when to switch from loh to LS


lately i have been stacking AS to increase my dps on my monk. Buy echoing fury dropped my loh bij 600. So i was wondering. when is it usefull to switch from LOH to LS.
currently @ 60k dps.

Thanks in advance for possible tips.
as you would only trade off 500ish LoH, a switch to a wep with 2,5%+ LS should do the trick already. you can still try and get at least a bit LoH on the wep additionally to the LS, 200ish LoH doesnt really get priced
2% ls is rougly the same as 400 loh for a 40k dps monk with cookie cutter build and 40% cc on single target.

at 50k dps was when i did start run dw with double LS and it worked more then fine, was ofc before all this paragon lvling and uberboss stuff. Game is eazyer now.
Hm.. it is possible to get a echoing fury with life on hit.. they are not that expensive.. the 500+ life on hit with 1 free soc

below 30k unbuffed dps: LoH 1200+ (by “1200+” i mean 1200 is fine, all above is better ofc)
below 40k unbuffed dps: LoH or LoH/LS combo (700/2,5%+ ish)
below 50k unbuffed dps: 5%+ LS starts to be enough already, small amounts of LoH still help
below 60k unbuffed dps: 5%+ LS
below 100k unbuffed dps: 4%+ LS
below 120k unbuffed dps: 2,5%+ LS starts to be enough already, small amounts of LoH still help
after that you can survive just fine with only 2,5%+ LS most times, everything more is comfy bonus.

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