Gear assist request, meteor build


I've been around here for the last few days, as I got back into D3 again. I am currently running a version of the meteor build that suits me really well as it helps out with my low CC. (One change to the spec, Slow Time, Time Warp = Slow Time, Stretch Time 10%ias). I most often play with a Barb buddy of mine, and this works really well for us at the moment on MP4/5. (ubers @ MP4).

The thing is, I do lack CC, IAS and CHD. Hell, I likely lack armor, int, vit and all res as well. :P I really want to gear up so I have a bit more survivability which I think, means getting my IAS and CC up first so I can keep my frost nova up better.

So here is my question;
What should I try and gear up first? Unfortunately I have very limited funds, as my loot has been pretty lacking lately. :P I am up to around 1 million at the moment.
With that in mind, upgrading the weakest points first would likely be a good idea.

I am guessing that the right ring might be the worst, as it lacks any useful main stat, but it does give IAS and CHD. Hence I use that at the moment.

Any hints and suggestions are really welcome, feel free to trashtalk about my mage if it gets your spirit up. =D
I also run a meteor build.. have tried similar builds that you have and i switch up some times for more kite and more spam.. depends if im in a party and need too freeze more etc.. you can take a look at my gear.. i can run mp 5-10.. but mp10 i will struggle with the worst elite packs.. but its doable.. your gloves could use some ias.. your amulet could use some crit chance.. and much of your gear could use some + armor.. try and balance out armor and all ressist.. crit chance and crit dmg..
I know the details of what I "should" get, just wondering which bits are worst off to try and up first. Lacking money at the moment :P, I placed a few bids on some rings and amu's that would be a huge upgrade, but doubt I will win any. :P

Currently farming MP5, A3. Hoping for some drops to get some gold again, having friends that started to play again don't help though, I keep giving my decent loot to them. =D

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