[Build] Hybrid C4Proctor (sacrifice CD reduction)

Witch Doctor
Hi there! I'd like to introduce you to a build I'm working on since 1.0.4.

The central idea of the build is as follows:
Proc a maximum of effects, and in the meantime inflict a maximum of damage.
This will translate to : "Spam Acid Cloud (or Rain of Toads), sacrifice the dogs to refill my mana, re-spawn the dogs, start over."

The most impressive result, is to be able to deal solo with a uber boss (tested without problem in mp6) rendering him harmless (perma-freeze/stun), while the rest of the band deal with the other one.

How does it work
Budget and steps of evolution
Pros and cons
Comparison with a pure C4Dogs build
DPS and MP
Behavior against specific affixes
Tips for a fine search on AH
BiS gear
Useful links

  • Skills that proc.
    The WD's skills that activate/trigger (proc) effects the most are acid rain with rune 'Slow burn' or 'acid rain', as well as Plague of toads with 'Rain of Toad'.
    The Rain of Toads has the advantage to cost less mana (12) than our natural regeneration (45/s). The acid cloud over powers the proc rate of the toads, but empty our mana pool in 4 to 5 casts.
  • Mana management
    Once the mana pool is empty, we need to refill it. For this purpose we have the sacrifice with the rune 'Pride'. However, sacrifice the dogs every 45 seconds won't help us a lot.
    It's possible to generate dogs with the passive skill 'Circle of life' but that suppose deaths among foes, which is not certain at all, especially against elites.
    That's actually the goal of a build based on increased pickup range and the passive 'Grave Injustice', which sees it's limits when climbing the mp levels
    Thus, the best way to be sure to have dogs to sacrifice, is to lower the CD (cooldown) of the dogs in order to re-spawn them as fast as possible so that we may sacrifice them more often.
    The more our gear evolves and the CD of dogs approaches 0, the more we may abandon Rain of Toads for Acid rain.
    Conclusion: the most important element of our gear is the homunculus mojo ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/homunculus ) which is the core of any C4Dogs build. Combined with the passive 'Tribal rites', together they remove up to 31s of dogs CD.
  • Crowd Control
    So, we'll spend our time proc effects. Let's favor freeze and stun, which both render harmless for a few seconds a foe, as well as cancel any action of his.
    Freeze is on the belt, stun on the gloves (max 5%). It's possible to get a lot more freeze on the legendary sword azurewrath ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/azurewrath ) as well as on any weapon or mojo but at a maximum of 2.5% for a one handed (or mojo) and 5% on a 2 handed (freeze or stun). Yet I do not advise to use azurewrath or azkaranth ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-star-of-azkaranth ) due to the dps drop. Still, it's useful to have them somewhere in your backpack if you need it against a boss.
    Chill and slow (which have the same effect) are found on shoulders and pants. But are much less valuable than stun/freeze.
    Knockback (which is yet to be more extensively tested, and should have an action cancel effect) is to be found on legendary bracers strongarm ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/strongarm-bracers ).
    Blind... That I don't know :p .
  • Life on Hit
    Among the most important affixes, we have LoH (Life on Hit). It's to be found on weapon, rings, amulet, and legendary BlackThornes pants ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackthornes-jousting-mail )
    With just 1k total of LoH on weapon and amulet, we get more than 3k life per second from stacking acid cloud.
    This might turn you into a true tank, and assuming this role (fully or as support of a barbarian or monk) will earn you gratitude in multiplayer games.
  • Other effects
    We should mention bleed. They are useful against low level mobs, but as soon as you get to mp1, the dps gets negligible.
  • Pickup Range
    For the target build (see below), picking up health globes left by your dogs from a distance to trigger Gruesome Feast is a must. Aim for a small 20 yards radius.
  • Extra life on health globes/potions
    This is not mandatory, but since you'll be generating a lot of health globes, a single piece of gear with +10k life on globes/potions will be tremendous. It'll boost your survivability, and allow you to behave 'For the master' style more often, spamming at cqc sacrifice without using the acid cloud.


