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I made quite a few detailed threads about certain aspects that would improve this game 10 fold. Improvements are being made but they're not taking care of the bigger picture just yet. Here's a list of things which I think would make a big difference:

1) Allocatable stat points - Let us choose how to distribute our points post level 60

2) Allocatable skill points - Post level 60, say every 5 levels a skill point to improve a rune. Makes your char have a build and not just skill choices - could further expand so that very interesting and unique properties occur with 5 skill points on any given rune etc.

3) PvP - needs to be balanced - personally I would have all the skills and runes available but have them work differently for PvP to PvE. eg vault - put a cooldown on it or something for PvP. A PvP ladder/points system would be nice too with rewards. Perhaps even a gambling sink where each player adds 1mil, the winner wins 1.7mil - 15% gold sink.

4) Challenging content. I'm not just talking more hp on mobs here which is pretty much what monster levels are i'm talking content that is JUST soloable by those with uber gear - something to aspire to getting better gear for. For those without the uber gear they can team up if so desired but it would still be challenging.

5) Drop rates increased - Debatable but personally i think it does take too long to find something worth having

6) Some BIG gold sinks - such as socketing or crafting with guaranteed stats etc but you pay a lot to do so.

7) Completing inferno with any class means you can begin with that class at level 60 paragon level 0 on inferno. Since all chars are the same up to level 60 (assuming the above changes take place afterwards they wouldnt be) this just makes a lot of sense to me.

8) Add Paragon ladder. Add an NPC which allows you to opt in to the ladder. When opted in there is no going back and your char will be unplayable at the end of the ladder however he/she shall remain in your online profile showing the position in the ladder they got to when it ended.

9) More stash and more char slots - double both at least - theres gonna be tons of builds if you make the above happen instead of the 5 builds there are now. (imo they arent builds theyre skill choices so basically every char the same if same class = 1 build per class)

10) Clan support. Sounds a bit strange this one but - if you make an NPC for people to make a clan, it makes getting a community of players where everyone has many friends and can play together much more easily much easier. Right now i have 4 friends....... none of them still play. If i were part of a clan it would mean there'd probably always be someone to play with. It just makes getting a community together in the game much easier. If each clan had its own page they could organise themselves little events - ok it isnt an MMO, but a PvP tournament within the clan would be pretty fun. Clan chat - you build a community rather than just a few individuals who sometimes play together.

Thats my 10, feel free to comment or make your own or just ignore it - most of my posts die and i dont bump threads - if they die they die :P .

Id love to see a blue too if im honest

1) hardcore disconnect protection
2) Loot
3) More randomness
4) weather effects
5) day night effects
6) free act waypoints moving
7) no quest repetition
8) rewarding quest rewards (not gold)
9) loot
10) did i miss loot?
In no particular order:

1. Achievement points
I think that most ppl don't care about unlocking bannerprints. I once played a flashgame that was built around "buying" cool features with your points. The features can be about the gameplay or just options (suggestions: ability to identify all items, adjusting speed in single games, BGM, bigger stash, etc)

2. Quality loot
...Since most ends up as vendor trash >>> dissatisfaction.
There are several solutions for better loot. The most straightforward option is to make good affixes less random, but that would affect the AH too much, and hey, I understand that ppl need to earn their money.
A better alternative with less influence to the AH is to give a NPC the ability to change a single affix of an item for an adequate price dependant on the item's level. An item can only be transmuted once and the item cannot be sold in any AH.

3. No-AH
I get that the AH exists and that there is a market. But players should have the option to play with like-minded ppl, and not be forced to play with ubergeared characters in public games. Create a realm for no-AH players or make it possible to create rooms in public games. Best is if a distinction can be made between AH/traded gear and farmed gear through marks. It is not fun to play with ppl who oneshots everything.

4. More secret extras and randomness
D3 gets boring the longer you play inferno. Create secret rooms that unlock if you break an object/are iddle in a certain place/invisible wall/whatever. Surprise us with flashy creatures and funny npc.

5. Puzzles + reward
Ok, I know this is a hack and slash-game, but you must admit the pureness has faded away with the entrance of the AH. Sometimes I get tired of killing monsters and doing an optional puzzle game to have access to secret areas would add variation.

6. Gems
Again: variation. The gems right now are boring and tedious to upgrade.

7. Clothes closet
Sometimes you have cool dex stuff that you want to share between your monk/DH. Instead of always switching characters to undress how about a "closet" where you can gear all your characters, compare items and organise in a more effecient way?

8. Nerfing the AH
The GAH as it is now is a disaster. what is expensive now will be cheap in a few months since old items don't disappear and new items are always coming in. Snipers and bots are ruining the economy. I suggest to nerf items every time it went through a trade or a sale. Exception is made if you want to sell an item you have farmed yourself.

Make them more useful. Let them carry stuff, make their armour/vit dependant on yours (ofc enchanter < templar). More importantly, make them shut up.

