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Dear All,

I having a big problem with my diablo 3 as stated above. I am not sure what the problem as I have played this game some time back without a problem and suddenly it start to ask me to upgrade the Starter Edition to Standard Edition. I have the box set of Diablo 3. The problem is even in my battlenet account only shows that i have a starter edition and a ticket reply from support informed me that the account have never used to claim any key before. Btw i didnt get this diablo3 account from wow if that is what you guys are wondering. I am truly baffled and confused. I start to think that blizzard is just a big scamming corporation now. If i really cant play this game this will be the last game i will buy from blizzard as i am totally <Snip!> now.

Ps Tried to call the support but being on hold for 30 min. Really blizzard that the best you can do??
Hy BloodBathX!

How much time did you wait for the ticket reply? They have at least 72 hours to change your ticket into the 'Answered' state.

You have to be patient. After the reply, your "advisor" will probably ask for your game and account details. You have to provide them what they need in order to reactivate your game (which is somehow became Starter Edition), otherwise they won't do anything.
Blood, i am having the same issue, although i did got my game from annual pass.
Waiting for a response from their support...
I got my ticket reply in 1 hour. However it is useless answer is what i got. Itried to call blizzard singapore and wasted30 min holding the line. Waiting answer from any blizzard staff. I am really not happy with blizzard now!
Copy paste that response from support please...
26/10/2012 23:43Posted by BloodBathX
I am really not happy with blizzard now!

Join the queue dude. I was open to the possibility this may be a missed payment or something, but with so many of us having exactly the same issue on the same day and not only WoW anal pass holders.... something smells a bit fishy.
Anyone can name any other game by any other developer costing this much and causing as much dissatisfied customers of it. And then those customers being taken their right to play the game away even though they paid almost twice the price of it?
Please find the response from the idiot support officer


I am sorry for the confusion you have run into. This itself has never had an Authentication Key claimed on it, so I believe this is just the wrong

If you cannot remember the emails of any other battle.nets you might have please give us a call. We can look for the account and then verify it to help you regain access. :D We cannot do this via support ticket, so I apologize for not being able to directly do this.

If you have any further questions please reply to this ticket or contact us via phones. Our contact information can be found at

I dont even understand what he is trying to say by wrong battle net. This is the first time i made an account and buying original game from blizzard and made me regret it even thinking of supporting idiotic game developer such as this. I thought initially it was only me having this problem but seems alot more ppl out there is getting the same !@#$ from blizzard.

Support staff out there is youre still alive, we are waiting for your feedback still on this thread. Dont be acting like nothing is wrong. I tried to call your call center and wasted half an hours without anyone picking up the phone.
I have had a lot of problems with, but when I started complaining to the US website, it all got solved. I never got any help from the South East Asian website.

You'll know if you are in the US or European sites, because of the beginning of the URL, or

The has absolutely NO SUPPORT at all!

I think you should go to's websites, not's site. 8-)

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