    There are two versions of this build, depending on the budget:

    The target build, with a Zombie Dogs (ZD) CD equal or less than 3s: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#RdYiUV!Yhd!bYZZcb
    The intermediate build with a CD under 9s : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#RWYVUT!adh!bbZbcZ

    Here is as well a variation of the target build, special uber boss : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#RXYTUV!Yhd!bYZZcb
    PvP build :
    Beware, the lack of 'Pride' rune in the PvP build will make you be very careful on your mana use.

    Speed farming build (low MP):

    Active Skills:
  • Acid cloud : As explained above, this skill is the one that will proc the most our effects. With runes 'Slow burn' and 'Acid rain', the DoT (damage over time) of the acid on the ground will not stack, however the proc will stack!
    The rune 'lob blob bomb' is interesting, since it stacks 3 blobs that hunt the foes, but does not stack damage nor proc! Blobs only increase the AoE (Area of Effect) of the damage and proc. The other runes are less useful because they proc less or cannot be cast at range.
  • Rain of Toads (intermediate build): proc a lot effects, and stacks itself for damage and proc. Absent from the target build, since we'll only spam acid cloud. Another pro for RoT: it may be cast through walls!
  • Zombie dogs : Little tanks with a short lifespan in the target build. The rune 'Final gift' that will allow to stack the Gruesome Feast in the target build, may be changed for another in the intermediate build.
    For exemple 'leeching beast' is nice. 'Life link' was (edit) being bugged (the dogs lacked 'forced armor' from 1.0.4 with this rune, but it's been fixed). The 10% life redirected to them is great, but be careful not to kill them because of that: it gets troublesome to sacrifice dead dogs...
    Warning, if you take out 'Final gift', your allies will dislike that choice in multiplayer! Not only does it provide health, but often they've got skills that relate to globes and buff them!

  • Sacrifice (rune 'Pride') : At each sacrifice, your mana pool gets refilled to full. It's the core of the build.
  • Soul harvest (target build): Combined with Gruesome Feast, adds a huge boost to your dps. The rune 'Soul to waste' is because you don't meet that often more than 5 foes.
  • Spirit Walk (rune 'Healing journey'): Panic button.
  • The 6th skill is of your choice:
  • Gargantuan runed Restless Giant (intermediate build, or uber boss build) : your main tank, which with the CD reduction of your homunculus will enrage much more often that the basic 90 seconds. Yes, enrage does reset on re-summon, unlike what's being said in many topics!
    In uber boss mode, the garg is used to provide a hit spot to the uber (when it's not frozen), and allows you to direct the way of the uber's movements in order to take him away from his friend.

  • Hex runed 'Jinx' (target build) : Allows to transform an elite (or zoltun kulle) into a pig taking 20% more damage. This means an elite out of the way permanently (since the CD of Hex is also reduced by 'tribal rites'), which is very useful compared to mass confusion or big bad vaudoo that only last for a while. But this is a personal choice.

  • Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears (target build) : Well, yes, after all! Since we have infinite mana, why not bears? You might say: "No need for bears, sacrifice is DPS efficient already!" . Actually, even in DPS mode, sacrifice depends on the spot where dogs spawn. They might not hit the target unless it's huge. So in order to optimize explosions, it is better to wait one more second for the dogs to reach properly the target. This off time, is lost DPS, especially if you do it from mid range. Bears fill the gap. But adding it to the build, makes it even more complicated (but thus even more satisfying) to find the correct balance (depending on the foe) between acid cloud/sacrifice/bears. Tip: in order to avoid getting one shot by reflect damage, always start an encounter with elites with Acid cloud, then switch to bears if safe.
  • In the intermediate build, the gargantuan may be replaced by soul harvest, since the dogs do tank longer instead of just being homing missiles.
    Passive skills:

  • Tribal rites : -11s on ZD CD; -15s on the gargantuan to make it enrage more often; almost -4s on hex to make it permanent. A "must have" of course for the build.
  • Zombie handler : The 4th dog , which means 30% more damage on sacrifice. Also will boost survivability of yours pets, but since they were already unkillable... Could be replaced by Bad medicine if you are ready to sacrifice dps for survivability for your group.
  • Gruesome feast (target build): 50% more intelligence. That's just huge. And in multiplayer with other C4Dogs users, it's just OP: 5 stacks constantly, completed in 2s. May be replaced by pierce the veil for low mp farming.
  • Spirit Vessel, Jungle fortitude, pierce the veil or other (intermediate build): Because Gruesome feast is not efficient compared to the target build's configuration.


