Hellfire ring (Ring of Dissapointment)

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think this ring should be renamed to this
all the grinding to get the keys and plan then buying a plan for 2 mill then grinding again for organs that might appear or might not and then to get totaly useless ring i cant even sell, unless its to a vendor wat is the point at least on D2 the hell fire torch was something worth getting and you were guaranteed to get the organs and only had to grind for the keys.
Hopefully they will upgrade the ring to make it worth getting as the ones i have seen are useless
ring should be random dex vit strength intel without using the specific ring plan attack speed and res then some random crap ya might find usefull otherwise save yourself lots of time and Dissapointment and buy a ring from AH that will be of some use to you as these rings are totaly useless.
I see it the same way.
It only makes sense when u start a new character since the ring can be used at lvl 0.
also i now have 10 rings that are totally useless and cant drop sell or get rid of them ill end up with a box full trying to get a decent one
You can get decent ones... Look at booth my WD and Bard... Im happy with thoose rings.
My first one (on my barb) is the only decent roll out of 7 ringsi have had so far..
Well I don't see other rings with 35% bonus to experience but I understand the disapointment if you thought it would beat all the other rings in the game. Its actually the first item that Blizzard is not directly trying to make money from (read ah).
I've had fun playing uber runs but is it worth the time if you are trying to upgrade your ring? No, you need to get a lucky roll. My best from about 15 rolls is 8 ias and high int. My last upgrades were made from selling unid items. Fastest way to do it I think.
Hellfire ring is a dissapointment indeed
It is not possible to spend a lot of time and 2 mil on design so that you get a ring which can be beaten easily by a a2-3 mil ring from AH (thiunking unity for example)

35% exp gain is crap, as MP solves the problem...

It should have yielded at minimum also crit dmg or crit chance or attack speed....

totally useless...

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