Ping fluctuations since 1.0.3 now on 1.0.5 no change

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If anybody can help me on this issue it would be greatly appreciated when diablo 3 came out my ping was constantly between 200-250, which is understandable since i'm from south africa and have to play on European servers but after patch 1.0.3 my ping just jumps between 300 and 2500 and the game is completely unplayable i have a 3g usb modem that runs fine but when i use my constant broadband connection the spikes happen, I'm assuming it might have something to do with my router but i do not know, I have also checked for fixes everywhere on the forums and nothing has fixed it, if anybody can help me on this issue it would be greatly appreciated.
which ISP?
Awe dude, I'm from South Africa as well and have the same problem. I actually logged in just now to make a topic :P. Anyway my ping at the beginning of launch was constantly between 180-210ms; till this week (even before the patch).

When I play on my own, my ping is between 250-300ms and was playable, but as soon as I join a pub game or open my game to the public my ping goes up to between 350-500ms with spikes of 10-15sec at 600-800ms. But (2-3 hours ago) now when i play alone my ping is as high as pub games. There were instances late last night and earlier today when I played a pub game with no ping problems. But 95% of the time it's unplayable.

Me and my roommate has played Battlefield 3 together and have no problems (on local servers, meaning it's not our router/line, I think).

Also which ISP as stated above? Me and my roommate are with Afrihost and I know MTN and Afrihost merged 2-3 days it might be that if you are with either Afrihost or MTN.
My ISP is telkom and my my router is a netgear dgn2200m, all my other games run fine battlefield 3 i get a ping between 5-15 (local servers) never higher all my other games are fine it is just diablo that does this and it never did it till patch 1.0.3, i log into solo games at 1900 ping, just don't know what to do, i'm even considering to just uninstall the game and count it as a waste of money
Damn this sucks indeed, I had a period today the game ran smoothly in a pub game, but now for 1-2 hours my ping stays at 350+ with rubberbanding/lagging like a baws. I mean it's kinda playable, but irritating and not as fun :(

I just hope this resolves itself somehow. What can we exactly do? I'm sure Blizz won't do anything since we're the minority. Do you have other RSA friends that play D3? I have a couple, but they stopped playing like 4-5 months ago. I'm gonna ask them if they can just play/test the game for like 15min and see if they also get these rediculous pings.
none of my friends play d3 anymore either, and none of them have this issue, i just wish that for once blizzard would actually help out cuz all they do is refer you to the troubleshooting page and none of it has worked at all. All i would like is a proper fix or just a reason for why the hell this is happening.
So I tested various stuff over the weekend (see post here (for some reason it keeps giving me an HTML error): and thought that maybe the problem will be resolved after the weekend but alas.

Note that those results was from the weekend and have done a scaled down version of them right now again:

- I've just done a pingtest on to Germany (worst case scenario) and got a ping 285ms. (+ 50ms)
- Just played a game in Battlefield 3 on a German server and got a ping between 234-239ms.
- Just played Diablo 3 and got a ping of 400ms+ with fluctuations up to 800ms with insane lagging/rubberbanding.

I really don't know what to do anymore -_-
To give this thread some more attention unfortunately I must say same here.

Before patch my latency was 50-60ms, now I am getting 60-70 in perfect case scenario, but it not last long untill it jumps at 300-400 then 1500+. I never know when it will jump. HC is imposible to play, I died i SC sveral times, fighting mobs in one room (at least I thought so :P) then suddenly dead in room before that.

I even called my ISP and ask them to check if everything is ok on my side (they tested all, from router to my connection in central), and they confirmed I am fine. On speedtest net my speed is also as it should be. Aslo any other game have no problems with ping/latency.
Seems the problem is fixed with the new patch out. Thank goodness! Well my game runs smooth!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's back -_-

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