    One of the most important aspect of this build is that it's progressive. As soon as you own a homunculus and a helmet with ZD CD reduction, it's viable. Unlike the pure C4Dogs build.
    Here are the related steps:
  • CD of dogs reduced to 7 or 8s. A homunculus at -19s and a helmet at -8s. This valued before 1.0.5 to less than 2M golds. The 1.0.5 unfortunately made the homunculus expensive and may now be found around 5/10M.
  • CD of dogs reduced to 3s. You'll need a kalideoscope, or a ring with 3 or 4s of ZD CD reduction. Adds to the bill 10/20M. Unlocks the long range gameplay option of the target build .
  • CD of dogs reduced to 1s. You'll need 2 rings/kalideoscopes, or a fat one with -5s minimum. Adds to the bill 40/50M gold. Unlocks spam of sacrifice at close quarter range.
  • CD of dogs reduced to 0s. You'll need 2 intermediate rings/kalideoscopes, or a big fat one with -6s minimum. Adds to the bill between 70M and 150M golds (respectively for a skull grasp and a jordan ring). Unlock the possibility to use a white dagger with 1.8 attacks per second which makes possible to get in 1 or 2s to a 5 stacks of gruesome feast right before an elite fight. Or change you into a healer (health globes generator under steroids) for the group.


  • Intermediate build at 7/8s of ZD CD: I spawn the dogs. While they cover the distance to cqc, I stay click on the button of rain of toads. Meanwhile (while keep pressing rain of toad), I gatling the button of acid cloud, which will stick itself in between the RoT. These actions will deplete in 7s the basic mana pool of 740 points. Start over.
  • Target build at 0s ZD CD: There, you have the choice between the following options:
    *cqc, dps : maximize your dps facing white mobs or elites when only the life regeneration due to globes droped by your dogs is enough to survive.
    *cqc, tank : same as above, but with spam of about 2 acid clouds on your head between 2 sacrifices in order to freeze nearby foes and proc LoH.
    *long range : if the affixes of elites are too much a pain to hold at cqc range, like electricity, lava+desecrate+pest, or when facing foes that are capable of one shooting you (like mallet lord, kamikaze...). In that case, just summon the dogs, let them cover the distance to cqc while spamming acid cloud, and upon their arrival sacrifice them, and repeat. In this configuration, the enhanced pickup range is important, in order to pickup the globes left by your dogs from a distance.
    *heal : even more efficient with a white dagger with attack speed of 1.8/s. You turn into a Healer (health globes generator under steroids). Just keep pressing the button for dogs summoning. This also makes possible to get to 5 stacks of Gruesome Feast in a matter of 1 or 2s before facing an elite. In multiplayer, you may be able to save the lives of fellow teammates when you see their life dropping dangerously. Warning: this does not mean you have to have a fast weapon. I'm just saying that having one of these white steroid daggers in your backpack could get handy!

  • Target build at 3s ZD CD: grants the option long range above.
  • Target build at 1s ZD CD: grants all the options of the 0s except "heal"


  • Like the pure C4Dogs build, the main con is the dps drop due the Homunculus mojo. The presence of the affix for ZD CD reduction on the helmet and ring does not help either.
    Best case scenario, a C4Dogs build may reach a displayed 100k dps (which on the other hand will lead the damage of a single dog explosion to 2 millions (2M) ...).
    In our case, it's even more difficult because of LoH on the amulet and weapon, thus participating less to dps.
    Same for the affixes of stun and freeze on the belt and gloves, or the pickup radius increase on the shoulders, boots and pants.
  • Still comparing to a pure C4Dogs build, we lack one slot of active skill because of acid cloud.
  • This build is quite expensive, especially nearing the end game gear, since the pieces are not very simple to find.
  • Like any C4Dogs build, it may create lags and slowdowns during explosions to fellow players with weak hardware.

