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So I was wondering, what's the fastest somebody got his/her character to level 60 without cheats or bug exploits? I now have 3 characters to level 60 and just reached 54 with my 4th. It took met 17 hours en 45 minutes to get to that level, so I think I will hit 60 around 23 hours.

But what if you just race through and only kill what you encouter? Of course, there is the level requirement for higher difficulties. But if you fly through every act and just repeat the last few quests and kill mobs, elites and champions it still means you can get to the next difficulty rather fast. With my level 54 character I still did a lot of the secondary quests, chased goblins around and picked up all the loot. Although that also accounts for some of the experience, it still would be faster to just leave them and get to the stronger and more experience rewarding monsters faster.

So, what's your fastest time? And do you think it would be possible to reach level 60 within 10 hours?
im levling from 1 to 60 aprox 11 hours ... just have a mate help u skip act 2 and buy good gear from ah
just run the big zones in act 3 until you dont get enough xp... then up the difficulty and start running act 3 until.... i hope you get it...
had a WD on lvl 26 that was just sitting there,then i decided i wanted to lvl him up,took me only a handfull of hours,was surprised over how fast it went from 26-60
@ Muldin - That is fast indeed!

Currently I am running through it with a Wizard but it already took me 7 hours and 15 minutes to get it to level 35 (now starting Act II nightmare). Yet I am still picking up lots of stuff. So some of that time is used for picking up and selling.
Around 15-17 hours to get from 1-60. Star ruby from lvl 15 and of u go.
Best to skip act2 and from Nightmare act1 and 2.
I didn't time it exactly but it takes me around 14 hours. I could probably do it in 10 if I was going for a record or something.
I just finished with my Wizard and had it in under 20 hours but I just can't keep my hands of all the blues and yellows that drop...

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