Why isn't hellfire ring a heirloom item?

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Wanted to farm a few Uber bosses so I could make a int ring to level my alt from 1-60 but realised the level req on the hellfire ring is 60...

Should'nt the Hellfire ring be like heirloom items in WoW, so they can be worn by any leve char. The 35% xp bonus is static but any other stat scales with level so the 200ish Dex at 60 might be 2 at level 1 and 20 at level 10?

Took it for grantet that I could wear it at level 1 and was kinda dissapointed:-(
it should have no level req. i gave my hellfire ring to the sorc that i leveled up to 60 just today. gave it to her at level 1. you either have a bug or you be trolling!
i have one equipped on my level 3 or 4 barb

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