Barbarian Whirlwind Disconnections (Updated 14/02)

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In order to investigate this issue, we need to gather some information from clients of players affected by disconnections when using Barbarians and the Whirlwind ability.

Please only post this information if you are experiencing connection issues whilst playing as a Barbarian using the Whirlwind ability. Any other posts will be disregarded and removed.

The information we require are D3Debug.txt files. You can get these files like so:

1. Play Diablo III until Whirlwind causes a disconnect.
2. Exit the game and do not re-launch it.
3. Go to the main Diablo III folder where you installed the game (usually Program Files\Diablo III).
4. Find the D3Debug.txt file in the main Diablo III folder and copy it to your desktop.
5. Open the file in Notepad and edit out your e-mail address and name (may be mentioned more than once in the file).
6. Re-save the file.

Then, please upload this file to Pastebin:

Reply back here linking the file. Please also let us know the following:

1. Does turning VSync off help reduce disconnections?
2. Does this happen in Windowed mode as well?

We can then forward this information on for further investigation.

Thank you for helping us in identifying the cause of this issue, we will update as soon as we have further information on this issue.
US server by the way

1a. my Vsync is off by default, still disconnected. i play with windowed fullscreen. pastebin:

1b. tried with Vsync on. windowed fullscreen.

2. played in windowed mode for approximately 35minutes. no problems so far, taking a break, will post again later.
I play EU server.

VSYNC is off by default.
Tried playing with windowed mode on - still crashed. (It crashed while on fullscreen mode too)

This is the D3Debug.txt after the latest (windowed mode)crash.

Hope it helps with the investigation.

EU server with v-sync on and in fullscreen mode.

Debug txt:
Thanks for the reports guys, we will be sending all this on for further investigation.

Keep them coming!
V sync is on
Fullscreen mode

Edit: US server post 1.05

1. Turning Vsync off helped in 1.0.4. But does not help in 1.0.5
2. Will try in window mode now and report back (I tried now and it disconnects in window mode)

3. It works fine when switching from WW to rend/tank
EU server.

Dont know what Vsync or windowd mode is?
Save problem here.

EU server. Vsync is off. Haven't tried windowed, but I will and will update the info.

Haven't got this problem in act 1 and 2 ... just act 3.
Also getting disconnected left and right.

V-Sync both on and off, Windowed and Fullscreen has been tested. Also happens on PC + Mac.

Getting disconnected in ALL ACTS.

Danish 30Mbit cable internet (below 100ms), also happens if I use my mobiles 3G (5/5mbit). Also reinstalled, and also happens on laptop.
Thanks for the continued reports everyone! Every report helps us out :)

I don't have any info on this just yet, but it's all being sent on for investigation.

Getting to be quite frustrating. Playing full screen with Vsync on....I have turned it off and will report back if it happens again.
Hello i tend to disconnect a lot lately, even rubberbunding happens very often.

VS is on and i play in full screen mode.
will play with VS off and will report back if i crush again.

my ping is below 80ms.
Omg, fix it asap, this is so annoying, getting 5 stacks of valor on ML10, killing Warden and can't even pickup the key cause I get disconnected !!!

It would be nice if Blizzard awarded me with some nice legendary item for all these issues caused ! :)))

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