  • PROS:
  • Despite a weak displayed DPS, damages are huge. For instance, with a displayed dps of 28k unbuff, you may reach 150k of damage per dog quite easily. The acid cloud hurts less, but stay quite neat, plus the flexibility of the build allows to switch to full dps mode (cqc dps).
  • Talking about flexibility, it's the strong point of the build. You may play it many different ways, which makes it interesting, and less boring than other specializations.
  • It'll adapt to any situation: cqc dps, tank, ranged, perma-freeze, heal, etc...
  • The reflect damage problems get restrained, up to completely solved. Acid cloud spam and LoH feedbacks make harmless reflected damage taken from dogs sacrifice.
  • This build makes you very difficult to kill. If a death happens, it's probably your fault.
  • This build is extremely group-friendly. Your allies will love you. You provide health globes, you can tank, you bring your share dps wise, and most importantly you freeze foes. That capacity to take on by yourself one uber is greatly appreciated!
  • You just need 4.5% of stun on the gloves and 4.5% of freeze on the belt to perma-freeze a uber.


    Here is the thread about the C4Dogs build : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5724133490
    To be clear, if someone invest on C4Dogs equipment, the best optimized way to use it is to take the rune 'for the master' on the sacrifice skill. Thus you may concentrate on your DPS while expecting 24k life back at each sacrifice.
    That being said, you're gonna have to deal with reflect damages which happen with a delay (and in 4 separated blows) from the health back from 'for the master'.
    Just a comment from fellow C4Dogs users: once they reach a certain level of dps, they tend to drop 'for the master' for 'provoke the pack' to farm faster.

    In our case the LoH continuously providing health over 6s (if with 'slow burn'), cushions well those big damage reflections. If you get frozen, scared, stunned (knockback) or cut by fire chains, the DoT LoH is here to save your skin.
    Plus the possibility to render harmless mobs/elites/ubers as you freeze them is not available in pure C4Dogs.

    On the bad side, this build gets more expensive than regular C4Dogs when nearing end game gear. Having to find OP equipment, with specific affixes (pickup, freeze, etc...) is hard.
    On the other hand, you can enable this build for much less gold than a C4Dogs, which needs you to be at least at 1s ZD CD.

    In multiplayer, you'll be even more valued for your crowd control.


    Let's get you a few examples. My mf stuff (magic find) has a displayed 28k dps unbuff. LoH is at 1k, armor 3.5k, resistance min 700. I do mp5 easily with it, with no more than 30s on elite packs in solo mode.
    At 51k dps, 1k LoH, armor 3.5k, resistance min 700, it gets more challenging, but in the end with few deaths. To make mp7 easy, I'd need to raise the LoH to 1.5k or 2k.
    The uber bosses are done fine in mp7 under the condition to be with solid dps pals (100~150k).

    The intermediate build (7s ZD CD) makes mp5 quite easy, under the condition to near the 50k dps.

    FYI, the results of EDPS (effective dps) test:
    MP5 Ghom's Hp :25.7 millions HP
    With gruesome feast and soul harvest, Ghom is down in 23s in pure C4Dogs, and 27s using the hybrid Proctor.
    Which means respectively 1.11M dps and 886k dps, starting from 88k dps unbuffed.
    ...And 15s in pure C4Dogs with slam dance (1.7M dps)
    Here are the videos :
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GfK8AWXGqU (AC+bears+sac)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQQRczG2yZY (C4 pure)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpsSAb9rHeU (C4 pure + BBV)

    As said above, This build is extremely group-friendly.
    You provide health globes, you can tank, you provide your share dps-wise, and most importantly you freeze foes.
    That capacity to take on by yourself one uber is greatly appreciated!
    If your dps sucks compared to the others of your group, you can still get in a safe spot and provide infinite health globes.

