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Witch Doctor
Build removed as it's been updated.
If anyone could lend me a pointing finger in which direction i should go to get a video of decent quality up and running where i use this build, that would be nice.
you mean a programm or what area to farm ?
What program to use to make a video.
Fraps and after that use Moviemaker to make it smaller. Moviemaker is already on your computer installed.
I'm having some problems, but i'll make it work. Give me a couple of minutes.
i can see that you are going on off the whole time :)
Yeah, the videos i get are really laggy. It is really annoying.
maybe your computer isnt good enough. Once i start i feel an performance decrease.
My computer is an 8 core i7, 16G ram and 3 GB graphics card.
Could be the harddrive though, but it's decent. Oh well, i'll upload a video as soon as the parts needed to install the SSD have come from asusparts.
I can record tonight if you want to do a WD run and people an see the builds all working together.

You know I love my Gauge stop being mean to Nigel! This build with Nigel and SA works fine too :D

I thought that the SB with LS was going to be a secret for RD mobs?
It was, figured people who make builds sooner or later would stumble upon it, so might as well mention it. :)
Rofl fair enough it works like a charm, my good buddy Jace remembered I wanted IAS for the build I'm working on so gave me the Tals chest piece, kinda nice one too.
Pavel made a video, added it to the post.
Isn't he a cutie? Any way you going to be online in about 5-6 hours? WD run bro ;)
Most likely, unless I've forgotten some plans my girl have made. =)
I do that, I dunno how they seem to remember all this stuff we just ignore and / or forget.
thanks for the great information on this build, alot of good thought went into it. I dont have nearly the gear you got on and Im wiping everything out with this setup
i will be testing this build tonight. Thanks for sharing. My only concern is that i do not have zuni set and therefore limited mana reg. Right now, i am oom so often, its unbelieavable ... so my question is: is this build viable without the zuni regen?
01/11/2012 10:00Posted by Sensation
Wouldn't it be far easier of the 3% life steal you have on your weapon would proc every time you deal damage?

I think lifesteal always works (no need to worry about proc rates).

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