10. Shared paragon
Or at least some influence on your other classes. As most have noticed, individual paragon levels discourages playing other classes. I feel like I'm wasting my time if I don't play my main. More rewarding would be: if you're playing a paragon lvl 80 barbarian and your other characters have a combined paragon lvl 45, make your barbarian level up 45% faster and have a cap.
1/ Bigger variety of gems e.g id like to see crit gems ,as gems an so on

2/ More randomization of maps (sick to death of them all rdy)

3/ Daily quests for each act maybe in the form of an event rewarding you with tokens of some kind that allow you to purchase bind on account items from a quartermaster

4/ The ability to gear up your followers completely from head to toe

5/ Make CO-OP worth playing by giving more reward to xp and loot than single player mode

6/ A proper act 4 with the length of act 3

7/ Random items for quest rewards instead of gold

8/ Secret goblin boss level

9/ Ability to buy more stash slots

10/ A rest period for your alts when you dont play them for a certain amount of time you get a xp boost for when you do play them and paragon faster for a certain amount of xp/time
1: Chance to find set and legendarys without buying it from AH
2: ID all items button
3: More gems that gives other attributes
4: Possible to create socket on current gear and weapons
5: A long A5 where we hunt Adria and secure Lea and bring cain back
6: More random dungeons
7: More quests where we hunt for something specific, something that takes abit of time to complete.
8: Make CO-OP play easier and more rewarding
9: Rather nerf all chars, buff em all insaine, i dont care if it gets too easy, i just wanna smash em all.
10: Follower gets full inventory, with more skills and now they learn to shut up. Would also be nice if we could do follower specific quests.
1) relaunch this game and make it proper this time (no AH, loot overhaul)
Less of World Of Wuzzcrap (WoW) and more of the real diablo like D1 & D2 would be nice.

1.No more cooldowns on skills
2. no AH / RMAH + better drops
3. flexible ACT swapping without having to quit / start the game.
1) Offline and Lan options
2) Loot drops are not good enough
3) Skill points and skill trees, let us decide
4) A non retarded hitbox
5) Random dungeons to be actually random.
6) Blacksmithing to be more useful, not lottery where the house always wins
7) A good story (since we have to play it 4 times to get to end game)
8) Traveling between Act's
9) No RMAH
10) Either rename it to Barblo 3 or stop nerfing everyone else
Fast killing more mobs more fun less annoing mobs. I don't want do die from white normal mobs , or strange things falling from the sky or mobs coming out from nowhere this is ANNOING not interesting
1) Social gameplay with custom public game names like DII
2) More and better crafting recipes for goldsink

Only noobs complain about difficulty and drop rates. Noobs cant be pros, getting to the top takes commitment and dedication stop blaming the AH and RMAH.
u guys should make a private server where you can get 5mil DPS unbuffed.. make every mob drop at least 5 legendary/set items.. Then i think you can have the fun of running trough and killing everything without geting pnw by a trash mob..

then u play it for a day... and for what? get better gears? Get max lvl paragon? (takes 2h) Have pvp where 1hit = 1kill? Yes i do think that is the most fun some ppl can have.. No goals/targets just to be the most OP and look pro without even trying...
1. Gold as currency is not good and its boring.

This game need huge gold sink. Runes in D2 LoD was nice everybody need them for crafting and make runewords. If you did runeword and it had bad stats you had to get new runes to try again and again and again that was good way to get lots runes away from game.

2. More gems

What happened to skulls, diamonds and sapphires?

3. Jewels

I like jewels lot more than gems because those could have so much different stats.

4. Stat points and skill points

I want spend them myself dont want to be part of clone army.

5. Horadric cube + crafting

Crafting amulets and rings with cube was really fun

6. Runes and runewords

One of best things in D2

7. Ladder reset

8. Followers equip

Id like to search helm, armor, gloves, bracers and boots for my follower

9. Lot more set items

10. Moo moo farm

09/10/2012 10:01Posted by FireNacho
1) Social gameplay with custom public game names like DII

+ this too
Random dungeons.


Variety in legendaries (ie. when you get ilvl 63 shoulders, it´s !@#$ing vile ward 100%)

Awesome thread btw, i like the constructive nature of this. :)
Random dungeons.


Variety in legendaries (ie. when you get ilvl 63 shoulders, it´s !@#$ing vile ward 100%)

Awesome thread btw, i like the constructive nature of this. :)

Hmm wasnt thinking enchanting myself but it could be awesome if its done right and yeah lot more different legendaries too.

Oh and i really hate it when you can know what item is before identifying it. Few days ago i found my first set armor i picked it up and look inventory and oh ¤#"% its inna's before identify so why i need to identify it when i know what it is even before doing it.

ps. I get hungry every time i see ur name!
oh dear, another self proclaimed diablo professional that managed to "get to the top" because he spent 12 hours a day on it.
FIrenacho, being a "diablo pro" is something nobody cares about, if anything it's an incentive for people to call you a no lifer. Being a diablo pro is not a good thing, at all

So did you check my character and see my gear? I have spendt around 200mill on gear, I have about 500h gametime. I got a char to 60 in HC. Do you think I call my self a professional? Ill tell you one thing noob, Im far away from being a pro. Im not even scratching the surface. But I dont complain, because being a PRO should not be something easily attainable. If you wanna be pro in diablo you must dedicate all your time like guys like Kripparian, that is a pro.