    It's only drawback is that it may create lags and slowdowns on weaker hardware of teammates.


    The constant incoming flow of DoT LoH from the acid cloud, makes the most disabling affixes such as freeze, nightmare, knockback less of a problem. Still, don't forget to cast a few others acid clouds as soon as you un-freeze!.
    The LoH grants also the possibility to get cut by an arcane laser (under the condition to not be right close by the center of rotation).
    As well, LoH saves your life when facing vortex, desecration, pest, lava. For example, with LoH 1k, armor 3.5k, resistance min 700, I'm able to stand in 2 black pools of Asmodan in mp5.
    Wallers are troublesome, since the acid cloud cannot be cast past them (which is not the case for Rain of Toads). So it's advised to go around them to get a good aim.
    Electricity is troublesome as well: it stuns shortly which may result in preventing you from summoning the dogs, leading to an out-of-mana situation. Favor the ranged attack option against them.
    Mortar: If they do not stack evil cqc affixes (electricity), just take them on at cqc full dps or cqc tank if they have lava/pest/desecrate. If they do have electricity, count on your LoH and keep mid-range.
    In the end, the most difficult ones are those that constantly flee, coupled with a speed upgrade. The solution is to find a way to freeze them (which is not easy as long as they don't stand in a stacked acid pool) or to change them into pigs :D .


    There is a very well kept secret about how to display only the ring that you are interested in : the jordan stone or the skull grasp with ZD CD reduction.
    Just do NOT select 'ring' as a sub category of armor. Then select the affix about ZD CD reduction. Choose legendary as the type of item, then select another class than WD (to take out any voodoo helmet). This will net you only the rings or amulets that you are looking for.
    Finally if you want only a skull grasp or a jordan stone, you may select a very particular affix that defines each of them... But I'll let you figure this one out :)


    I'll try to put the BiS items down here, basically the ones I'd love to have.
    Since I'm roaming only the european server, I'll give you estimation based on what i know, but the price should be cheaper on us servers.
  • Head : 8 or 9s ZD CD reduction; crit chance (less than 10M). Would Be Nice : 200+ int, socket, vit (20M+)
  • Shoulders: Vile Ward with pickup radius, chill (less than 10M). WBN : 250+ int (50M+)
  • Neck : LoH 700+, CC, DCC, 150 int and vit (less than 30M). WBN: tal rasha alligience (100M+), blind, damage range.
  • Gloves : 4.5+ stun, CC, DCC, @res, int/vit. (20M)
  • Chest : Zunimassa 150+ vit and int, with +armor (or pickup radius) (30M). WBN: 250+ int (100M+)
  • Bracers : Lacuni prowler with CC and pickup radius or +10k on globes (4M). WBN : int, @ res (50M+) or knockback
  • Belt : witching hour, Freeze, int 50M+. WBN @res or vita.
  • Ring1 : Stone of Jordan close to 30% to elite, 6+ ZB CD reduction (depending on the helmet) 100M
  • Ring2 : Zunimassa pox CC, DCC, damage range or attack speed if slow weapon (30M+)
  • Pants : Blackthorn's with 400+ LoH, pickup radius. WBN : @res
  • Boots : Zunimassa's trail with pickup radius (20M). WBN : 200+ int or @res if none on pants
  • Off Hand : Homunculus with 18+ s reduction on ZB CD, damage range 30-80 + (50M)
  • Weapon : 1000+ dps 1.2 AS, Socket, DCC, 600+ LoH, int. WBN : Echoing fury 1300+

  • Keep in mind that you should have around 700 min @res, about 4k+ armor, 40k+ life, 20+ PUR.
    Also, one slot with a affix of +10k extra life on globes/potions will boost your survivability, and allow you to behave 'For the master' style more often, spamming at cqc sacrifice without using the acid cloud.
    You may check my profile to have an idea. I ain't rich so this is what i have been able to grind so far:


