't know if it's viable or not...
skycrown has many more elites in 1.05 than it used to in 1.04...i often get 4-5 stacks there now, compared to 2-3 before.

using mp1, all acts are lvl 63 monsters, but using mp0, only acts 3 and 4 are lvl 63 monsters, so it is still more efficient for me to farm act 3 at mp0 and aim for the permanent tempest rush where you don't have to even stop to attack than to try mp1 in other acts, where monster health is 50% higher and therefore less efficient.
Does anyone know which will give the most experience Act 3 mp0 or act 1 mp1?
I think you are right about this TR whirly-monk build and needing LOTS of dps. =/ expensive build is expensive
Nice build
bought skorn+innas belt+innas chest all under 15 mil

I made my calculations and put chant of resonance instead of 35% buff to regen from dualwield.
The most interesting adjustment I made is the cyclone rune -Inner storm. It gives u 3 spirit regen per sec as long as u have 3 stacks. The trick here is that once u got those 3 stacks u can keep them forever becouse of innas set bonus and the fact that u can just recast it, while u have 3 stacks and it will remain 3 stacks. It costs 5 spirit and gives u 9 spirit in 3 sec. so u never stop it =)
I'm using this skill build for mp0 farming,


...and over 100k dps mp3 is still easy too, just takes little bit longer and more efficient Imo. Tho I'm not using classical barb route and it takes like 30 min to finish a mp3 act3 run and I get around 20-25m xp all the time.

Change Thunderclap with Quikening btw.
If you check my monk, what is the build you suggest and on what mp can i farm the most xp? I think i dont need FF because of the max movement speed and tailwind, but maybe with your experience you can tell me...

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