DH solo UberBosses kills MP10 Video

Demon Hunter
Uber Bosses (Siegebreaker and Kulle) http://youtu.be/adaGolzm5JE
Uber Bosses (Leoric and Magda) http://youtu.be/AHkouD1ejHQ
Uber Bosses (Rakanoth and Khom) http://youtu.be/Gxi-copegko

So I was bored with farming and decided to kill mp10 Uber-bosses. All my attempts with my regular farming build ended with enrage so I made some respecs and found a nice build for every Uber. I was able to kill all 3 bosses with this build on mp10. I believe it can be done with regular farming build, but i`m kinda sick of kiting;p Yep, it is not really efficient to farm mp 10. Made it just for fun. And would like to share some thoughts about skills I have chosen.

Yes I have nice gear, but still fare away from top DH so I believe this build can be used by lots of DH out there or just give some good ideas to improve anyone performance on higher mp. Still would never recommend to farm in this build on daily basis.

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WQYgkh!Vfc!cabYcb
I checked dps in this build on Azmodan fight and it was something around 1400k+ real dps with my gear
Profile: http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/varren-2478/Babadoole/13310896
Armory: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/varren-2478/hero/13310896
Stats with boar + enchantress: http://gyazo.com/1efb07325650aa2804d68c3c8c2f57af

So my Primary Skills are

1) Bola Shot + Imminent Doom
Awesome spell. Don’t really need explosion distance from Volatile Explosives Rune and don’t really care about time they will explode on Uber fights, so Imminent Doom Rune is the best for all 3 fights. Probably not the best main spell for SB+Khulle fight, but will compensate itself on 2 other bosses. Can do 400-600k single target dps according to my excel calculations. Can take hungering arrow, but it has less dps and can’t aoe. Spray of Teeth rune is ok but still less dps than bola shot

2) Spike Trap + Echoing Blast
This is insane dps skill. 600-900k... something like that. You would really want to use it for 1)just dump extra hatred 2) heal yourself if you are taking too much dmg.

3) Caltrips + Jagged Spikes
To be honest this spell is useful only on Rakanoth & Khom fight, because it is the only fight where I was able to tank both bosses without any fear of dying. You still can aoe adds on Leoric+ Magda fight, but it is not required there. This spell was also really helpful on elite packs. This was also my primary source of healing on Khom's Gas and Leoric's adds I guess. Yep Bola shot and Spike Trap can do all the job, but this is still nice dps buff. I was able to cast in almost every 5 sec and keep Shadow Power up all the time on Rakanoth & Khom fight(with legacy Natalia Set). Can also help to slow down Magda adds and Siegebreaker if your Boar Companion is dead.

4) Shadow Power + Gloom
No comments

5) Sentry + Guardian Turret
Optional spell. Can use Marked of Death instead but with my gear Guardian Turret was quite helpful on Rakanoth & Khom and Leoric + Magda fights. Not that good on 3-d fight, coz you need to move a lot there.

6) Companion + Boar Companion
This is “must have” skill for SB+Khulle fight, coz you will need Boar to tank SB while you can dps and not run all the time from SB. You can’t really tank this fight because bosses have 1 shot combos. I believe it depends on you gear, but I wasn’t able to tank them and this talent was the last one I took. Was trying to use Marked of Death before.

Passive Skills Are

Numbing Traps
This 2 skills will give all the survivability you need. But if you have more than 450 rez and 4k armor from gear, you can probably just take some dps skills instead. This part really depends on you gear balance. But even with all my survivability talents and 570 rez 4600 armor and 43k hp i was almost dead couple of times.

Cult the Weak
This is also optional and Archery will probably be better but I took this before got 5 NV stacks so just wasn’t in the mood to respec and get another 5 stacks. Archery will be better on SB+Khulle fight.

If you have 2-nd dh in party, one of you can take something else instead of Numbing Traps and Sentry. You will probably don’t need Boar coz it was useful only on 1 fight and can take anything else.

