Instead of buffing weak builds you nerf a complete one

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Good job Blizzard, your nerf politics from WoW destroy Action RPG. How about buffing others to equal level like the tornado damage barbarian? Instead you just nerf the most fun classes in the game first crit mass wizard and now barbarian.

This is NOT an MMORPG, you guys should start balancing things for hack and slay, but you won't listen to feedback from experienced customers over years.

I don't have problems switching the class (Wizard and WD are ready anyways) to play without limitations to feel "overpowered" because this is it should be all about in an ARPG and don't come with PvP.

1. If you start prioritizing Diablo franchise for PvP the outcome will be boring arenas. PvP should be optional and fun to play without nerfing viable builds to the ground.

2. PvP isn't even out yet after all those big talks.

3. Diablo loot sucks and still will suck unless you take away the greed and remove loot control.
im gonna miss the ww tornado bard... regardless of op or not he was really fun ... =( ... tried lots of builds but the speed and tension is so fun...

IMo all classes should have this

Finally Blizz done something right and nerf WW barb :D

Its still OP so i hope they will berf it even more... It's all about the build diversity, inst it?
I'm happy now, I can see many more viable builds now on every class, instead of "must have" ones. OP WW barbs gets lil nerf but less fury needed so you can switch runes, passives or items to make it as strong as it was etc. Haters gona hate but patch is great.
Nobody, nobody played ww barb because it was OP the game is boring enough to make people stick to the builds they like. However I think WW barbs will be still present in this game.

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