    Previous to 1.0.4 the 'proctor' builds (proc doctor) used dogs with the Ablazed rune and the gargantuan runed Big Stinker. Firebomb with Fire Pit was also part of it.
    These auras did proc at a full 100% all the different effects of your gear. But 1.0.4 was radical on the subject: the gargantuan did not proc anything, whichever the rune used, and the dogs ablazed only did proc on 5% of hits. Meaning 0 (5%x10% = 0.5% ...). Fire Pit was also nerfed a lot proc wise.
    I was among those WD that were standing against the general belief that pets were always to get one shot in Inferno. That was sometimes true (in which case I died , or had to flee), but when we managed to keep them alive, the gameplay was awesome!
    In just one day, the build and equipment was to get trashed. I could not resign myself to abandon the crowd control gear.
    The best way to keep it was to spam acid cloud (which hurts more than Firebomb), but I needed mana. What is best than the 'Pride' rune on sacrifice? Plus the dps of the explosions is yummy!
    I guess I have to lower the cooldown (Oh what's that new legendary? a homunculus? this is neat!). Well, I guess I have an idea!


    I hope you enjoyed this guide. This is a build that I am fond of, and proud of developing while most people consider stun and freeze like useless affixes.
    I'm convinced these affixes are under estimated, since they really turn tables. Many ask after a run together how I manage to disable that much foes, and are stuned to just see 4.5% freeze and 4.5% stun on my gear.
    Sure, there are holes in perma-freeze (which is triggered under the condition the foe stands in a stacked acid pool), but these holes are small. I won't be able to stop an elite from casting an arcane or hitting at cqc just before getting frozen again. But those with some kind of animation (the I_ll_jump_to_smash_my_club_on_you or boss charged attack kinds) will see their action canceled in the middle of it. There are of course exceptions from time to time: it's probability's fault.
    If you have any questions, ask away below or in game : ZeMickey#2613

    C4Dogs build : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5724133490
    WD skills' proc rates: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7166796695
    Peter's pet guide : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004045226
    Explanation of the "Add +X% to <type>": http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6413025317#13
    This thread on the US forum: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004696095
    This thread on the FR forum : http://eu.battle.net/d3/fr/forum/topic/5847956215

  • Best Of: http://youtu.be/DUNbEAPOhm4
  • Gameplay at low mp (28k dps unbuffed, full mf):
  • Gameplay at mp7 (50k dps unbuffed) :
  • Intermediate Build MP7:
  • Ubers mp8 (50k dps unbuffed):
  • MP10 run with 2 C4 Proctors and a C4Dogs :
  • PvP videos:
  • Speed farming (low MP) videos:


    Build : group of skills passive and active, as well as equipment that grant access to a specific gameplay.
    cc (crowd control) : affixes that are applied to foes: stun, freeze, chill, blind, slow, fear, knockback...
    LoH : Life on Hit
    LF : Life Steal)
    proc : "Programmed Random Occurrence" means trigger/process effects
    CD : cooldown
    mp : monster power
    AoE : area of effect
    DoT : damage over time
    OP: Over Powered
    cqc : close quarter combat (range)
    ZD : Zombie Dogs

    Abbreviations and Acronyms :
    WD Skills - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7199642951
    General D3 - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004698754
    This looks very cool and fun to play with.
    I'm using a C4Dogs build right now, but I'll surely give this build a try when I have enough gold to buy the gear
    Nice read. I'm impressed that this can actually perma-stun enemies off just the 4,5% proc on the belt and gloves. Considering the nature of acid cloud, can enemies that move around a lot be tricky to 'trap'? Although I guess hex helps out a bit there.
    09/11/2012 12:54Posted by Crius
    can enemies that move around a lot be tricky to 'trap'? Although I guess hex helps out a bit there.

    Exactly! :D :
    08/11/2012 21:50Posted by ZeMickey
    In the end, the most difficult ones are those that constantly flee, coupled with a speed upgrade. The solution is to find a way to freeze them (which is not easy as long as they don't stand in a stacked acid pool) or to change them into pigs :D .
    Okok, so I didn't read EVERY little thing. geez (:d)
    09/11/2012 13:52Posted by Crius
    Okok, so I didn't read EVERY little thing. geez (:d)

    Lol :-D
    No offense was meant, sorry ^_^ . I'm well aware that 90% of people won't read it entirely: I wouldn't if I were the reader !
    Actually, I found it funny that you came to the same conclusion and solution!
    Great read! Will give this a try with just 2 items with cooldown reduction, the damn items for 0 CD are so expensive, its crazy :(

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!