The best way to improve dps is to take Bat, so you can Spike Trap more. And you can also take Marked of Death. In party this build should be changed coz you don’t need that much survivability there. In 4-man I will probably go with:

Primary Skills
1) Bola Shot
2) Spike Trap
3) Caltrips
Even more useful now, coz you can tank all 3 fights
4) Shadow Power
5) Marked of Death
6) Companion + Bat / Sentry
Depends on your gear
Passive Skills
1) Perfectionist
Still good survivability buff
2) Archery
3) Cult the Weak / Numbing Traps
Depends on your gear and party setup
You can also make this build fast after taking Vault instead of Companion + Bat / Sentry / Marked of Death and Tactical Advantage instead of Cult the Weak / Numbing Traps
this is after the nerf right?

edit : good job :D
yep after the nerf, never tried this before, and i probably couldn't do it this way, because even now they are hitting really hard on me. and i used all of my def options in this build i think)
why dont you get a bola dml?
Still trying to find a nice one) Yep it would be much easier with it) and yeh my gear is not really perfect for this build) Just made a try with dml from my farm gear

bola dml could probably help me not to see enraged SB;p
dude i liked your gear but i need help !

the max critical hit damage i get when i play with bola shot is 300K or 350K ?!

i have 170 DPS without (sharp shooter) and (steady aim) and 500% Critical hit damage !

how i reach 500K or 700K critical hit damage with bola shot ?!! i can reach it only with (cluster Arrow - loaded for bear)

please advise !

I believe it is because Stone of Jordan ring
Increases Damage Against Elites 29%
Increases Bola Shot Damage by 12%

Can get 14% more from Dead Man's Legacy

Blizzard standard dps interface just ignores Damage Against Elites and Bola Shot Damage buffs. But you can calculate them yourself with http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4551698386?page=1 for example

And I can also assume that you use 1-h so you attack speed is much faster than my, but my base dmg is higher (probably your 500 crit can compensate the difference here)
Your gear consists of 4 set legacy Natalya's. It's extremely hard to maintain discipline throughout the fight unless you have a high discipline pool and even then it will be spread far.
Legacy Natalya's is really cool, but I just checked and managed to kill Rakanoth & Khom without it. The most discipline intensive fight...

I changed my build for this case without 4 set legacy Natalya's and now it is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WQVgkh!VfX!YacYcb

Preparation+ Plan B insted of Caltrips + Jagged Spikes
Night Stalker instead of Cult the Weak
and Bola Shot with Bitter Pill rune now.

And I still have 40 discipline pool here

Yeh i nerfed my dps to the ground, but with my current gear it was still ok on Rakanoth & Khom so will probably be ok on Leoric, coz I believe there is no enrage and I will probably just stand and tank them with my 700 rez after non-Natalya ring.

SB+Khulle is kinda tricky, coz I wasn’t really using Jagged Spikes there and = Cult the Weak was useless. Now I have +14% bola dml so Bola Shot with Bitter Pill can still be fine to down Khulle in 8 min. Will check that later. Have no much time right now) But it is not discipline intensive fight at all.

Btw if it is possible without 4 legacy Natalya's for all 3 fights, we can get even more dps and survivability from new legendries.
But it is so much more fun to play with 4 legacy Natalya's. Can have 3 more skill options and have really interesting rotation.

Ps it is not really optimal way to farm fragments . 4-man always better and more fun. And it is possible to take dps skills, coz there is no need in that much survivability in 4-man. And 8-min fights is not really an option to farm something) 7-8mp will be much better and faster)
With high AS u can use night stalker to keep diciple up and wont need 4 legacy nat's.

I havnt tried but i am fairly certain i could manage MP 10 with some skill changes. The question is if they will enrage to early.

I havnt experimented with the trapp skills but i probably should. Also i have used the stun rune on bola and could probably benefit more from the extra damage.

My main attack, Multishot isnt rly somehting i use in boss fights but a skill left over from my speed farm setup that i just left hanging in boss fights since i dint know what to replace it with.

I probably could benefit from switching out multishot for spike trapp for extra DPS--.....

...rly wanna try now :)

Thinking skills more or less like this

Spike trapps
boar companion
Turret defense
Shadow power
...I probably could dich voult.. not much use for it in boss fights
..more trapps???

night stalker...
Compliments for the achievment
Yep it wasnt possible for me with previous build without 4 set legacy Natalya's. Too high dps loss from Bola Shot rune. Enraged SB was eventually killing me. I was able to stay alive for 1-1.5 min after his enrage, but it wasn’t enough with my current gear.

