Nerf WW Barb to the ground.

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Dear Blizzard,

Please watch and listen to it.

I'm also playing Double tornado Barbarian and im totally agree with Jaded.
There's no other class that can compare to Double tornado Barbarian farming speed.
And playing with my friends makes me feel bad because I can farm the whole act 3
while my friends can't even though we had a same budget.
Double tornado is not balanced at all! You can be like "If you play double tornado barb
why do you want it to get nerfed then?". It is because I can't really enjoy playing with
my friends. It feels like "I'm the boss you just stay back I kill everything".
Please nerf it.
If your friends got worse gear than you no kidding they sux ...

Buff all classes rather than nerfing
Just passively increase each class' movement speed by 20-30% and nerf sprint's bonus speed to 20-30% then you can talk for a little balance or so... I must admit moving slow sux in this game and I am victim of that thing. I don't even have any additional movement speed increase

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