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First off.. apologies if i'm being retarded or anything... but how do you actually get to the heretics abode in act 1 inferno:?

Ive crafted my infernal machine.. turned monster power down to 4 to make sure il be ok for the bosses... and in all youtube videos ive seen the heretics abode is the door behind the healer.. u destroy it and walk through...

Thats all fine and dandy, but i cant destroy the door? Am i missing something? i have the infernal machine on me whilst attempting it ofc.

Any help would be much appreciated
and this time it works

I give up... have no idea what changed at all :S did nothing differently
You have to go to the last quest of act 1. It won't work on any other quest.
Go to 'return to new tristram' quest (end of act1) but make dam sure you enable monster power once more on options as it will drop you down to regular inferno and screw you out of better drop chances. - Hit shift and attack the door behind the healer to break door open.

This has got to be a bug that gets sorted. So yeah we get to use the port once per build but seriously? we have to go in options and change sht and rebuild stacks every effing time per gateway?? What was ptr for? to look for exploits?
cheers guys, must have selected the last quest by myself or something because 1 min after i made the post i had the door down. Lets just not talk about the 10 mins arsing about and getting annoyed before the post :)
Ok I knocked down the door but have no clue what this room is for was I supposed to get something?
It's necessary for crafting a hellfire amulet/ring, see this website for more information about it:

The droprates it mentions under point 2.1 are no longer correct. IIRC playing at t6 gives a garantueed 1 machine per keywarden and higher torments give more chances at multiple machine drops.

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