So i got some time yesterday to farm Infernal machines again and also bought crappy Litany of the Undaunted ring to break my 4 set legacy Natalya's.
1-st portal was Rakanoth & Khom. I made a try with more dps skills because of new Litany ring and it was fine. I could survive and kill them with this build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WQVgRh!Xfe!YacYYb

Leoric and Magda is boring as always. But without most of my survivability skills I just had to kite them more and be really careful. 14 min fight( this fight really needs enrage timer of 8 mins o less...

Siegebreaker & Kulle is really awesome fight without 4 set legacy Natalya's. My dps was too low even with that build, so i wiped 3-4 times because of enrage. And almost 2 hours of wipes because of SB and Kulle oneshoting combos when i was trying to optimize my movements (stand and dps instead of running from every single Kulle firebolt).
Was really fun. Cant dps if don’t have SP active or SB reflects will kill you. Can’t dps = cant regen discipline = cant use SP. Haha awesome ;p Probably just need more AS and problem will be solved, but was kinda fun mechanic.
Boar management is also really fan. Can be almost immediately killed after summon. Need to run away when he is low, take healing globes in the right time, and run away when SB is casting something and Boar is near him) It is also fun, coz Boar can tank sometimes for about a minute and sometimes he will be dead in 5 sec. Also less Boar summons = more mana on SP = more dps)
But isn’t farmable with my current gear. Too much rng.(

Here is Siegebreaker and Kulle video without Natalya's 4 set bonus http://youtu.be/LScHoId5mGU if someone wants to see it. 2 other fights are quite the same. If someone needs them I can upload them with this build, but they are really boring. ;p

Thx. wasn't really hard, just gear check. Like everything else in this game.

Bola, Spike traps, Boar companion, Shadow power are "must have" for this build i believe. Everything else depends on gear. Can check the survivability on Ghom in Act 3. It will also check you discipline management on this fight. And Leoric in Act 1 is really hitting like a train sometimes, so also can test him before Uber version. I usually balance my gear, dps and survivability on this 2 fights first.
i dont know if its possible to check, but i believe that you are the first DH that is soloing the ubers on MP10!

I was loosing fate in this class, but now i am urge to play more with it :)

thanks again for all the knowledge and sharing
I'm pretty sure there are quite a few who have killed them on mp10 solo. I've seen theprohacker doing it at least :p
01/11/2012 10:59Posted by Plexi
I'm pretty sure there are quite a few who have killed them on mp10 solo. I've seen theprohacker doing it at least :p

i was searching for his videos, but found only the ones in which he failed .... so please show me the vid and time where he killed them
Since when uber bosses have 150m hp on mp 10?
I'm pretty sure there are quite a few who have killed them on mp10 solo. I've seen theprohacker doing it at least :p

i was searching for his videos, but found only the ones in which he failed .... so please show me the vid and time where he killed them

I don't remember when he did them excatly, but he used sentries against the uuberbosses after their hp was buffed. No idea if he made a video about it.

edit: I think that I found a video about it: http://www.twitch.tv/theprohacker/b/335152020 (killing siegebreaker & kulle in that video, you can find other kills from twitch.tv as well)
edit: I think that I found a video about it: http://www.twitch.tv/theprohacker/b/335152020 (killing siegebreaker & kulle in that video, you can find other kills from twitch.tv as well)

thank you will watch it tongith gladly :)
Yep, pretty sure im not the first and i think there are DHs out there who have done it before the dmg nerf and probably much faster

edit: I think that I found a video about it: http://www.twitch.tv/theprohacker/b/335152020 (killing siegebreaker & kulle in that video, you can find other kills from twitch.tv as well)

Nice video. And i believe my Boar tanking SB strategy wasn't really an option back then, before the dmg nerf. And that was probably close to impossible without legacy 4set Natalya.

Since when uber bosses have 150m hp on mp 10?

Dont know since when, but in solo game mp10 now they have
Siegebreaker 207638128 HP
Zoltun Kulle 138425408 HP
Rakanoth 166110480 HP
Khom 193795568 HP
Leoric 152267952 HP
Magda 110740328 HP
01/11/2012 15:04Posted by Varren
Siegebreaker 207638128 HP

this means i have to hit him abt. 4000 times for him to die, with 1.5 attacks per second: avrg 44.44 min :)

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