MP10 from the beginning

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I'm starting one atm, Witch Doctor naturally :-)

edit: forgot the name of him: maxMPpetzoo
Started up a barb.
26/10/2012 22:55Posted by Blankton
I don't know if I dare to take on act 3 keywarden. It's supposedly nerfed

He is! Shouldn't be too scared anymore, now.
His 'agression' and damage is significantly lowered :j
Diablo normal killed @ level 35 \o/
does anyone want to group up with a lvl 41 DH on act 2 nightmare atm.
here new img.
Trying it also (Dromoter#2766)! LVL 11 atm (just killed SK). Streaming at (

Butcher down for me
id also like to join, made WD today level 15: Jugggle is his name

meh rip :D butcher 1%
Siegebreaker is down on act 3 NM lvl 53 barb. I'm afraid I can't take anymore. Pack of Fat guys in the cave after Siegebreaker (Arreat cave?) nearly killed me and there is no way I can take on a pack of Phasebeasts. It was fun to play on mp10, but I can't afford über gear.
Reach a2 hell with my WD and got 60 lvl.
now farming some gear for him to go forward.

caboose and Nanyana
could you post link to your MP10 character?
Its on the first page dude u added me already :p

Oh and i meant i beat butcher not butcher beat me...

Still going strong :P
I have a lvl 33 DH at the beginning of Act IV. She has awesome DPS and good survivability. Elites packs go down in 5-10 secs. :)

Feel free to add me: GK72#2682

Hard to find players in game for MP10. HC chat is dead. :/
Btw Fitz

You said that the goal is to farm Act1 Inferno. Or to clear inferno MP10?
i think clearing inferno MP10 is not so easy and might take too much time. Of course i want to try it...but not sure i could manage it...

farming A1 on MP10 without killing butcher (common route w/o butcher: Festering woods > leoric manor > Warden) looks more realistic. in this case I think success could be proved by profile and screenshots of Leoric, Queen Araneae and Warden with MP10
here new progress :
Too much lag for me tonight spiking all over the show

Just leveled to 21
Progress for today (lvl 30)

ZK: -

Belial: -

Ghom: -
Butcher is down. Also, seeing as I am madly hooked on this whole HC-MP10 shenanigan I sacrificed once again some sleep to kill Maghda as well. Furiesse is lvl 21 now.
It's lovely isn't it. Even if you're vastly over-levelled/geared for the current zone, you still have to put in some effort to smash them demons!

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