MP10 from the beginning

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Just started Act 1 Nightmare with my 35 Demon Hunter.
If someone's interested in kicking some !@# together - Fruit#2331
Will continue to play my 28 Barb which just started act 3 in 30 minutes or so. Would be great if we could get a group going. Or if you are slightly higher level and want to join later on, just add me on Melons #2785
Would've joined you but I'm at level 39 :< just too big a difference.
If anyone wants to join me in Act 1 or Act 2 (in a few minutes) - Fruit#2331
I wanna join too!
BaiDoriqn#2741 name BatDorko monk just starded any1 wanna co-op can pm
Got a bit delayed, but in 15-20 min im good to go. So if you are in the 25-30 range, add me Melons #2785
Can I participate from the americas server?

I'll try this with my WD, since he occupies my only available slot xD
I've been doing this over on US with my Monk.

Awesome to see others giving it a go, it really is fun running MP10 all the way, love how quick you lvl.
I have a lvl 33 monk at the beginning of nightmare, and a lvl 19 monk at the beginning of act 2 normal, both 100% on MP10.

One question - if, say, I was scared of getting 2-shooted by Belial and wanted to gradually step up the difficulty but not start act 3 before I kill him on MP10, would that be allowed?

Currently level 21 Hardcore Demon Hunter. Playing self-found and crafted gear. No auction house, no shared stash, no vendor purchasing (that includes potions), and only crafting gear from salvages of items I find.

I'm going to see how it is through through normal, but I feel that crafting is a big advantage. If it is, I'll still press to 60 and start over with no crafting, or I will immediately stop crafting. Right now I'm staying in a good spot of experience gain but I feel once I get into nightmare I will start reaching diminishing returns of experience gains even with the added bonus from MP10.

Follow my stream of the character as well here:

Watch the one time I survived with 24hp (and almost killed myself with a trap when I stopped to check my remaining HP) here:
I just entered act 3, on my 29 WD, this is just sooo much fun, and I'm glad to see so many, backing this idea up :D
People playing together? I thought that wasn't possible?
Just started a WD mp10, thansk for the idea :)
having alot of fun !
my normal HC barb died today. RIP Fathier!

so now its time to try barb again with MP10 from beginning.
already killed Belial and lvling...
Disconnecting modem killed me in Nightmare, but I followed simpler rules.

Play MP5+ (just not allowed to go lower), can only use the AH once after each ACT as a gold sink. (the magic find from MP is important)
No selling in the AH allowed, can only use the gold you obtained during that ACT.
(which works out to be 16-30k)
Can only buy items for your current level (in other words they will get obsolete halfway though the following ACT)
16/11/2012 11:46Posted by Kaizir
People playing together? I thought that wasn't possible?

I think you can still invite someone into your game. You just can't make it a public game.
Regis the Blue (barb) killed Diablo and is taking some rest before starting nightmare.

gl hf
Question : what do you do once you hit inferno? Mobs on mp10 from normal to hell have 400% health, whereas in inferno mobs have 3439% health. Has anyone reached inferno yet and can give us some feedback on their progress?
I'd like to join in, just started a wizzard and lvled it to lvl 5 on mp 10
Add me Suki#2883

i plan to level my HC Demon Hunter this way.

as you can see my first attempt didnt go very well and SK got me. but i will be trying again with Constantine the second!

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