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Drop rate seems poor :(.
22/09/2012 04:36Posted by Rumiah
Drop rate seems poor :(.

You mean you might have to do a little work to get access to it?

That's it, I quit!
Killed the one in Stonefort at MP level 10 -> dropped key
Killed the one in Dahlgur Oasis at MP level 10 -> dropped key

So.. yes drop rates are bad lol

Drop rate seems poor :(.

Dahlgur Oasis - NV 2
Stonefort - NV 1
Silverspire - Nv 1

Working as intended! :) :) :)
killed one in stonefort @ 2 stacks = no key
killed one in stonefort @ 1 stack = no key
killed one in stonefort @ 4 stacks = no key

(all at MP lvl 10)

guess im just unlucky
no MP
Act3 @5nv = drop (first run)
Act2 @ 0-2nv = no drop (~10 runs)
Act2 @ 5nv = drop (first run)

currently farming act 4
Info from

•Monster Level does not matter.

•The drops are not 100% guaranteed.

MP 10 - 2 runs Act 3 - no Key (2 NV)
MP1 - 1st run Act 2 - Key dropped (5 NV)
MP1 - 1st run Act 3 - Key dropped (5 NV)

just RNG
The should have made it dropping on MP10 only really, in a week's time everyone will be running with the new shiny hellfire ring with battlefields full of fireballs in public games
no you are not unlucky, you need 5 nv stacks
I dont mind keys having poor drop rate, but materials from ubers not being guaranteed is just retarded.
You guys are all idiots, you need to have 5 NV stacks in the first place for it to even be possible for them to drop and you gain an additional 10% chance per MP level so at MP 10 with 5 stacks you will get a key every time.
has to be 5x. or chance is 0% sheesh
Pygowsky is correct, you need 5NV stacks to have any chance.
Also MP10 has a 100% of dropping a key. AND no people will not be running around with shiny hellfire rings, because if they access the machine in a low MP they will have low chance of getting the ring. People are also to lazy to farm for something too long because look at leorics signet, easy to farm, but yet it still sells for 20-100mil.....
you always need 5nv
and tou add 10% drop chance every MP

at mp10 with 5nv its 100% drop
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