Solution for stuck at Diablo3 logo on launch

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I had Diablo 3 launcher saying Game is up to date but when i click on Play it was getting stuck at Diablo 3 head and Diablo 3 falls into "not responding" at task manager.

I had been trying to make it work for a day now and finally i managed by doing the following:

Navigate to Diablo 3 installation folder (default C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III) and remove the following files (backup for later use or just delete)

Diablo III.tfil
Diablo III.mfil

this worked for me on 2 computers.
It works for me. Ty Leo
it works , but why ?
It's not working for me. Just deleted

Diablo III.tfil
Diablo III.mfil

Just made a backup to be sure it's not worked.
So, this is not working for me *SadFace*

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