Trading HC gold for SC gold 1:2.2

Trading 25 mil. HC gold for SC gold at a ratio of 1:3.

Given that I don't want to get scammed I will get the SC money from you first and then you will get the gold on HC from me, this is not negotiable.


For copy paste purposes: ricz#2253
I can trade 100 000/ game if I go first *_*

If you're interested add me and I take all that 25 :)

(Im serious btw)
Already traded the gold, mate. Thanks though. :)

Thread closed.
Trading 35 mil. gold from HC to SC at 2.2 ratio. Same conditions, I receive first - you decide the size of chunks (decent size though, since at 500k per chunk it would take 70 trades). :)

Ugh, sorry. Didn't notice that this thread was created when hardcore trading didn't exist. :-|
I'd like a mil at a cost of 2.2 SC - do I have that right Ricz?

Add me, I'm on now if poss plx.

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