What if we made rare's even more rare in drop rate?

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Just thinking here... remember when you played thought normal mode and found rares in bosses ? they felt really important and a high chance for a upgrade yet they were not floating everywhere... well i for once found it fun...

I feel theres waaaay to many rare drops atm ... and 1 out of 1000 level 63 is worth just anything...

Simple solution ... cut down the huge load of rare drop ... make em more special and fun to find again... ? and raise their chance to have good stats... in the end it should give the same... yet it feels more of a sucess to find a rare...

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Agree. I think the reason people feel they only find crap (even if someone items are good) is because 99% of what they find is just that, crap. Cut away all the crap and leave the good ones..
yea more or less like that... Some crap rares are okay :b just not 10 invi of nothing

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