MP10 from the beginning

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killed butcher on normal not so hard fight:D
Been playing my Celeste, at lvl 13 now, Black King down. But it seems I have lost interest in playing Diablo 3 after Furiesse died to the act4 keywarden. I guess I've seen enough of this game and now is time to move on... at least until the expansion pack comes along. Farewell for the time being!
killed maghda on normal but forgot to take screen shot:Dtomorrow move on so cya all
got my first and only HC char for this. HisoC, 31 monk. in the middle of act 3 and only played mp10. tbh i thought i would be more of a challenge playing on mp10 even on normal :p
Picked up playing it again, damn it's fun once you get passed level 15!

Currently on Act 3, even tho it's mp10 i'm pretty much one shotting everything haha
fml, died due to dc.. starting over! :(
Im in!
My L25 demon hunter Strelok just made it to the oasis in normal. Hardest part so far was the big exploding mobs in the start of act 1 before I found a weapon better than my starting (took like 3 mins to down one) and the key warden in act 2 in the oasis. His projectile-slowing-field made things complicated, but ball lightning and spike traps worked well enough.
Starting act 3 normal in the Only Blue League :)

Game is getting challenging. I wonder how I'll be able to handle 2 affixes elites packs :D
Anyone interested in starting new chars on MP right now?
Siegebreaker down!
Also forgot to say that the a3 warden was a pure badass, take care.

Picked up playing it again, damn it's fun once you get passed level 15!

Currently on Act 3, even tho it's mp10 i'm pretty much one shotting everything haha

That's why I'm doing it using blue items only.
Blue league is overpowered, I have a better idea: you should use only white or gold (legendaries)? but the goldz you have to find by urself :D
i only lvl on 10mp good fun better drops faster lvling. but i keep dc dying so im lvling a 9 19 29 39 49 59 and a 60 barb. the lower once are for gear storage so i can lvl fast on the next dc death. still haft to hit 60, last hero died on 59 :(
I've got a challenge for all of you: Reach level 60 in HC and clear Inferno wearing nothing but your starter equipment.
Just beat belial easy on normal although i did spend 30k on upgrades before fight:p
just wanted to check myself in the list...
26 level barb just picked up covetus :)
i never used AH with any of my chars to buy items so wish me luck
I've actually given this a couple of shots now on characters with the Health Phobic, Extreme Purist restrictions on top of Monster Power 10. Lost 4 characters total and not managed to defeat the Skeleton King...YET! :D

Progress generally occurs slowly and I try to out-level everything, but the elite packs usually manage to whittle my health down and I die on either them or the following pack. This is because I also do not allow myself to use health globes. I know, slightly cruel to my hero, but I do love a challenge! >.<

Definitely going to keep on trucking, my next attempt will be on a Wizard... maybe he'll have more luck than a Witch Doctor.
My hardcore character Dawn (currently level 56, though the profile only shows 54 at this posting), has been on mp10 from creation until now. Been a lot of fun.

At the moment I'm approaching the Butcher on Hell. I've had a couple of close calls against elite packs, I suspect because I haven't really built up much AR yet. Going to be working on that soon for the push to 60.

This play style is an interesting challenge. I've used my 60 barb to fund her gear, and would advise people trying it to do something similar unless you're a REAL glutton for punishment.

Hope I make it the rest of the way. :-)
Hey there !

Add me to the list, level 19 for now (17 on the profile). Having tons of fun !

Wizard : Silence (
Level 25 Demon Hunter doing act 2 right now.
If someone wants to join me - Fruit#2331
Yay! My monk Dawn just made 60 at all MP 10 HC. Fun stuff.

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