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Prep for patch 2.0.1 + RoS.
So I thought I would start a post for sharing builds and about gearing and advice, if you have a guide or helping thread please link it in here and I will add it into a list at the top to try and give everyone a thread with everything they need labelled properly.

Even if it isn't your guide but you feel it would be good to have it here please post it and I'll try get this stickied.

Our American WD Sticky -
Our French WD Sticky -

Class Information

Starting FAQ and Progressing -

Pros / Cons of skills -

WD Acronyms -

Game Acronyms -

WD Items and Stats -

Jumbasa's How to build a WD -

Proc Rates - / None forum version
Up to date spreadsheet version -

WD Videos -

All things Pet with Builds -

Changes in 1.0.4 and advice -

Upgrading Gems?
Spread sheet -
Calculator -

1.0.8 Firebat Builds

Sacrifice Builds

Fean's Immortal build -

ColdNCursed Sacrifice build -
Updated guide -

Saintdog's "click click BOOM" build -

ZeMickey's Evolving C4 Proctor guide -

Zombie Bears

Sensation's Build for higher MP levels:
Updated version -

Sensation's Domination Build -

hANNO's Variation build -

Dr3ad7ock's "Brutality" mid level MP build -

Jumbasa's Grave Injustice build for mp10 -
Medicine Man Build -
Carnage build -

H3R3SUS ZB Build -

Different Ideas / Diverse Builds

Direbats Only Damage 1.0.5 Build -

Pavel's tank doc guide -

Projax's Acid Cloud build -

Hoyste's Pile On Build -

Spirit Bears by SLUIB -

Feans Plague Bat Build - MP 10 elite kill, guide to follow shortly. (1.0.4)
Feans DoT build using PBs -

SayGa WoS guide -

Proc Build / Bleed Mawt's guide -

Faceslammer Build by naksiloth -

Speed Builds

Pavels's levelling and farming guide -

Phillybear's Small Animals Build -

Doing it on the Cheap!

KK20's Budget Guide -

Post about gearing cheaply -

AndyMachine's Give away post / starter stats

Racing Chicken Style (because Z moaned at me).

Chicken Run Racing -

Something Special!

Dreadloacks - Make it Bun Dem (Fire WD) -

Phillybear's - Terror of the Teganze Build -

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Build for higher MP levels:

Edit: Sticky requested.
Added to the list.

i like this guide(1.0.4). acid cloud lob blob bomb build with vision quest and pierce the veil, a sacrifice build, some other comments, some playstyle tricks that you might already know or not.

all in all, it helped me a lot but i guess it is not for advanced people. the same dude has guides for other classes as well. (TryHard: <class> 1.0.4 Guide )
Nimty yea I'll slap him up to get him to post his WD guide.

Although he hasn't played that much in 1.0.4 and sold most of his gear too :P
If anyone is stuck at some point i'd be happy to help you out.
Just add me in game with a note of what you need help for.
Am I alright to add your battle tag to the top with offering help in game next to it?
Great post Fean.

Doesn't really qualify as a guide by any means, but some time back i made a giveaway thread that came with a set of items (picture included in original post) and a pre-made build. Could give someone an idea of what type of bargains to look for to get started farming efficiently.

Should have maybe been a bit better fleshed out with how to play, pros/cons, I admit. Maybe just the picture-link could serve as an example for someone with no idea what to look for.
Will add it Andy thanks.
I have just tested MP 10 with this build, bears ,widowmaker spiders, dogs,horrify, soulharvest, spirit walk.;- runes were; grusomefeast, bad medicine, Jungle fort.

I dont actually die at all , but killing the Elites which have 50 mill hp + takes a few minutes to say the least.....
I will test other setups , but with the armour being more important it seems with this patch.

Maybe killing at MP6-8 is more efficient it would seem, if you dont want the challange:)

( also the elite dropped a ledgendary wizard hat level 58....:( ) I thought that inferno would not drop low level stuff , ????
Would love to post something about farm builds and for ppl that just don't like Bears ...
like my self ;)

All ways:
Acid Cloud with 24 years, it hits sooo much and hard.

Main attack
I use Plague of Toads (Rain of Toads) AoE
Firebomb (Ghost Bomb) AoE.
(Will go with poison dart at one point for the ubber boss fights)

Then I have Pets and do I love my pets. They give me some control over the fight and gives me time to kill and not get hit AT ALL. Even when I run into hard fight and they die, 99% off the time, they are rdy to be called out again.

D3 is about farm after u hit lvl 60 and MP1+, the more mobs you kill the better. More drops, more gold and more exp. Some off the best items I have sold have droped from trash mobs.

So I AoE farm, kill elites and do it with fun.
If you both fancy making a separate thread with your guides which I can then do a link to at the top that would be great.

About the 58 item, that's the lowest level item that can drop, however on legendary items and sets that are below ilvl 63 if you kill an mlvl 63 monster to get the item the stats will be able to roll as if they are ilvl 63.
Naaa don't fancy making a post about it, just wanted a AoE farm build up there, for farmers ;)
Fair enough :P if you can get the items for it try my bats they're insane, I can cast constantly without stopping ever I actually gain mana while casing... Which means my mana NEVER goes down.
Bats are okay for 1-2 targets in a straight line ... if they hit, targets do move =)
AC just hits so much and hard, and not to forget it hits as soon as u cast .. u dont have to wait for it to get to the target.
I just dont see my self with out a good AoE spell and in D3 you clear so much trash.
I got a stream of it but I was getting huge lag so died a bit which was annoying, I can like to show you, it usually goes better without the lag.

I will do another in MP tonight if I can avoid lag from it, just look at my lovely yellow bar on the right :(

Ping almost sorts out about 18:40 when I go into keeps so might be worth watching from there.
Bats looks fun and I will give it a go. I know u dont hit as hard as I do, but the time u clear trash and I'm on to the next pack with AC.
I have used the exact same build as you, trash like this is a little slower but elites are much faster meaning total time for clearing act 3 was faster for me.

The lag I was getting with that was horrible when I died to mortars on my screen I was no where near them :P
I melt elites in Act3 if they dont move, but that is because off my gear.
Will get back to you when I have new builds in MP5+

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