Act III [Inferno] - Advanced Alkaizer Route

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Hi, this is my new Act III route, based on Alkaizer's. I think it's slightly better.
Tell me what you think of it :)

Act III [Inferno]


7. Heart of Sin
- Kill Azmodan


- You are here: "Bastion's Keep Stronghold"

- [Waypoint] Teleport to "The Core of Arreat"

- Run to the entrance of "Heart of Sin" [Checkpoint] and log out in front of it

- "Resume Game"


- Clear "The Core of Arreat" reverse

- [Waypoint] Teleport to "Tower of the Damned level 1"

- Clear "Tower of the Damned Level 1" circling it

- [Waypoint] Teleport to "The Keep Depths Level 3"

- Clear "The Keep Dephts Level 3" reverse

- [You should have 5 stacks of "Nephalem Valor" at least since now]

- Enter "The Keep Dephts Level 2"

- Clear "The Keep Dephts Level 2" reverse

- Enter "The Keep Dephts Level 1" (Alternative: Use "Town Portal")

- Do not clear! [Waypoint] Teleport to "Arreat Crater Level 2"

- Clear "Arreat Crater Level 2"

- Enter "Tower of the Cursed Level 1" (Alternative: Use "Town Portal")

- Do not clear! [Waypoint] Teleport to "The Bridge of Korsikk"

- Clear "Fields of Slaughter"

- Use "Town Portal"

- Leave game and start over
The route is good, it's effective!

But i will wait for 1.05 so i can farm act 1 on mp3-5.

How fast do you clear that and how much exp/hr and exp/run does it net?
Well I'm no Barbarian, so it takes me about 20 minutes to clear it. It's about 9 to 12m xp per run.
I think it's a better balance between loot and experience, because "The Keep Dephts Level 3" has at least 2 elite packs in it and can be cleared in less than 2 minutes.
I've been doing the "Traditional" Alkazier route with keeps 3 added at the end.

But having read your route I've decided it would be better to do Core of arreat>Tower 1>keeps 3>arreat crater>bridge>keeps 2.

That way the highest density area ( arreat crater 2), will always be done with 5 stacks NV. Dunno why I never thought about that myself.

As for your route, yeah makes perfect sense. The above I can do in 15 mins and it nets me around 10m also. Its the same route, just using waypoints and TP to town differently.

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