    Oh great guide! I'm glad you put this together. I've had lots of fun with this build but too bad the 0cd gear prices tend to be a bit discouraging for other WD.

    Anyways just a note. Echoing fury with acid rain spam will make mobs go CRAZY. Unless you can corner them or want them to go crazy, they are gonna run all over the place. I tested this lol.

    Edit: Maybe perma fear not so bad if combine with gotd? Not sure lol.
    Hey KuMarKia! Glad to hear from you again! Since you're the only fellow WD (that I know of) that has been working on this build! ^_^;
    Oh by the way, I posted the in the US forum (since you're dwelling there). Here is the link:
    It's kinda hard to make it live there, since there are so many posts going on. A little 'up' might help :-D !

    So, you're still with garg and BBV? I really like Hex better than BBV. If you have not, you should try. Also, besides for ubers, I don't think garg is that much useful...

    About echoing fury, I did not mention it, since fear might not be the best thing to proc for us... But some might love it, so that it gets baddies off their back...
    Ah didn't notice lol. Lots of WTS threads in US forums >.< and a huge mara amulet drama. Will post there if there's more interest on it there.

    I switch around the build from time to time. Yeah sometimes I do use hex for key wardens. I quite often trade bbv for soul harvest. Hex is pretty good but I guess I'm just kinda lazy spamming the hex lol. I think garg is kinda helpful with the stun and also in addition to blocking/tanking mobs together with maximus demon, and dogs when using acid rain and sacrifice from a distance.
    you really did translate your guide !! what a shame ! I now understand why we can't play together anymore :p

    hope it'll help a lot a guys wanting to play sac build with lower budget and / or quite rare build
    13/11/2012 13:48Posted by zeli
    you really did translate your guide !!

    Yes! :-D . Took me long enough.

    13/11/2012 13:48Posted by zeli
    what a shame !

    Why? O_o
    Wanna keep the secret in the french forum? :-)

    13/11/2012 13:48Posted by zeli
    I know understand why we can't play together anymore :p

    Nononono, that's only because I play less due to less time... and a friend of mine that is forcing me to play World Of Tanks....
    no the shame is you took time to translate that instead of playing, still in need of a perf hellring :p

    suggest everyone to check the us thread with other questions (and explanations)
    Here is a very good thread about proc rates, which are very important to this build:
    From his tests, the acid cloud seems to stack only twice... I'll need to dig on that...
    Overcomplicated... I can deal with all ubers on mp8 with 3 players doing nothing.
    19/11/2012 12:22Posted by Travar
    Overcomplicated... I can deal with all ubers on mp8 with 3 players doing nothing.

    good for you ! anything interesting to add ?
    On the contrary to what people believe, i found Acid Clouds and it's runes stack, but only for about 2 cast, because i see a some tick that's more than 100% on the DoT sometimes after multiple casts, but it's just for a few seconds after the initial cast, still not recommended to cast acid cloud repeatedly

    Since I've been spamming acid cloud all over the place since 1.0.4, I was doubting that only 2 casts stack.
    So yesterday evening, I striped my WD of every gear, and equipped her with only a white dagger with AS of 1.8, and a ring with 100 LoH.
    On a single target zombie, I spam the acid cloud and let it rest so that I can see the return on the DoT without initial cast interfering.
    The results:
    - Acid rain gets me 800 life per second (4 clouds stacked)
    - Slow burn gets me 600+ life per second (more than 5/6 clouds stacked)
    - Lob blob bomb gets me only 100 life per second with the 3 blobs out.

    So in a nutshell: Acid rain and slow burn do stack proc without limit . Lob Blob Bomb stack up to 3 blobs, but the blobs do not stack proc: they only increase the range of the proc.

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