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1. I don't think that we need an npc to identify all the items anymore, because with the -1 second in 1.0.5 it's pretty fast.

2. For sure we need the "gear lock button" that lot's of people mentioned.

3. Blizzard made a world map for Diablo III, this is the map:


I would like to see the world map in game by pressing the "M" button, with maybe some information like "you are here" and of course we will have the stage map by pressing "N" button.

4. There are a lot of pages when you are searching on the AH, we need for sure 2 more buttons to go to the first and last page fast. Also i saw that there is a text in chat that informs you when you sold something, i would like to be able to see what items i have sold by clicking on the text.

Tell us what do you think/want...
I'd really like to see a "Craft all gem" button or something because crafting more than 100 gems isn't fun. Also showing more than 5 buffs would be good because when I'm playing with my friends its really annoying when you only see 5 effects.
I would also like to see a "craft x number of gems" button.

Further to that, I would like to see a switch items set button. Remember in D2 when you could have 2 sets of items? It would be sweet to have that in D3 as well - maybe you could even switch between 2 sets of skills as well when you change your items. For example, you could change between a GI/BR Witch Doctor with thing of the deep to being a DPS Witch Doctor with Uhkapian (spelling?) serpent.
I don't want 1.0.6, i just want 1.1 with PvP then all the other updates can wait.
I totally agree with the craft all gem/x number of gems.
I also would like to see templar totally redone... give him an usefull aura or something (+ x resistances etc.), he is useless compared to the other two companions imo.
There are a lot of other things i thought about, but forgot about them... will say them here when i remember.
1. Make crafting viable. Let the blacksmith add and imbue stats and socket items.
2. Make jewels even better. Add new types or recipes that let us combine gems.
3. Add infinite dungeon with scaling difficulty. MP and Infernal Machine are super fun, we need more such events :)

20/10/2012 08:32Posted by Blackmamba
I'd really like to see a "Craft all gem" button or something because crafting more than 100 gems isn't fun. Also showing more than 5 buffs would be good because when I'm playing with my friends its really annoying when you only see 5 effects.

For DH, a Sentry timer indicator with index showing how many sentries you have operating.

Just like NV stack style. All other active skills have indicators too, a one for sentry wouldn't be bad at all.

Edit: Come to think about it. This one would be hard to execute because sentries are established with a delay. Maybe each sentry gets their own indicator or one indicator shows the combined duration of your sentries till all your sentries have depleted.
20/10/2012 09:18Posted by webz
I also would like to see templar totally redone... give him an usefull aura or something (+ x resistances etc.), he is useless compared to the other two companions imo.

Inspire along with the buff given to Animosity & Unforgiving means I can keep Sprint with Marathon up indefinitely with no fury loss. Nice to run around at +50% movement speed.
1) 1 sec id still to way too slow, give cain's ghost saying "stay a while and listen" and ID all rares at once.

2) Craft x / craft all buttons

3) Better itemization (3 days of farming, still 100% rares vendored and 100% legendaries salvaged)

4) New low level sets/legendary items and ilvl 58-61 sets that can do MP 1-2 and maybe up to MP3-4 with enough player skill.

5) Special appearance stuff when equipping entire sets (aura's, glow, transform in some cool new form)

6) key's feel pretty rewarding when they drop, because they give the sense of progression and can not roll with bad stats. More of that kind of stuff please. Perhaps something that drops of bosses and events that makes you able to slowly progress to some good item upgrade instead of depending 100% on winning the lottery like it still is in 1.0.5)

7) Still would like to do boss farming on the regular bosses especially now they are a challenge again on higher MP.

8) Events and bosses have a chance to drop gems higher than flawless square?

9) Weapon swap with W

10) quest rewards give exp and 20-30k gold? At least a bit more than 800 gold cause I can get that by killing 1 white mob.


Oh and...

11) Improved crafts so those brimstones from crappy legendaries mean something. And maybe the ability to actually find a good crafting plan after 1000+ hours played.
Mostly minor stuff, I'm satisfied with how the game is right now; it's probably too soon for this sort of thread.

1. Stat compare in AH (just like recently added in chat)
2. When looking at plans and design in AH show which are "already known".
3. When comparing 1h+offhand with 2h show real stat change.

I think 1.1 with PvP is next, though.
Simple but helpful, I think there should be an option in the settings to diable picking up white and blue items, is just a little something to tweak gameplay to keep momemtum going.

Also, killing izzuel in act 4, the loot drop needs buffing, so frustrating killing him only dropping 1-2 blue's -.-

On a side note, I was soooo dissapointed by d3, I played d1 and d2 for years on end, even played d1 expansion hellfire.

I played d3 for a week, got to level 55, got bored.

This new patch, I have been back to my old ways of wanting to phone in sick to work, playing until early hours in the morning and generally playing it like I did the previous games. Keep it up blizz, pulled it off eventually.
- I would like more dungeons and a possible A5, where will kill adria.
- Easier gem crafting possibilities and reduce the cost of crafting them, the crafting prize is to high compared to the reward you get, or buff the reward :)
- Be able to enter AH ingame, while in town.
- Better gold rewards from quests
- Make high gems drop in MPlvl's and not only flawless squares
- Reduce keywarden on A3 dmg, its one shot from that ice and keywarden on A1-2 is much easier, so make them around same dmg.
- Still a ID all rare items would be nice, the id time on legendarys is good
- More quests similar to the (keywarden -> infernal machine -> craft hellfire ring) This alone is motivation to play. Could use same recipe only to unlock new dungeons/quests, would like to see where the followers come from.
1. New dungeons in act 4 with a good number of elite packs .

2. New (GOOD not rubbish) ilvl 63 sets / legendaries
an automated banning system for whining little b!tches who don't seem to grasp the concept of randomness.
New skills and passives for wizard. We got so many useless ones.
1. Endless dungeon

2. Ability to travel between acts without losing NV

3. Ability to change skills without losing NV

4. Refined item system. F.e. class specific items do NOT roll unspecific primary stats. Mighty weapons do not need intelligence, bows do not need strength. Period.
Also, the system is far too random for the way itemization is set up. You only need a handful of stats but items can roll so many stats with the same chance that one has to wonder: Do the devs think your primary attribute is as important as f.e. "chance to slow on hit" or "gold find"?

Also, legendaries have to be fixed. No legendary below level 60 is usable for end-game and the majority of ilvl 60+ legendaries are still crap. Unacceptable.

5. Blacksmith has to be fixed, he is totally useless.
Ideas: Let us socket items.
Let us melt two or more items together and create a new item out of it, f.e. if you found two items which are bad alone but could be good when their stats were combined.

6. Followers are useless.
They should be able to equip the same amount of gear as you. One should be able to use them in multiplayer. Let them auto-pickup gold when they run over it. Add a function where they can carry your loot and bring it to the vendor, just as in TL2.

7. Item filters and auto pickup items

Nobody wants to see grey, white and blue items. Let us hide them. (TL2...)
Even a filter to set up which items you automatically pick up could be added.
And before you, this would not benefit botters.

8. Implement an ID all button.

9. Paragon levels are not interesting and unrewarding. MF is next to useless, thus PLs are not worth grinding for.
Either add bonuses such as pickup radius or movement speed (doesn't count in PvP) or...

10. ...overthink MF. It is completely screwed up.
I won't go into details here but I guess we can agree that a character with max MF should not find the same crap as a character with next to no MF.
flying dolphins with rocket launchers
Want to be able to travel between the different acts without losing NV buff
addons like recount enabled for diablo so i can see damage meters and death meters in game

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