MP10 from the beginning

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The idea is simple like a rag, old as time and stinks as fetid cesspit.

Starting a new char from the beginning with MP 10
Everything(AH, restarting location, skipping packs) allowed except playing on different MP.

goal: reach A1 inf and farm there.

you play with this character ONLY on MP10.


Kabancheg 60 lvl
Blankton - 60 lvl
Dromoter - 51 lvl
(???) OMS - 51 lvl
Khyron - 39lvl
(?)Langren - 38 lvl
avnor - 37 lvl
Biohazard - 31 lvl
RdR - 27 lvl
Pinkytoon - [i 24 lvl [/i]
Ljunghat - 21 lvl
(?)Norgar - 20 lvl
(?)Sensation - 8lvl
Infinion - 7 lvl

Demon Hunter:
Sunwalter - 47lvl
GK72 - 45 lvl
Justin - 44 lvl
MrDmitry - 31 lvl
behappy - 32 lvl
caboose - 21 lvl
Skentuey - 18 lvl
Frasmeister - 12 lvl
to0 - 1 lvl

Sufiks - 45 lvl
Pinkytoon - 30 lvl
Kligson - 26 lvl
DMaras - 20 lvl
Biohazard - 7 lvl

Witch Doctor:
fitz - 60 lvl
Tix - 60 lvl
Sunwalter - 50 lvl
Skanque 48 lvl
kodex - 36 lvl
Silver - 25 lvl
(?)Cratus - 19 lvl
rosasfar - 17 lvl
malstrim - 13 lvl
Requiem - 11 lvl
ramzessiuss - 11 lvl
HolyJustice - 11 lvl

Onibaku - 60 lvl
Ho4uspat - 46 lvl
ReVerSal - 41 lvl
banjo - 20l lvl
(?) miserehttp - 18lvl
Corwin - 17 lvl
(?)DedUndead - 15 lvl
(?) SpawN - 15 lvl
bestregards - 12 lvl
moravin - 12 lvl
Truditorul - 10 lvl

Left challenge (moved to lower MP)
vlad1116 - WD 60 lvl
Nayvel - monk 60 lvl
Fruit - DH 60 lvl

I'll post progress of all participants here.
You are playing on MP10 from beginning?
Share you progress with us and i'll add you to the list.

Assualt beast

Queen Araneae
Assault beast

Queen Araneae
Assault beast

Bed of Honor
Sunwalter - 58 lvl
Kligson - 48 lvl
Demon Hunter:
DyPHou - 60lvl
RoggyD - 55lvl
to0 - 43 lvl
Kabancheg - 34lvl
GruboGovoria - 28lvl
nozober - 37lvl
Witch Doctor:
behappy - 60 lvl
Граф - 53 lvl
ReVerSal - 53lvl

p.s. this topic is a copy from russian forum. will keep both up to date.
17/10/2012 18:50Posted by FTL1

not yet dude.

actual progress - 23lvl. just reach oasis
here some screenshots:
any1 want to join this challenge?
Just hit act 2 with level 20 barb
Will start this next time I get a chance to play. Haven't created a character yet but the name will end with 'ten'
started ancient path with wd... lvl 25 now... xp is so damm fast =)
19/10/2012 12:00Posted by Truditorul
hmmm, I must try this. :)

yeah. I saw your topic before. the difference is that we have no restriction on AH use.
simply - don't want to use it - don't use it.
we trust everybody by default. adding screenshots from the bosses....and deaths.
sometime playing in party...currently i play always with Sunwalter that's why we still have so low lvl chars.
looking overall - it's not so hard and i think soon we could reach hell. then the real game start

now I'm thinking on adding something like "proved" mark to nick name...just to be sure that guy not playing MP0 and saying that he play MP10..from the other hand this problem would be self-resolved on later difficulties - hell a1 and later.
Initially idea was to add "_mp10" to the nick...but unfortunately it's impossible....

any ideas welcome
Btw, what is the droprate of legendaries/good items if you start mp10 from scratch? did you get nice drops or you are absolutely required to use AH?
Lil' update, did Belial @ 27 without any probs.
In act 3 i encountered keywarden... almost killed me... damm... such a huge difference with normal elites... without spirit walk i would have been dead :)

killed ghom couple mins ago @ lvl 30

(btw i've never played wd before so all tips on build r welcome)
ah yes, drop rate for is the same as it was before, rares r mostly crap... exept for jewelry, found some pretty nice ones... and 1 legendary in zoltan area (some crappy helm "broken crown")
still easy... :)

arreat craters get harder tho... but then again more xp also :) went from 30 to 32 in 10 mins and still on same map :D

edit, asmo is dead @ lvl 34... was a nice fight tho, the pools kept coming like forever ^^

edit again: =)

that will b it for today tho

edit.... this one nearly killed me... right after i took screeny he leeched my 8k hp till half and replenished 25%... was a close call :) (even had to flee and regain hp mana cd's)

and izu was not rly a prob... more freezings tho, a lot more

ok i wanted to go for D till i got to silver spire 2... damm thats insane for normal :) gonna let it go for now... mallet lords r just sick!

gr8 fun tho... not a walk in the park there ^^
Just started doing this, with all classes

So far they all killed Skeleton king, MP10 all the way with all classes.
Act 3 warden will kill a lot of people methinks.
yea he was rly hard... melee will die on it... i got lucky
Doing this aswell with a DH, and gonna try with others too.

Hardly waiting for open MP in public games - this feature will be badass!
This has been great fun. I started with a Barb, but died in the inn. It felt wrong to use a potion in there. Anyway restarted with a Wiz (profile not updated yet but name is hampten). I got passed the SK and did a bit of the field of misery. Initially I was going to try not using the Auction house but that would have involved more grinding than I am prepared to do.

This has been lots of fun, coolest drop so far was a lvl3 white 1h sword with 20% attack speed increase. 12.5 dps when all the other drops were 7 or 8. Anyway I put it on the AH for 100 if anyone needs a quick boost starting up.
17/10/2012 10:37Posted by fitz
goal: reach A1 inf and farm there.

Except at monster power 10 it could be any Inferno act as the monsters are all equal level.

You should probably drop the monster power requirements for Inferno to 5 or 6 as that is a much sainer and more farmable level. Monster power 10 requires top range gear which is very expensive.

Good luck with Hell mode as there is not a lot of all resistance gear going around for 51-58 range. Once you reach 59 and 60 you can easilly and cheaply get enough gear to farm Hell MP 10 with no risk of dying.

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