If you want to be uber geared in a game go play Final Fantasy for 100hours and you will be a FF pro, Diablo is not for you. That is why my suggestions are not based on nerfing og balancing, I would rather that social gaming works in Diablo III like it did in Diablo II

Edit: And I dont give a crap what other thinks, I play Diablo because I think its fun. Ill also tell you a secret to life: If you are pro in something you love to do its a good thing, you are awesome. No matter what anyone else says.

8. Nerfing the AH
The GAH as it is now is a disaster. what is expensive now will be cheap in a few months since old items don't disappear and new items are always coming in. Snipers and bots are ruining the economy. I suggest to nerf items every time it went through a trade or a sale. Exception is made if you want to sell an item you have farmed yourself.

You suggested some interesting stuff. This is just retarded man. Why on earth would you want Blizzard to nerf items every time they are traded? That doesn't make any sense.

1. PVP. This will bring some motivation to all of us who are awaiting it impatiently. It would provide some motivation to for farming. So it would benefit PvE too.

2. Better Loot. However, I'm not asking for a lootfest like many people. Probably it will be addressed decently in 1.0.5. We'll see, I have tested PTR but not extensively.

3. More challenging content. I think 1.0.5 is in the right direction, though MP is just a bad attempt to make it challenging. You basically just increased mobs' hp exponentially.

4. New elite affixes. There are lots of threads with awesome suggestions on the matter. As I said, challenging is sick combination of affixes and hard-hitting mobs, not just mobs with 50000000 millions of hp.

5. Better community. I like the way diablo 2 was organized, with all those chats, and the possibility of seeing other people's characters in the bottom. Diablo 3 feels sometimes... I don't even know how to explain it. It just needs some kind of improvement in the social aspect. I also liked the suggestion made by somebody in this thread about CLANS. They played an essential role in diablo 2, and they are dead and useless in d3 at the moment.

6. Wider variety of gems. This would include jewels, runes, charms etc. Let your imagination free DEVS, and bring some awesome stuff. I'd love to start seeing charms and runes drop in d3. This would lead to future "RUNEWORD" ITEMS.

7. Re-build totally FOLLOWERS. They suck balls at the moment, they are horrible. In d2 mercs represented like... a part of your own character, they were YOUR mercs. You cared about them; and most importantly, they were GOOD. Followers suck. Make them useful, and allow them to be on in parties. I even know don't understand why its not possible. D2 = 8people parties and 8 mercs. d3= 4 people and no mercs...

7. I like the idea of distributing our paragon stat points. Each level gives 5, but they can be re-distributed again through some option. Some people will say "you are just lazy, re-roll your class." I'm lv 73 paragon and spent a fukcload of time already, and not even on halfway. Besides, diablo is a ever-changing game by means of patches and stuff, maybe my stats wouldn't be the adequate one in 1 year time. And I like the feeling of having a character and stick to it, progressing and changing. D2 felt sometimes a bit lacking on that aspect... rush to hell cows, boom boom boom, lv 90, PVP. oh damn i got 30 stat points wrong, re-roll.
1) Fun
2) PVP
3) Waypoints between acts
4) A reason for killing act bosses
5) Charms
6) Socket quest
7) Full rejuv potions
8) Follower in co-op
9) More players in co-op 6-8
10) Better in game chat layout
11) Drop gold when you die
12) Longer mantra and shout durations
13) Skull gems
14) The cube
15) Name and create games
16) Speech bubble
17) Lock button for equipped items
18) Weapon switch
19) Runes
20) More dramatic screams when players die!

and why does diablo now have a pair of TlTS?
I can add some points which are pretty easy (i think) to implement and would make my D3 experience much better!

- Increase amount of buffs you can see

- Lock button for equipped items

- Salvage all button

- Option to not pick up / not drop grey/white/blue gear

- Gem recipies in yellow or another color

- Hardcore disconnect solution (without option to abuse it to prevent death)

- Change to OWE (monk) so I'm not limited in buying gear (maybe make it so every single resist can add to all resist with a certain factor lower than 1)

- General chat / trade chat seperated between HC and SC

Bonus: Trade forum section for HC!
first wanted to say Allocatable stat points from the start but then i read the PvP and think that you can just use the lvl 60 char for your PvP builds ^^

and random maps (or the option to reset the world like in torchlight 2) would be nice

oh and a ton of sidequests with nice rewards (imbue like charsy in D2 and sockets like in the barb vilage would be a nice start)

and for the items... think they should start from scratch to save that steaming pile of god knows what it is hahaha :D

why do you need barb items with magic points? :D but then we are back at the first point again... to make this game less gear dependend you should build a decent statpoint system

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