The game connection has been lost..

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"The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server"

Last few days since i have been playing, I have after a while being in a game, i get disconnected with this error "The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server".
BUT at the same time, i'm watching streams on my second monitor, and i reasure you, it does NOT drop, I have no problems with my internet outside of Diablo.
Yesterday night i got Dcd 3 times during the same act, but then it wasn't a problem, because then i could just join the game again and keep my 5 stack of neph. But now when i'm trying to play alone when i get DCd i lose all my stacks and have to start over again.
And when we were playing yesterday we were on skype at all time, and i could still talk to him while diablo 3 claimed i lost my internet connection, or the connection to the servers.

ALSO i get freezes, everything around me stops moving, (but i can keep on moving and attacking/run around) I was on skype with my buddy, and he told me i was still moving and doing damage to the enemies.. only i couldn't see that.
This is !@#$ed up and COMPLETELY prevents me from playing the game, which as it is now, pretty much is about having 5 stacks of nephalem valor while farming..
I got the same problem :/

keeps happending like every 1-2 hours :(
Now it happend again.. 20 seconds ago.. disconnected all of a sudden without even a freeze, mid pack smack, disconnected..
I have the same problem...
Today blocked 10 times.
Its very annoying!!!!!
I also have this problem.
Can't play like this always getting disconnected...

a number of people having this issue.. have a look and add your info..
It's not the same problem in that thread. If you read they claim to be logged out and cant sign in, I get thrown out to char screen, where i can instantly reconnect to any game without any problems.

Just lost an infernal machine because of this piece of !@#$ error, im so damn pissed right now. and you can't even get a damn blue response or any feedback at all. technical support my %^-
Same problem here and only started yesterday, played a few months without a single problem.
Exactly the same issue. Was doing Uber boss (used my own machine) and got random disconnect. After first attempt to reconnect it writes "error" and second one it connects. Really frustrated. Farm that machine like for ages and it's gone.
is very annoying, this error happen in 1.05, can't play this till they fix it, is annoying after i got 5 valor and ready for kilil boss or key warden with mp on is just got lost connection, eventhough i still in the server.
5 disconnects (err 3007) in the last hour... and Blizz thinks the error is on EVERY client side. Ridicolous. I have never experienced err 3007 before patch 1.0.5 and now the game has become unplayable.
Blizzard pls solve problem or lets us resume solo games in the point we where, it's not fun to lose the 5 nv buffs or even Infernal machines because of this.
Had it again just now, on my 5 stack NV. It's really frustrating and kept me away from playing this weekend...
I have successfully solved this problem after all recomendations. Reinstalling seems to work.
you're probably just lycky.
I intealled the game the day i started playing again, and from that day I had these freeze/disconnects.
Did a reintsallation and it seem to be working now, no freezes or DCs so far.
nvm, got Dcd on my second run
I'm getting the same. It was all good before patch 1.0.5, after that i got dc'd like every 15 min. So i just can't play the game alone..
I am not having problems with the internet itself. Just the diablo game connection. Started yesterday. Have probably been disconnected 15 times since then over about 5 hours of game time.
5 Dc´s in 1 hour. Extremely frustrating when you worked to get 5nv. Then you have to start over again. And it´s very booring to play this game when you don´t know if and when your getting dissconnected.

Blizz have to do something about it very soon.

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